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    1. DJ of 1/16/2017

      by , 01-16-2017 at 02:34 PM

      Just your average dream tonight.

      I was taking a walk with my mother and we got to this part of the trail where we had to switch shoes or something like that but my mom decided that she would swtich her shoes in a way that made no sense. Like there was mud or something and she was weraing flip-slops so she had to actually put real shoes on, but the way that she did it made no sense to me. Anyway, that weirded me out a little bit and then we continued to walk, we never talked during our walk.
      Then suddenly, but seamlessly it transitions to a special place for me, and we are walking towards the beach of this special place where I would always come as a child and throw rocks into the lake. I did not want to go down there as I had too many good memories there and I did not want to ruin those memories with my current ones and I would not go down there until I was a happier person. I then looked ahead of my life and I thought that I should go down there and then the next time that I was there I would be able to go down there and be happy about my life, but for the time being I did not want to go down there and I remembered what I did the past summer of 2016 and it made me sad that I was not happy like I once was.
      We are back where we started and we are walking through the woods and we get to this open field and we just start walking through it. It's a sunny day and it's a nice day to be walking. Then not too long after I see a plane go by in the sky and it's a smaller plane, it was moving really fast, and then I see I larger place farther up in the sky moving at a more resonable speed. I then contemplate my vision and how depth affects these things and I wonder why the smaller plane is smaller than the larger one. Odd thoughts. After that we are turned around and we are starting to walk back to where we started, but we started just walking, so we weren't going anywhere really.
      There are houses to our left, as if this is a gold course or something like that, but when w get close to this one house, there are 4 massive dogs guarding this house I would assume, they are outside and tied up to the house, they go crazy and it makes me a little scared as I do not want this 4 massive dogs chasing me down. I start running and then we go by this one house with this one massive dog. Just unworldly large. It's chanied up to a trailer with a car on it, and when it gets mad, it actually moves the car and trailer without too much effort. At this point, I am like "this is not okay," and I really start running to somwhere, and I could sense that it got free, I didn't see it, but I knew it was on my ass. I lost my mom during all of that, she is no longer in the dream with me. I run into this random house and I lock myself in this weird playroom sort of with glass doors, there is not furniture in this room, but there are things on the floor and I assume it's for the dog. Of course the dog follows me into this house and I am really scared now. Then the owners come home and now I am going to get caught, I go and hide in a corner of the room and I can see the owners out of the corner of my eye and they look like a normal family. The wife comes into the room and does not see me at first but then she looks at me and she could see that I was scared, and she gave me this weird look and then just walked out of the room. They have many dogs and now the dogs are playing with each other and now trying to kill me. Then I see my dad in this house, by brother is in the house too, but I could not see him. I look at my dad out of the corner or my eye and he's just talking to the homeowners. I am hiding and wondering when I would get caught for home invasion. My dad sees me and gives me this warm sort of look and then I come out of hiding. I am surprised that they do not want to kill me for entering their house and it's all too weird for me. It ends.

      I guess the dream was more vivid than I thought. Bit odd, but I do not feel as though there is too much happening with this dream and it is what it is I guess. It is not like the other dream I had two night ago, little better emotionally. Oh well, until next time.
    2. DJ of 1/13/2017

      by , 01-13-2017 at 02:46 PM

      The dreams that I had tonight were not of anything good in my life. They were of someone that I refuse to acknowledge out of respect and I do not write about them if they are in my dreams. They were a person that had a great impact on my life and I feel as writing of them will not bring anything good. For future reference: this persons name starts with L.

      The first dream was that I was in school and I was walking by them and I could see something different and off about them. They refused to say anything to me. It hurt me on the inside, I could tell that they were done with me and they wanted nothing to do with me. I watched them move around and do what they do, and I could tell that something was off and they were not in their normal state. It made me sad. I knew I could do nothing to help them, but just watch. It ends.

      The second dream was focused on the same person. In this dream, they "jumped off the deep end" and they were acting far more crazy and outgoing than they normally would. This honestly disgusted me in a way as I could see that they lost a true sense of themselves and I even tried asking their friends what happened to them, but was shortcoming as they knew nothing either. This was a total opposite of the previous dream. They drew on their face and jumped and shouted all over the place, even though I could not hear a word they said. I lost them, mentally, and they lost me, they lost themselves in the madness and I was terrified of them.

      These dreams affect me in my WL as well as I knew them once very well, and I guess it hurts a lot when I dream of them in such a desperate state.
    3. DJ of 1/12/2017

      by , 01-13-2017 at 03:39 AM

      This is the only one I can remember well, there were others, I know, but I cannot remember the content of those dreams.

      I was at an airshow of some sorts. I think it was, I was just walking around with my brother and looking at things, I did not see anything airshow related, but in the dream I got the sense that I was there. I have a blue band on my wrist showing that I am supposed to be there. Well, after that, I got a little bored and I decided to walk off somewhere by myself. It was a sunny and clear day so there was no problem with that. I walked off to some train tracks and then I was suddenly in some sort of building. Like a utility building with train tracks cutting right through the middle of it for maintenance. I see these dumb kids playing around the tracks just skateboarding and whatnot. I do not like them and they make me mad by just playing around. I am in the building and I see a kid on the tracks. He is clearly knocked out from an accident, and he is just laying there and no one is helping him. I notice this but I do nothing of course and I am just standing there like, well, nothing really. I wonder why he is not being moved off of the tracks before a train comes, but that is beyond me at that point. We are apprently waiting for authorities to show up. Then soon enough, I hear a train coming, well, I more or less sense it coming and I can tell that it is not going to be pretty. Then I hear it, and I can see through the cracks of the door to the building that we are in and I can see the train coming. It is going to kill the kid just laying there. Then I suddenly grab this woman that is freaking out now and I am sort of getting anxious and I drag her out of there before it get's ugly. Now I am running outside and I am running to nowhere really, there is this fence in front of me and I am nearing it and I do this sort of slowmo thing where I jump over it and do a flip. Looks cool and cinematic. Now I am entering the same airshow that my brother is in that I was in before I got bored and walked off. I now look at my wrist again and I see another blue band on my wrist, the same as the other, it's just another addition. I see my brother on some swings with some random kid whom I do not know. They are swinging high as if it is different from normal swings. I get a little uneasy. It ends.

      No LD's tonight.
    4. DJ of 1/11/2017

      by , 01-11-2017 at 01:45 PM

      Not a very vivid dream, but I have not been able to remember dreams for the past two days, so I will take it. One is a bit odd, well, let's say that they are all odd a little...

      I did try and WILD after waking up from my dream below. Well, I originally wanted to WBTB and try and just roll back over and go back into the previous dream, but I needed to use the bathroom and I was a bit confused on how to go about it, so I decided that I would use that oppourtunity to try and WILD which was unsuccessful. I was thinking too much about my day and I was a bit too hungry, and when I would try and focus on my dream, my hunger would really grow.

      I was in my high school, with people from my high school. We are working on a portrait of some sorts. We are not really working on it in the dream, but in the dream I am thinking about the portrait. I am thinking about it drying and that's it. And I am thinking about how it's drying and visualising how it's drying. Like what parts are dry or not. I hear one of my friends talking about us being together again (as a class) and he his happy. Then we are going to start on another portrait. I look at the whiteboard in the classroom and there's a date that say December something, (I remembered right after I woke up, but now that I am writing it down, I cannot remember the exact date anymore) I think about my teacher and wonder where he is. It ends.

      I am this odd room with odd people. I do not like them and I am being very racist towards them and my dad is behind me and when I was being racist, he would pull me back and basically tell me to stop it. I was sort of worried that they might hurt me if I am too racist towards them, but nothing happens really and I think they laugh and whatnot. It ends.

      No LD's tonight.
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    5. DJ of 2/16/2016

      by , 02-16-2016 at 10:43 PM

      I was at my neighbours house at my summer cottage. I knew that my cottage was behind me but I did not go over there. I was sitting there thinking about something. Then I am in a bathroom and there are two people in the shower. They are clothed. But I only know one of them from school. It end.

      I was boarding a train with my dad and brother. We are out in the middle of nowhere, I think South Dakota. Itís a freight train with freight. I am worried as to why we are boarding this train. Itís an open top when I board and when, later in the trip, it is suddenly closed and there is someone else in there. It was very weird. While riding, there is now a top, and there is someone in there telling us about something that I donít know. Then, it transitions to where we are waiting for a train to go by. I tell my dad that the red light means that we have to stop and we are on the side track to wait for a train to go by. Then the train goes by and there are many gas tanks on it. I tell him that the orange light means to be ready to stop and we go on. Then, when we slow down for an intersection. I get out of the now open car, and it seems as though we are in a desert. With a small town by us. I walk in the small town for a few steps and then suddenly I am in a car, driving into the town. It is now dusk. I am now in this little apartment of some sorts and it is dark. There are two people that I know from school there and they like having me there. It ends.

      No LDís tonight.
    6. DJ of 2/14/2016

      by , 02-14-2016 at 02:54 PM
      I did not MILD last night or the night before as I was taking a break.

      In conclusion, very vivid. I am surprised that I did not RC at any time during that. Especially at the end. Well, there's always tomorrow.


      I was at school talking to someone in the front office. I do not know what, but then I realise that I have to walk to college soon. Itís time to go. I tell them that I might be late and they chuckle. I start to walk out and on my way to college. While walking, someone from school catches up to me and their friend as well. We start to walk wherever we might go. Suddenly, I am not walking to school anymore, but somewhere else. I do not consciously realise this, but I am fine with it apparently. We are now in a wooded area with a road next to us. We are talking about random things. One of the people that I am walking with has a large shotgun. I am not worried because I trust him with it and he knows what heís doing. I no longer realise that we are no longer on the way to our original destination. He was shooting random things with his gun, along with a bird that we walk by after he shot. We would have to hide the gun everytime that someone went by in a car. So we wouldnít get caught. At one point I was ahold of the gun and there was a State Trooper ahead and I was worried that weíd get caught. We didnít but it was close. Then, I realise that I need to turn around to get to college. I tell them and they are cool with it, they will no longer follow me as they are going somewhere unknown to me. I start to run as not to be late and I am now running towards this mass of interstates. I mean like 5, 6-lane interstates, huge. I am now running up this incline that is muddy and I realise that I have 3 knives in my hand. I throw them down farther in the ditch and I slip in the mud and end up with a lot of mud on my hands. I am at this point not thinking about going to college, but I know very unhappy and getting so dirty. There is a State Trooper, Crown Vic sitting there facing the other way as though they might catch someone speeding. I run by them and they ask if I need a ride. I walk up to the drivers door and open saying I donít want to drive. They ask if I want to drive, but I say no as I might crash it. There are 3 women in the car, all State Troopers. They seem nice and, of course, they are state troopers so they are safe. There is no real exchange as to where I need to go but they start to drive in the opposite direction of traffic. Then, dreamlike magically, the flow of traffic changes so we donít die. No one is talking accept the driver of the Crown Vic. They are watching traffic for lawbreakers and troublemakers. I was thinking that it would be really cool to be in some form of a chase, and soon enough, there is someone in a small transporting truck that is speeding and driving erratically. The trooper notices it and starts to chase. We weave through traffic as the truck driver realises that he was caught. He speeds astronomically up and gets away from us for a while. We enter a tunnel of some sort and the driver does not seem worried. They know what to do and are calm. We wait for the truck driver to come back out the way, which he does. We chase him back out of the tunnel, now he comes back and we manage to get him. The driver or the other two troopers have not called for backup. So we are alone on this interstate in this dimly lit tunnel with a crazy driver and many people walking around and other cars. It seems as though there is a mall here. We donít want to hit someone. The driver has now crashed and the driver of our car is out of the car shouting orders at the truck driver. He complies. Then, all of the sudden, he starts to get beaten to a pulp by my driver. Except that my driver is still a good 50 feet away from the truck driver. I am displeased by this and know that itís not real (RC right now DAMNIT) but I see this guy get killed right there. The job is done. Everyone returns to normal. It ends.

      No LDís tonight.
    7. DJ of 2/12/2016

      by , 02-12-2016 at 02:00 PM
      MILD day 4

      Did not notice that I woke up at usual 02:00, but I do remember a dream from that time.
      Woke up at 03:00 and wrote down dreams and practised WILD. Did not work very well. I only saw a little HI, but there was not much else going on.
      Alarm and daily routine.

      In conclusion, bit of weird night. I remembered a dream from initial REM cycle awakening but could not remember waking up. I remembered at second awakening. Rest was pretty usual. Not much happening. Contemplating repeating mantra throughout the day.


      I was at my summer cottage. It was summer and I was there with my cousins. We were on the shore (itís a rocky shore so no sand) and we were contemplating going to our dock. So we did, I followed my cousins on the dock and one of them started to complain that they always have to follow in the othersí footsteps. I did agree and that she did not have to follow her all of the time. We were walking onto the dock (which was not right, it was off from what it was from the normal) we walked to the end and they just seem to disappear and I am now back at the shore. Looking out at the lake (Green Bay) looking at boats that are out there. Something that I usually like to do. Then it started to get cloudy and dark, I knew that a storm was coming. The sky darkened and it started to rain. Boats were starting to go back to where they came from. There was a problem, the boats that were out there turned out to be inflatable when I looked closer at them. They had trouble coming into shore. I did not try to help, I only observed. I had no specific feeling. I could not see people, but I could see that the boats were failing to stay afloat. There were only a few actual boats out there that were mechanical, they were rushing back. The storm got worse. Then the boats started to disappear, soon the storm was starting to be over and I could see sunlight in the distance. It ends.

      I was at school, there was some sort of an open house going on. There were people all over the place and I was not stuck in a specific class. I was walking to the Science room and there was something about ships, but I walked back out and went to the lunchroom. I saw how people were performing serving lunch and I was pleased. It ends.

      No LDís tonight.
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    8. DJ of 2/11/2016

      by , 02-11-2016 at 01:29 PM
      MILD day 3

      Did my mantra before sleeping.
      Woke up at usual 2:00. Did mantra again.
      Woke up about an hour later. I think I practised my mantra, but I do not know for sure.
      Woke up again, thought about FILD'ing, but then I rolled over and had to use the bathroom. Bye bye FILD.
      I think I woke up another time. Don't remember, though.
      Alarm and daily routine.

      Note: I did dream about DJ'ing. Is that a good sign? I don't really know, but I do know that I have never dreamed about that before. So I would only assume that it's a step in the right direction.

      In conclusion. This night was a success although I don't think it was. For some reason, I have been extremely tired lately. Perhaps it's school and I just have to get used to it, or I actually need more sleep. I will be going to sleep earlier tonight to see what happens.


      I was sort of looking below to this type of castle. As if it was a miniature version of a big one. I was in a room, but I do not know what room. When I went to look inside of the door of the castle I saw my Dads dog having fun in there running around the walls. It ends.

      I was in the cafeteria of my school. There were far too many people than what it usually has. I was walking by this table and then when someone was looking at me, they said hey Juan. I got mad at first and confronted them. They did not seem to notice me and they were actually looking behind me at a guy actually named Juan. I looked at felt stupid and tried to play it off. Then I trudged through the crowd of people to sit down where I normally donít sit. Usually, everyone has their table they sit at and where they sit at the table. In this dream that was messed up, as well as there being people that I did not even know. I was sitting there rather uncomfortably as I was on the edge. It ends.

      I was sitting in study hall, then apparently I was writing in a dream journal. (I hope this means that I am getting closer to LDing!) I do not know what dream, but it felt as if it was a class assignment and I was just writing in it to get it done. (As I do for a lot of things in school.) It ends.

      No LDís tonight.

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    9. DJ of 2/10/2016

      by , 02-10-2016 at 01:21 PM
      MILD day 2

      Did my mantra before going to bed, was much better at not drifting thoughts.
      Woke up and usual 2:00 AM remembered a dream. Went back to sleep trying to repeat the mantra.
      Woke up an hour later and remembered part of a dream.
      Alarm and morning routine.

      In conclusion, dream recall became better, should have written down dreams right after waking and attempted to WILD. If I did not remember them, I would FILD.


      I was at school, or that I could see from outside. I was running to a tractor-trailer that was your generic black tractor and white trailer with no corporate markings. It was daytime and it was raining lightly, why I was running to the truck. Next I am in the truck and the dream suddenly transitions to me in a garden of some sort that is in New York city. I am standing there amidst this garden where I do not know where exactly I am. There are apparently chickens around me. Apparently I pissed one of and it starts to go after me, flying and pecking at me. I try to shoo it away so I donít hurt it, but it keeps coming at me. Then it goes for my ears, thatís the last straw for me and I grab the chicken by the neck and chuck it as far as I could, I run into a garage that has some sort of an SUV and I pull out of there as fast as possible so I donít get attacked by the chicken anymore. It ends.

      I am sitting in my schoolís lunchroom and we are having some sort of a special lunch. All that I can remember is that there were tater tots. We eat the lunch, (nothing happens) and then we are clearing the lunch. All of a sudden there are hundreds of tennis balls that start to bounce all over the room. The lunch manager is not looking happy at this point and tries to collect the balls. Then I walk to the science room where there are many people and I walk up to a friend and show him something on the computer, recent tabs for some reason. He says my life could be ruined and walks away. I wonder at that point. Then the recent tabs change to Java programming and my counselor is there and he seems all amazed by what he sees and attempts to write some code on the whiteboard, which does not work very well, I chuckle. It ends.

      No LDís tonight.
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    10. DJ of 2/9/2016

      by , 02-09-2016 at 01:58 PM
      MILD day 1

      Before going to sleep, I repeated my mantra. Yet, I was really tired and do not know whether I successfully "MILD'd".
      - Woke up at 02:00 (Natural waking apparently) and went right back to sleep before I could think of anything.
      - Woke up at ~03:00 after a dream, but could not remember enough to write about here.
      - Nothing more until the alarm went off and I had to start my day.

      In conclusion, it was a rough start, but I will be sure to be more intentional tonight and moving forward. I do plan on trying to mix in some WILD's as well when I can, or FILD's. Whatever I feel like.


      None of significance or that I can remember. (Really tired last night)

      No LDís tonight.
    11. MILD for 21 days.

      by , 02-09-2016 at 04:15 AM
      I was inspired by a post on this site to do a 21 day MILD routine as well. I will be posting each day as time progresses at the beginning of my DJ's. This will be starting tonight. I will be doing the "MILD routine" before I go to sleep and when I wake up after a dream. My mantra will be: "This is a dream, and I am aware". Simple yet powerful.


      Happy Dreaming!
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    12. DJ of 2/8/2016

      by , 02-08-2016 at 01:25 PM
      2/8/2016 I am starting to notice that possibly a dream sign that it is always midday or bright out in my dreams. Again, I really did not try to LD tonight so it is what it is.

      I was sitting in a house that I do not really know in WL but in the dream I did. I think I also did understand that my Dad and brother were there as well but I did not see them. I was in a bedroom, sort of sitting on a bed and it was midday. I could see the sunlight seeping through the curtains. I remember being insanely bored, not knowing what to do and just sitting there upright in bed not having an awesome time. Then it transitions to a school room where itís a computer lab. I was not sitting at a computer and contemplating taking a standardised test (ACT I think). I sign in and take the Maths portion and that is all. (I think that this is telling me that I should start studying for the ACT/SAT) Then I transition back to the house walking into the kitchen and still not knowing what to do. Maybe I saw my dad or brother but it gets fuzzy after that. It ends.

      There was this bit that I was on a school bus alone with this weird dude and it was midday and we were driving down this semi-hill and there is a Lamborghini that is a cop car that is passing by. (Probably from GTA V) We go under an overpass. It ends.

      No LDís tonight. (Didnít really try either)
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    13. DJ of 2/7/2016

      by , 02-07-2016 at 04:31 PM
      2/7/2016 No editing, very vivid, though, getting closer to LD's!!

      I was in this large recreational ball pit that was in some sort of a skyscraper and there were windows slightly above it so that we could see out. There were stairs on either side so that one could leave the ball pit. Now, there was someone in there causing trouble. I do not know who, but in the dream I did. (I was off to the side and just observing). I do not know exactly what he was doing to cause such a ruckus but people were leaving the ball pit unhappy and there was staff starting to come and see what was happening. There were multiple attempts to have him pulled out or ďshotĒ out of the ball pit, none of which worked. They shot him with some type of bullets, I assume rubber, but he did not budge. Then after some while, people started to gather around this open room, and there was more and more staff that were there trying to get him out. It was all somewhat calm. Then all of a sudden, this ďmega guardĒ that I assume was nothing to mess with, came out and went straight into the ball pit. There was no physical confrontation, they sort of shook hands and they walked out together. They were both wearing some sort of basketball sports clothing that were bright colours. As we walked out of there the people that came to watch this spectacle formed a row so that we could leave, patting us on the back and such. I did not like that so I decided if someone touched me I would strike back. (That did not happen) I enter into this cafeteria type of room with many tables, people moving about getting food and whatnot. (Same building, brightly lit and all) I come to this table where there is a laptop and I am working on building a website of some sort. That code was not real, as I do not know much about that, but I could assume it was dealing with <div>ís if you know what that is. I sat there alone, frustrated that my programming is not working trying different things to get it to work. It ends.

      No LDís tonight.

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    14. DJ of 2/6/2016

      by , 02-06-2016 at 08:12 PM
      2/6/2016 Slightly edited for privacy and understandability Each paragraph is a different dream in one night.

      I was fighting someone (physically with fists and all), but I do not know who exactly Ö They were losing and I was winning. Maybe it was in the room next to the main office. It was in school and was dimly lit. It ends.

      A classmate was getting aggressive in the commons in school. Someone was pulling her away and I realised that she had my backpack. I went to get it but I had to rip it out of her hands for me to get it back. She seemed scared of me and was apologetic to me as she said I might have ďbeat her ass.Ē It ends.

      I was in the ďreceptionĒ area of my school and I noticed a black man with grey hair that was wearing dark clothing sitting in one of the two chairs that were in the room. It occurred to me that he was an inspector for the school. Then we were in the front office with the dean and the school administrator was missing. We were looking at her desk with orange colour paper scraps and that is all, that dean was behind us looking somewhat worried about something, I do not know. Then it transitioned into the Social Studies room and I was walking into it when my friend was joking with me about the 11th and 12th grades were combined in one classroom. I said ďBack to the good oleí daysĒ (I am technically in 11th but taking 12th classes and I kinda miss my 11th-grade friends) and I sat in the back corner and we were watching some video and taking notes while the lights were on and the in the room. The inspector I presumed was writing about how to class was going on the board and my SS teacher was off to the side watching. It ends.

      No LDís tonight.

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