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    1. August 23, 2016

      by , 08-25-2016 at 06:46 AM (fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!)

      It's the middle of the night and I'm in my bedroom. I hear Dad in the kitchen and I assume he's making himself some two minute noodles (as he does sometimes when he wakes up in the middle of the night). I roll over in my bed and check PokeFast, a live Pokemon tracking map for Android for nearby Pokemon in my area and spot things out of the ordinary - dinosaur-looking Pokemon!
      I had certainly never seen those 'Pokemon' nor caught them before. I start to dress to go out hunting for them. My brother walks in to the room with a drink bottle in hand and asks me what I'm doing. I picture him in the passenger seat of my car spinning Pokestops and catching Pokemon for me while I drive us around. I ask if he wants to come catch Pokemon with me.

      Japanese Magazines

      I'm in Japan and there is some sort of craze going around. Like, literal craze. People's minds turning into Zombie-mush craze. I'm suddenly running in to one of the street convenience stores with a big group and stop at the magazine sections. Stopping to look around, I think about how bizarre this is.
      I'm on a rooftop looking down to the street at a swarm of crazed people about to flock in on a girl. Poor girl.. She's a goner.

      Running with a bunch of people behind me, ninja jumping from rooftop to rooftop. My legs are pumping, trying to maximise each crouch for explosiveness There's a sense of urgency, as if we're being chased.
      I'm suddenly standing in a doorway, waving my group inside. We've been caught. We bundle in the corner, huddling together, trying as to magically shrink ourselves so we wouldn't be seen.
      Slowly, they converge on us. It was as if what we were running from was an army. The lower ranking soldiers filed in first, with their commanders trailing behind. They didn't seem to be able to detect us until they got extremely close - almost touching distance. One of the low-ranking pawns was getting close to a child... This was extremely bad for us.
      I make eye contact with one of the commanders. How could he see me when none of the others could? In the brief moment of which our eyes made contact, there was some sort of... acknowledgement and respect. I turn my attention back at the pawn and reach out, waving my hand as to perform a jedi mind trick :gun: He looks confused and walks around to the other side of the room.

      But This Is Your Crib

      I'm in the passenger seat of the car, driving around a neighbourhood with a few friends. The shops which we're driving past look nice, up class and new. They were styled like 1960s shops with very bright colours. We're trying to find our way back to our rented house in this neighbourhood, the same neighbourhood which one of the guys in the car apparently lives in.
      "I think this was your neighbourhood," I joked with him.
      He grumbles something incoherent at me.
      We'd finally made our way back and it had gotten dark. Walking in the streets under the streetlights with no purpose in particular, other than to explore and enjoy the company of our friends. We pass a man playing guitar on the side of the street, singing his heart out to a large company of dogs. They were his children and he loved them all dearly.
    2. War!

      by , 04-19-2012 at 01:15 PM (fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!)
      War! (Non-lucid)


      I'm standing with my small machine gun in hand next to my friend, Jacob. We watch as a swarm of enemy soldiers start to march towards us.. the battle starts. The enemy soldiers start running towards their trenches as fast as they can while our soldiers rain bullets on them.
      I attempt to aim and fire my SMG but the distance is just too far. The bullets become unaccurate over the range and hits nothing.. I pull out my Desert Eagle. Everyone that has played CS: S knows that DEs shoot better over long distances! I take a few shots.
      Many of their front wave get injured from the volley of bullets, tumble, and lay face-down, still, in the mud. The enemy decide that they are in a really bad position and retreat deep into the tunnels of their trenches.
      We follow.. but that was a bad move. Once we climb into the tunnels, we find them all lined up with their guns out.. a trap, great.
    3. Star?

      by , 04-19-2012 at 12:22 PM (fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!)
      Star? (Non-lucid)


      There's an asian girl.. I think she's a celebrity. Everything in this dream just seems to be based around her. She's absolutely stunning. We are playing tennis and i score a round against her. She cusses and laughs her melodic laugh. I can't get over how gorgeous she is.Her eyes have so much emotion like.. I can't even put into words.
      Later, we are standing in a line with a mutual friend, laughing together. We bring up old memories of going to a tutoring together for maths. I watch her father walk out of the room briskly with his.. assistant(?) and recall memories of him leaving his daughter for work.
      She and I spend the next 5-10 minutes or so cuddling on a couch and just laughing. This dream was really pleasant and calm..
    4. Uni

      by , 04-17-2012 at 12:26 PM (fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!)
      Uni (Non-lucid)


      I'm sitting in a lecture university, studying Psychology.. or maybe physics.The man who is running the lecture is actually the vice-principal of my high school. He's short and actually encourages us to make jockey jokes, but quite a tight-ass if you break any rules what-so-ever. The room is somewhat dully lit but really relaxing.
      As I decide I should start taking down some notes, I lean over to where I placed my bag down to grab my pens and books.. it's a seat or two away. The lecturer stops what the whole class just to tell me that this isn't the right time to do whatever I am i'm doing.. what? Wait, so he doesn't want me to take notes? I thought university teachers didn't care what you done in lectures unless you start to distract other people.
      Later, i'm sitting with my laptop searching the web when the lecturer decides to call me out again. "If I turn off the internet, do you think you'll start paying attention?" He says to me. I think about it and consider that I could tether my phone to my laptop as a wi-fi hot-spot.
      "Probably not," I reply honestly.
      The class continues and some time later, he asks a question about how an electronical plug.. how it's illustration is male.. the logic made sense at the time of the dream so I was confident with my answer. Looking for brownie points seeing as I had already been called out twice, I answer the question. [wait.. but this is supposed to be a Psychology class!]
      The lecture finishes and everyone goes to their next class or have their break.. I wonder off to buy a drink and then realise I have absolutely no clue where my next class is. I consider calling my girlfriend as she's a year above me to ask my way around but I didn't want to bother her - then I consider calling Erii as she's in my Psychology class awell, but knowing how tightass this teacher is, i'd probably get her into trouble..
      I end up running around looking for someone I know, but I don't find anyone..
    5. Shopping Mall

      by , 10-07-2011 at 12:33 PM (fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!)
      Shopping Mall (Non-lucid)


      In a really fancy and bright shopping mall. It's really.. urban with a slightly retro feel. I met up with a bunch of friends upstairs against a glass window. We were sitting against it with our legs stretched out infront of us.
      Around the corner walks a two tigers held on leashes by a guy. They looked really cartoony chinese styled like Sai from Naruto's ink tigers. One was white with orange stripes, one was while with blue and orange streaks. I found them really beautiful.

      Like this ^
      The dream scene changes and i'm sitting on a cushiony couch against another glass window. Looking out the glass window, there are many people below, shopping. This place has a really lively but relaxed feel to it, all the colours of the shop very vibrant. I could really feel the cushion underneath my butt.. (I'd been practicing ADA alot around this time) The colour of the cushion i was sitting on was red.
      Next to me sat my brother's friend in real life, Francis. We semt like good friends in this dream. However, i've never spoken to him in my life.
      Somewhere in this dream there was also a girl aswell.. i can't recall where, but it's written in my notes >_<
      Tags: girl, mall
    6. Fragments

      by , 10-07-2011 at 12:06 PM (fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!)
      Fragments (Non-lucid)


      I had recently watched Inception..
      I was talking to Cobbs about his crazy wife. (False memories: we had been friends for a long time and time travelled.. when we came back, his wife had already grown old.)
      It was a dark room with a dim light overhead. There was a table and chair in the centre with an old wind-up dial. Cobb was sitting on the chair talking on the phone. On the other end of the phone was his wife. She had no idea who Cobb was and was asking questions like "Cobb? Is that you? COME BACK, I NEED YOU!"
      Cobb looked torn. He didn't know what to do. I walked over to him and put my hand on his shoulder.
      "She's gone, dude.. I'm sorry.."
      Cobb starts crying..
      I don't know why i said that, I woke up and felt pretty bad about it :/
    7. School friends.

      by , 07-29-2011 at 10:33 AM (fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!)
      Long dream with school friends (Non-lucid)


      With Phillip, Mak, my brother and some indie dude, walking down the main street of belmont. It was a sunny day and we were going into an underground mall, like ones in Japan.
      Mak was telling me about how her boyfriend was coming back from South africa while Phillip was jokingly trying to make it look like Mak and I were doing something sus. We passed a firestation and turned into the opening of the all. We walked down a small flight of stairs.
      The lighting down here was really dim. There were sunglasses hanging from the ceiling.
      Mak disappeared and was replaced by some other girl. My brother was looking at a pair of girly shoes when the storekeeper told him off, a nd the my bro tried to take a photo of the pair of shoes, the storekeeper went off at him again.
      The blonde indie guy was smoking and taking photos of himself next to a cafe, and the people in the cafe were staring at him weirdly.
      The girl showed me a few pairs of shoes and i told her the red converses looked nice.
    8. Theatre Dramatics

      by , 07-29-2011 at 10:09 AM (fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!)
      Threatre Dramatics? (Non-lucid)


      I was in a hotel room with a few friends when we were told to go downstairs. I was the last one to leave out of the room, i shouted to my friends and asked if i was supposed to be dressed formally, they say yes. I get angry and ask why no one told me.

      In a theatre~
      I'm suddenly next to my mum, talking to her about something. Angry, i make a fuss about something and walk down the stairs into another theatre room. I walk up the stairs to my school friends. I sit down in one of the theatre seats with my friends and start to talk to them when i'm interrupted by a blonde lady.
      She addresses me by my first name but i have no clue who she is. Emily (a friend) then begins to accuse me of something over facebook but another friend, Ashley, had my back and backed up my story. It was something about a facebook party but i wasn't in any of the photos.
      scene change
      I'm at the party that I was accused of being at.
    9. Digimon, guns - Long-ass dream

      by , 07-29-2011 at 09:29 AM (fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!)
      Long dream, guns and digimon (Non-lucid)


      We were some sort of rebel alliance, fighting for our family and friends. I think Mum was a double agent. We were based in an house with boxes of guns. I had a rifle with an ACOG scope attached to it.
      We ran out the side of the house onto a slope, much like one of the COD:MW2 maps. I sniped out a few people with my rifle and we kept on pushing our territory.
      I woke up from my bed(?) and looked for my Dad. We had planned a private mission. I checked the living room and looked out the window. The street was peaceful, it was night time. I walked into my brothers room to grab some guns and then walked into Dad's room. He was ready to leave, dressed and standing at the door waiting for me.
      We walked into what seemed to be the lounge room, there was a friend of mine waiting there for me. He used a sniper rifle. Again, with a small group, we left out the side of the house. We made our way up the slope again, shooting people that were only of silhouettes. When we cleared enough to make our way up the slope, we jumped over a fence.
      We heard shouts behind us and turned around to mow them down.
      Somewhere, I saw my mum, she told me to get out of here
      I was near Charlestown, a few of my school friends were there and I had taken charge of the operation (whatever it was). Apparently we had packed weapons in our bags and i convinced hamish to aswell. There was some dude on a skateboard. I yelled at him to get off and help. Then in the fly, floating above us were some sort of large cylinders, with a radius of probably 1-2metres.
      We formed a triangle, bouncing grenades off the cylinders.

      We got caught by a local highschool. Hamish and I were afraid that they would discover the guns stashed in our bags, seeing as it was my idea, I was ready to take the blame for Hamish. We were led into a sort of arena. Hamish and I walked up the steps and passed a few Japanese girls. They said "konnichiwa" to me as we sat down. I ignored them.
      Something about the teachers and one of the teachers being complimented about their looks.
      Dream warped into a sort of minecraft tournament. I was the guy in the tournament, playing with some sort of switch and a few slabs in first person.
      I looked up, and there was a HUUUUGE-ASS digimon!
      Next thing I knew, I was running out the gates of the arena and I saw the digidestined digimons de-digivolving. We were doomed for sure.
      Tags: digimon, friends, guns
      non-lucid , memorable
    10. Keep Being Called

      by , 07-29-2011 at 09:28 AM (fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!)
      Stop Calling Me! (Non-lucid)


      Alex had slept over and was going home. He was getting picked up by his dad to go out for lunch(or dinner?) and was packing his stuff into the car when his dad asked me if i wanted to come help him with something. I declined his offer and told him I had to work.
      I walked back inside and a number called. I picked up the phone, "hello?" It was Dad, he was calling from Hong Kong. He asked for mum and I told him she was at work. The same number called again.
      "Can I speak to your mum?" It didn't sound like Dad.. I told them that she was at work. I felt fishy about this and afterwards, called the number back. My aunt Cindy picked up, she was driving down my street in a silver 4WD, she was coming over to pick something up. Cindy told me the person on the phone before was aunt Ada.
      I walked past my parent's room and saw Mum sleeping inside..
    11. randomly remembered

      by , 07-29-2011 at 09:25 AM (fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!)
      Not sure when this dream was.. (Non-lucid)


      I was doing the dishes when I remember about this dream.
      I was in a crowded shopping mall when I spotted my cousin, I shouted out to him. He looked over but ignored me and walked into a store. I was disappointed.
    12. Walking Out Of School

      by , 06-29-2011 at 03:55 AM (fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!)
      Walking Out Of School (Non-lucid)


      At school in B-Block, our Ancient History room, I walked down the stairs to student services to look for a friend that was supposed to have my half-day pass (so I could go home.) CJ walked out from one of the cooking rooms and handed me my pass.
      My roll call teacher walked by and saw me with the slip, she said to me 'I hope you're not doing anything naughty.' I laughed and walked out of school.
      It was sunny outside. I walked out of the school gates but everything looked totally different. The bus bay was on the highway and a bunch of juniors were already finished. They were throwing around a bag. I sat on a wooden fence and watched for a while, then the bag landed near me. I picked up the bag and threw it, it went flying and landed near the road.
      A teacher looked at me, one of the deputy principals. She started walking over.
      Then i woke up
      Tags: bag, school
    13. Dream I Forgot About

      by , 06-29-2011 at 03:53 AM (fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!)
      Dream I Forgot About (Non-lucid)


      I don't even know how to start this dream.
      Originally, Watto and I were talking. Everyone was taking photos, I think it was the formal, or just after the formal, everyone was dressed in suits and dresses. Seeing as I didn't go, I was dressed in short jeans and a black singlet. The setting was a blue rooms with blue curtains, there was an area was for like, photoshooting.

      Then it skipped to the front of the building, I was putting shoes on. It was daytime. There were go karts on the driveway (it was a long-ass driveway.) John and I shared a go kart, he was driving and I was sitting at the back. We were like, racing. John and I were in the lead and the rest were trying to attack us/box us and whatever you do where you try to attack someone on a go-kart.
      On the back of the go-kart, i had a kind of cannon. It was situated between my legs of where I sat, and my chair spun around. To shoot the cannon, i placed my finger over where the bullet shot out of and then pressed down. A small, black ball shot out, when it hit something, it blew up. Pretty gnarly for a go-kart.
      We reached a bridge, and then John and I skidded to a halt, Tokyo Drift style.
      I woke up
    14. 3 Day Long Dream

      by , 06-29-2011 at 02:42 AM (fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!)
      3 Day Long Dream (Non-lucid)


      A nap in the afternoon. I think this was after work, I don't remember. In a period where I wasn't getting much recall at night.
      The dream started off late in the afternoon, it was fairly dark. It was a sort of camp around a house that looked abandoned, haunted, even. We were pitching our tents around the house. Julia and Sarah helped me pitch me tent (near the side of the house) and they pitched their tents next to mine.. ontop of a puddle of water.
      After everyone finished pitching their tents, we went inside and explored? the house. We looked at the dining room, it was poorly lit, very dim. The colour of the walls was a very worn out orange colour. Then we moved to the living room. We were all sitting in a circle, I think we might have been considering playing 'spin the bottle'. I was sitting next to Andie and Sean, they were cuddling.
      I decided to call it a night and went back to my tent. I recall walking out of the room and out of the house, but nothing between that. I walked into a different tent to the one I set up.

      I was in a carpark with my girlfriend in her car. It was a 4wd, though (not her car IRL). We were cuddling, then her mum appeared and started putting (groceries?) in the back. I decided i needed to bail. Infront of the car, I saw my mum. She waved to me and i said bye to Megan and bailed out of the car. I ran over to mum and we drove away.
      I remember on the trip home, I was checking my pockets, I thought that i'd lost something so I told Mum. She said "You've only been gone for 3 days and you lose something." I also recognised the scene outside.
      At home, i'm in my room infront of my wall chargers. What's different was, there was a double adapted. This part of the dream felt so so real. I texted my girlfriend to tell her I found what I thought I lost. Then I woke up.

      So.. that dream went for 3 days and I was asleep for one hour. This makes me hopeful that I can change the time ratio in my dreams.
    15. The Local Tavern

      by , 06-14-2011 at 11:28 AM (fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!)
      Notes| Dream|Lucid

      I guess i've been slacking off a bit lately.. heh.. I'll try and catch back up with what I missed. I've been lazy lately.. not bothering to write down my dreams when I wake up each night. I shall stop that silliness and write everynight! EVERYNIGHT!
      Anyway, here's the journal

      5th June
      I was at Jewells tavern with my small bunch of family, Dad and a few family members from Dad's side (uncles, aunties). Dad and I went outside for some reason, and then a lady that was cleaning the plates away from an empty table dropped a glass cup. Dad and I helped her pick up the shards of glass and a lady sitting next to us started a conversation with me. I don't remember the particular words of the conversation, but she was asking me about how much a slushee (icee) costed from the bar. I told her it was about seven dollars and we both agreed that it was fairly expensive for a slushee.
      I turned to Dad and said I wouldn't have enough time to finish my meal- I had to go to the gym with my cousin. My aunty came out and told me to just call my cousin and ask if we could go later.
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