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    Two short non-lucids

    by , 06-13-2013 at 05:07 PM (631 Views)
    This is going to be pretty lame, especially for a first entry.Dream #1: I'm in some sort of fortress, with zombies coming to me. I find a gun and shoot it, but it doesn't affect the zombies. They swarm on me and i wake up.Dream #2: I'm in my house, playing minecraft. I look around, and see a DC. He punches me and i wake up.Pretty crappy, i know.

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    1. Kmaniac101's Avatar
      :O I had a dream where I was in DayZ (Popular Arma II mod where there is a zombie apocalypse occuring) and was attacked by zombies. The main difference in your dream and mine was that I found an assault rifle and started shooting them and made it out alive. Only to be run over by another player in a fighter jet. lol. Check out my dream journal too! I just made my first entry yesterday, and posted one literally the same minute you posted this one.
    2. Flycat's Avatar
      Nice! Heh, i do seem to remember someone else shooting.