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    10/16 IOSDP First Experiment

    by , 10-16-2011 at 02:08 PM (423 Views)
    dream 1 - I was at school and met my several friends. fragement

    dream 2 - MILD mantra -> SP hits. I rolled down from my bed and visualized my hand. it was still at night.

    I IMAGINE A SPIDER WEB ATTACHED FROM MY HAND TO KATSUNO! the spider web was glowing. cool.
    first I felt his energy and it seemed really worked. I was amazed that the web vibrated hard.
    I opened the door and followed the web. there was my mom distracting me so I said "mom plz get away I have to follow this web!"
    as I followed, I was floating in the air. there was some kind of forest/ jungle, and finally there was a log house on the grass.

    I saw Katsuno(maybe?) coming out of the house, maybe off to school. he was wearing black shirt. I think he had kind of curly, brown hair...
    I got inside the house and saw his mom. she was making breakfast?
    here the recall is foggy....
    maybe I got shifted into non-LD. I was with Katsuno or a DC and his little brother in a white room. I saw some beehives up on the ceiling.
    Katsuno gave me some chocolate nuts(?). it felt like chewing bread, but tasted like dark chocolate...yummy
    I was worried of bees in the room. I insanely ran around the room and I got shot by a bee on my back. it really hurt.......gahhh
    my toes were getting swollen up. Katsuno tried to heal me.

    I remember the conversation with Katsuno but dont remember when I dreamed this, but it was in the first dream.

    I said: "hey your house is log house right?"
    Katsuno: "what? no... my house is made of brick"
    "-.- really?? the house had a door on the corner of 2 sides of the house..."
    "no, it's not...my house is red-roof house."
    "damn then it was just my imagination. we didnt have shared dream T^T"
    "hey dont find me, practice dream control first."
    "what?! this is IOSDP experiment! I cant ignore it!"

    dream 3 - again MILD and I got brainwashed by Katsuno that I have to practice dream control first so here I did what I wanted to do.
    I transformed into Saya but dont recall anything from this dream.

    dream 4 - again MILD and I rolled from my bed, visualized my hand. I crushed the room window, and I wanted to practice fight in dream!
    I ran to the middle of the car road and I kinda wanted to crash my self into a car. then this white truck came toward me and I positioned myself to get ready,
    but the car stopped infornt of me. then I just wanted to do transforming. suddenly Gumiho came in my head, and did the transforming jutsu from Naruto.
    (this jutsu worked really well for transforming.) I heard pong! sound and saw smoke popping out around me. omigod! I got taller and felt her long hair
    and nine tails!!! and the white hanbok!! I really felt I had her 'aspect'.
    so now I wanted to use magic powers and stuff. I went in this school building and there were some enemies. kids ran out of the building.
    I started to use "geuk(infinite) myul(destroy) sum(power?)!!!" and then BOOOOOOOOM..... the whole building was destoryed, even my dream scene...I woke up.

    dream 5 - FA. I turned my computer on and checked DV. one notification

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