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    November 28 2016 Non-Lucid

    by , 11-30-2016 at 08:23 AM (412 Views)
    My alarm was set for 1:15.

    I had a false awakening where I went from under my covers and changed the alarm to 1:30.

    At some point I awaken into the moment where my body is going back to bed but my mind stays awake. I get that amazing high feeling of this in-between. I enjoy it for a second and then decide I'm going to ride this transition into a lucid. I think "okay you are going to try to float up from your body" and then try to do this, but it does not happen. I think that maybe I'm going to float up and imagine a girl that I can be with in my room.

    I'm at Firefly music festival. It's the Wednesday night for the early camping and I'm with a group of my friends. I ask if there's a show, knowing there's a show. A friend tells me "yes" being surprised, and then says that it's a rock band and most of Firefly will be rock music. We walk down a path as I can see a stage with a rock band performing in the distance. My friend Allyson B. tells me that rock is better because she's done acid and seen a lot of rock, to which I reply that I've done a lot of molly for electric music and it's been great. We walk up to 3 huge guys and the one in the middle smiles at me. He lifts my hat up to check what's under it, and then I wake up.

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