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    Doing lots of stuff [Lucid!]

    by , 08-05-2013 at 05:05 PM (350 Views)
    So the dream starts out with me walking home. Some guy pulls up in a truck. He looked sort of shady and he was carrying a gun. I then started trying to wake myself up.

    Then I realized, wait, I'm trying to wake myself up? I tried to imagine the guy turning into some sort of a gummy bear. It worked, but it was more like a pile of green mush.

    At this point I'm really exited, I start to remember the task of the month. Which is teach a DC something you don't know how to do. My thoughts were, my mom was a DC, so I would teach her something. I flew over to her work, then realized it was night time. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine the world being light out. It worked! My mom was pulling up in her van.

    I stopped her at the door and said "I'm going to get you a better job, you hate your job." This was true, she complains about her job a lot. She smiled and said OK. We both got in the car and she started driving. She passed her grandparents on the street, and said "I'm going to be a flutist ". So then the problem of finding out something for her to do was over. I don't know a clue about the flute.

    As we were driving down (it seemed like a short time) she veered off into the woods. I started freaking out but she remained un-phased as we flew through trees.

    Yes. Through them.

    I closed my eyes, for no apparent reason, then opened them just as quickly. We were in a new place! I had teleported! I then tried it again, only ending up at the same spot we were at 5 seconds ago. I tried it one more time, this time imagining a music place...

    And then I woke up.

    Damn it.

    I guess I learned my lesson about how NOT to teleport.

    But hey! I did:
    Transform someone
    Dilate time
    Go through things
    And teleport!

    Oh, and fail at a task of the month.

    Seems pretty good to me.

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