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    Some point in January

    by , 01-10-2018 at 10:48 AM (327 Views)
    I was in my old middle school gym playing a basketball game. Something unfair was going on and I was upset about it. I was screaming at the crowd and I remember Donald Trump was there with a large group of people like secret service. The basketball game ends and everyone clears out of the gym except my team. The lights go out. Donald Trump comes back in and starts shooting my team members with a silenced pistol. I remember thinking that he now had the power to kill people he didn't like. He comes up to me and shoots me twice in the chest and I fall to the ground.

    Many years go by. It turns out I'm actually still alive with my teammates, and it was really a sleeping dart of some sort. We wake up and the gym is abandoned with a lot of trash on the ground and in the stands. We walk outside and the entire place is covered in grass and there's just fields of grasslands covering up what used to be buildings that were inhabited. Suddenly, a flying aircraft that looked sort of like an alien UFO flew overhead. We all hit the ground. Looking up, it felt like the robot was looking for life but couldn't find it.

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