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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Dolls and Skeletons

      by , 09-09-2018 at 10:01 PM
      Dolls and Skeletons

      I remember me talking about dolls with my childhood friend, she showed me what kind of dolls we liked to play with and where in her old room. I was smiling and pointed out that we hadnít been talking for a couple of years and that it was so nice to talk with such ease. As I kept thinking about it her voice became lower and harder to understand. She was getting smaller with the room and it felt like I was watching her from a camera and just slowly zooming out. The edges were black and soon all I saw was pitch black mass and I got the feeling like I was falling. Suddenly I realized that I had my eyes closed so when I opened them I could easily tell that I was somewhere else.

      I was in a forest. As I walked I noticed that there were other creatures living there. For example a dragon that tried to make me into a toast. It was not fun being in the forest so I ran and got to a desert. I was not really sure why I was in this mysterious place but I ran into a girl that gladly took me to her secret room. She showed me so many different toys that I liked to play with as a kid. She then told me that she kind of wanted me to move in even though she didnít know me but since I had such a good taste, it was okay. I wanted to go out and for some adventure and ran out to the forest again. And yet again I almost became a toast for the dragon, but this time I did outsmart it somehow. On my way back I noticed that it was getting dark and it went pretty quickly so I begged for some light to scare away scary skeletons. I found my phone and used it as a flashlight before getting back to the girlís secret room. Back before I had the chance to lock the door behind me two skeletons got in and tried to kills us. The girl was screaming like crazy and had climbed up in her bunker bed. I tried to follow her but one of the skeletons tried to pull me down. I managed to fight them off so theyÖ died?
      Both me and the girl were so happy so we jumped down on the floor and took each others hands and danced with excitement. Suddenly the girl stopped and looked really surprised. I turned around and sawÖ Darren Chen. I was amazed by the fact that he was standing there in the room with us. I greeted him and told him that I needed to go. He gave me a hug and I hugged him back. He responded by hugging me harder and so did I until he basically squeezed me so hard I couldnít breath. We were also both laughing like crazy meanwhile doing it. He then picked me up and laid me down while we both were giggling.
      I was about to grab his neck hair to kiss him when I heard a buzzing soundÖ

      And then I woke up realizing it was my sister sending me texts. URGH!

      non-lucid , memorable
    2. One loving girlfriend and a violent boyfriend

      by , 08-18-2018 at 12:03 PM
      One loving girlfriend and a violent boyfriend

      I had been pretending being a guy and been dressing up as one... and the girl that was my girlfriend found out. She was deeply upset, throwing out all my clothes from my car. Then she looked at me and stopped. I stared at her as well. She then sat in the front seat and told me that she kind of wanted me to still be that guy. That we could pretend like nothing happened. I really liked her, so I agreed and that's how my real identity disappeared.
      She told me she wanted to go to a specific destination and wanted me to take her there. I got into the car and suddenly we were in a building, she glanced at me and mimic: "Remember." There were other people and they all seemed interested in knowing me. I needed to remember who I had become to be able to be with her, my love.

      The people looked different with different clothes, hairstyles and some even had pointy ears. My girlfriend waved at me and told me that she wanted to show me something. As we walked out of that small room I noticed that everyone looked really odd, like elves. She wanted me to show people what love is and the only way I could figure out how was to throw petals from a balcony. Which was prohibited. Since the people took notice of this I kind of got myself into trouble. Suddenly my girlfriend and my best friend came to my rescue since they had been climbing up to the balcony just to find me before getting caught. I was hiding behind her skirt with the flower basket when she talked to the angry citizens. My best friend helped with the explaining and the obvious misunderstanding. But it seemed like it didn't help so I took my girlfriend's hand and ran away.
      We were chased all the way home and outside a very tall muscular man were waiting. He wanted to hurt my girl so I went outside to meet him and told him off.
      "I was the one who did it, I should be the one who gets the blame. I should be punished not her! So now leave!"
      The man did as I told him.

      Later I was sitting on a toilet out in the open with people walking by. It was kind of disturbing. But I didnít have the time to really think about it because of the turmoil going on behind me. It was the same man trying to beat up his girlfriend, it seemed. I got up from the toilet seat and both kicked and punched him a several times. The wounded and scared girl ran away just briefly thanking me. I ended the fight with wiping my butt on his white t-shirt. Like a dog. Then I was too scared to show myself as a guy so I went somewhere else and quickly changed appearance. It didnít take very long until that same man found me but this time he seemed kind of interested in me. He showed me around in a magical forest, there was a sick dragon desperate in need of help which he gladly took care of. He even had a dog that my dog liked and just everything about him was so different. When we came back I found a toilet and discovered that I had diarrhea but he didnít seem to really care. He lifted me up and carried me away the a bedroom. I got the feeling that none of us actually wanted to do it really. I was just laying on the bed not trying to move and he was merely touching me. That bold man was now my boyfriend but I just didnít really like that much. I was thinking about my old life with my girlfriend and realized that I missed her. I wanted her back.
      I should never had let her go. My beautiful blonde girl.

      Me and my girlfriend ^
    3. 5 dreams, 5 adventures

      by , 08-08-2018 at 03:28 PM

      A fox followed me around on a playground. It kind of scared me since it seemed to be magical. Kitsune.

      Had an animation project that I needed to do. I was really proud of my work and had even made a doll. Suddenly after been working so hard I found another doll on a table. It looked sad. I picked it up and looked around. The owner soon came out from the toilet and spoke to everyone in norweigen. I was the only one who did understand since I was the only one who could speak both english and swedish. So I translated it and she was sent home.

      There was a classreunion with my very old class. It was interesting to meet all the old students and to see what they have been up to.

      There was a king that wanted to have a child but all his wives died within a year so he was constantly getting married. Soon there wasnít many options left and his latest wife asked me if I wanted to marry him. I told her that I would think about it. But first I needed to find out who tried to poison all the poor queens and why!

      I was being chased by a large hunter. He also had some weird creature as a hunting pet. They called me bunny and was desperatly trying to shoot me! They didnít succeed! I hit the hunter in the head so many times he just fell to the floor and didnít wake up. The weird hunting pet turned into a baby.

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      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    4. Lies about the identity

      by , 08-03-2018 at 11:55 AM
      So the dream kind of starts backwards, just so you know.

      There was a rumour that everything that had happen during the past weeks was a lie. Someone had lied about their identity.

      I was entering a classroom where both classes had joined together to figure out what was going on.
      There was a girl holding back the tears. She stared at me with such hatred that it became very uncomfortable. Did she know?
      "There she is, now we can finally begin." said the girls to comfort the almost crying one. I guess I was late. But I had my reasons.
      I found a spot to take a seat and went there. It was with the guys. All the girls were in the back of the classroom and all the guys in the front. What I noticed when I looked around.
      The teacher wrote names on the whiteboard, they were all male names, and began to eliminate one name after the other. They wanted to find the culprit. I looked like I was calm but on the inside I felt so stressed. What if my name appeared on that whiteboard. What if...?
      Soon there was only three names left and one of them was the name of the guy I had a thing with. The teacher asked him a question that if he was sent to an isle what would he wish to have? The guy answered: "Money." Wrong answer apperently. The teacher wanted him to pick a person. So the guy said my name and turned around and confessed how much he loved me. I was taken back a little and just patted him on his hand and smiled briefly. I realized that he liked me way more than what I did but at the same time I was so relieved that they never found the real culprit. I glanced back to the girl with the tears and whispered: "I'm sorry."

      A few weeks earlier:

      I was hanging with with guy I had a thing with and some classmates. It was fun until I saw a younger girl passing by with her friends. She was really pretty with dark brown eyes and long very dark brown black hair, it was almost black. She had a pink dungarees with a white t-shirt underneath. My friends were joking around and the guy-to-be-my-boyfriend brought me back to reality. He wanted to do cool things more fited for 16 year olds and nothing a 14 year old could do. Which was the age of the girl by the way. I wasn't really in for it so I blamed it on stomach-ache. Later that day when I came home my mother told me that I needed to retake some classes I missed but couldn't do it as myself. So I put on a wig with very boy-ish hairstyle and very loose fitting clothes. I would be given another name to be able to go to this other grade in the school. I still needed to go as myself to the classes I already had but aslo to the other classes I missed but as someone else. So I basically needed to run between the classrooms and switch the identities. Why? I didn't know it myself.

      Next day

      I walked into the classroom meanwhile eating a green apple and looked around for a seat. I saw the same girl as the day before. She was laughing and smiling with her friends. I tilted my head and smiled. Her friends whispered something in her ear so she looked at me. It was so sudden so I almost choked on my apple. She was really cute. I sat down a few tables infront of her with the other guys. The lessons went on but I could still hear her and her friends talk about the new guy in the class. I thought I looked like a tomboy but it seemed like I was wrong. After a long day in school I was ready to leave the yard to go home when this cute girl shyly asked me if it was okay if we walked home together. I was fine with that.
      Soon she opened up about herself, she made funny jokes and just kept me in this extremly good mood.

      The days went on like this. We met up after school and walked home together. Sometimes I couldn't be the guy and went home with the guy I had a thing with instead. So I saw her standing just right outside of the school-yard and wait for me. It was like I had become her new bestfriend and to just ditch her like that kind of broke my heart. But when I met her outside after school the next day she gave me a green apple. Suddenly things felt... different between us. She was afriad that I wouldn't always be there for her but as stupid as I was I promised her that I would ALWAYS be there. The very next second I knew she kissed me!
      I was really shocked and worried.

      Soon I would recieve letters home from someone that knew about me and my secret identity. I didn't dare to ever speak of it again and never did that "new guy" ever appear in the school ever again after that. But that was not enough, apparently. Someone sent two voice messages to the cute girl and the guy I had a thing with, it was my voice saying:

      "If you don't come to this place before ???? a clock you will find me in pieces near you. All my bones will be broken and my flesh will be cut into unrecognizable...??? You must find me if you want me to live."

      I was really shocked when I heard this and tried to find both the girl and the guy.
      It took awhile but I later found out that they both went to that place to save me, but I wasn't there and I was fine. The person who sent the voice message was found on that place, broken and cut into a billion pieces. That's what I heard.
      The guy I had a thing with found me in someone else home, lightly beaten, but he cried of happiness and hugged me dearly. The girl never showed up. She didn't know the female version of me. She didn't know that I lived. She probably thought I died in that place. She later found out that... that was not the case.
      non-lucid , memorable
    5. A historic dream? A weird meet cute?

      by , 08-03-2018 at 11:52 AM
      I would very much like to save this for my DJ

      A historic dream? A weird meet cute?

      I dreamt that I just woke up when my mother told me we had moved to a new house and asked me if I liked it.
      It was very old looking, something from the 1500s I think and soon I noticed that my clothes was even from that time. Right outside was a harbor with large ships also from that time, bascially everything was old, okay? So I was just stepping outside to enjoy some nice fresh air in the new town that I hadn't seen. People were walking on the streets and some even went with horse carriage, since I was so busy looking at everything. I got kind of... lost. It was lovely but I wanted to get home before it got dark so I kept walking meanwhile the sun started to set. As my worried grew and I became tired, I didn't pay much attention to my surrondings and suddenly bumped into a man.

      He looked like he wasn't much older then me, with dark brown curly hair and very fancy clothing. Obviously a noble.
      The man asked me if I was alright and when I answered, with a kind of nasty tone that I was, he became some sort of annoying.
      When we walked into each other he lost his shoe and therefor he kept whining about me handing it over to him. Or well he suggested me putting it on his foot for him, like Cinderella.
      I pushed him aside and told him that I would never do it. When I looked up I noticed our house just a few meters away and hurried my way over there.
      In the distance I could hear him scream out a question about my name but I never answered.