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    4th lucid, and lucid nightmare... again

    by , 06-15-2013 at 05:08 PM (620 Views)
    It's funny how every time im lucid, my mom appears as an evil entity.Ok, so here goes:I'm in a mall, with my mom and someoneelse. I quextion my reality for something i can't remember, and do the nose plug and palm RC's (i felt like when you wake up but the memories of the dream flood in) and my mom told me to fly to the roof. I did just for fun, and suddenly i was in my room, with no control over the dream. The door was locked, and it was dark. I saw my best friend, and, knowing who was coming, told him to RC. He didn't though, and someone was opening the door. My friend winked at me and vanished as (you'll laugh) my mom entered. Since she is an evil, nightmarish character in my lucids, i tried to fly away and create a gun, but she stole all control from me. I kicked her, and she died, but 10 more clones came. I killed them, but one of them was invincible. She kicked me and i felt pain. Scared, i yellef "WAKE UP!" and closed my eyes, then reopened them. I was at my bed, relieved, when i saw my dogs at the foot of my bed. I thought "Wait, my brown dog can't have gotten here, he's blind and he's never inside." At that moment, 3 more clones entered. I shut my eyes and reopened tnem again, and woke up. Did some RC's, then relaxed.How do i stop that entity? Every time i ask her why she is doing what she is doing or confront her, she kicks me, and i feel pain. Help!
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    1. Sibyline's Avatar
      I don't have nightmares anymore, but when I did, asking the entity why it was chasing me seemed to backfire. But in other dreams, I have noticed that DCs copy whichever mood I am in. So you might try smiling at her and saying "I love you, Mom."

      I noticed that you expected your mother to be hostile before she did anything. So next time, try to greet her her as you would your real mother (unless she is a homicidal monster too, of course).
    2. Kmaniac101's Avatar
      Sounds like something I could write a movie off of. Call it Momception.
    3. Flycat's Avatar
      @ Sibyline Lol, in real life she sorta was too. But anyway, she starts being like that when i become lucid. You know, maybe its my subconsious getting angry because its trying to show me something through the dream and i just manipulate it to hae fun. Meh. Next time im preparing a gun the second i become lucid. And ill hope it doesnt turn into a toy gun again. :cheeky: