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    by , 04-17-2012 at 12:26 PM (1142 Views)
    Uni (Non-lucid)


    I'm sitting in a lecture university, studying Psychology.. or maybe physics.The man who is running the lecture is actually the vice-principal of my high school. He's short and actually encourages us to make jockey jokes, but quite a tight-ass if you break any rules what-so-ever. The room is somewhat dully lit but really relaxing.
    As I decide I should start taking down some notes, I lean over to where I placed my bag down to grab my pens and books.. it's a seat or two away. The lecturer stops what the whole class just to tell me that this isn't the right time to do whatever I am i'm doing.. what? Wait, so he doesn't want me to take notes? I thought university teachers didn't care what you done in lectures unless you start to distract other people.
    Later, i'm sitting with my laptop searching the web when the lecturer decides to call me out again. "If I turn off the internet, do you think you'll start paying attention?" He says to me. I think about it and consider that I could tether my phone to my laptop as a wi-fi hot-spot.
    "Probably not," I reply honestly.
    The class continues and some time later, he asks a question about how an electronical plug.. how it's illustration is male.. the logic made sense at the time of the dream so I was confident with my answer. Looking for brownie points seeing as I had already been called out twice, I answer the question. [wait.. but this is supposed to be a Psychology class!]
    The lecture finishes and everyone goes to their next class or have their break.. I wonder off to buy a drink and then realise I have absolutely no clue where my next class is. I consider calling my girlfriend as she's a year above me to ask my way around but I didn't want to bother her - then I consider calling Erii as she's in my Psychology class awell, but knowing how tightass this teacher is, i'd probably get her into trouble..
    I end up running around looking for someone I know, but I don't find anyone..

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    1. Taffy's Avatar
      I love that you're so honest when you say that you probably won't pay attention anyway. ^w^
    2. fOrceez's Avatar
      Hahaha! I am pretty honest and sometimes blunt when asked a question.. Thanks for reading!
    3. NewZealand's Avatar
      Interesting dream, Nicely written btw.
      Keep them coming!
    4. fOrceez's Avatar
      Thanks i will be sure to, if i have the time.