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    Book of Cursed Dreams

    Car Thief, Visions (LD)

    by , 04-05-2024 at 05:37 PM (80 Views)
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    I feel like I'm sacrificing sleep for having lucid dreams, maybe I need to sleep earlier.

    Color Code

    Intentional control

    Car Theft

    I was sitting outside my apartment when suddenly I guy ran up and broke into my car. I get up and start trying to walk towards him to confront him but I'm in crutches for some reason, so I can't get to him in time. "This ain't your car!" the thief said to me as I continued limping to him. "Is it?" He starts driving away when I see a huge black truck entering the apartment complex "Stop him!" I wave down the big truck gesturing at my stollen car. The huge truck drives right in front of the guy, blocking him from driving.


    I felt myself enter the dream, I have no dream body, I saw a pixel art game in black and white, but the character you play as is a knight wearing neon rainbow colored armor. "I want to play Rainbow Knight!" I attempt to control the dream.

    The art of the game fades and now see that I'm in what appears to be some sort of party room, there's purple and yellow walls, I'm uncontrollably drifting through the room, I see a cartoon character with a football shaped head looking at me.

    I tunnel to a new scene.(I'm not in control of this or any tunneling throughout this dream)

    I'm now orbiting 1000 feet above a stadium; it has a huge swinging spotlight that points from one end to the other.

    I tunnel to about 2 more scenes, I can't remember what was in them because they were so fast. It's like I'm a camera and as soon as there's a 3d render of a place I go to the next.

    As I'm in one of the scenes I think to myself. "Will this ever end?" a memory hits me, I asked myself that same question in a similar dream as a child.

    As I begin uncontrollably tunneling to a new scene I image putting my fist in the direction of the acceleration, pretending to be superman, then a white flash appears as I'm doing that, my whole vision is nothing but pure white. No more acceleration, no more imagination, just mild vibrations. I'm left with an eerie and confused feeling.
    It fades back to black and I begin tunneling again.

    This time I'm above a city in the dessert. It has tall beautiful skyscrapers.

    As I'm uncontrollably orbiting it like before, I notice that this scene is playing much longer than the previous ones. I attempt to look around and it works. I begin flying away into the dessert at high speeds. I find a hole in the ground and decide to dive into it.

    I wake up.
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