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    Animal Dreams 02.26.12 (9:20am)

    by , 03-11-2012 at 04:56 PM (299 Views)
    Lots of Animals
    Noelle and I live in a large house with wooden floors. We have a golden retriever that we just took in. Morrissey (our cat) comes to the door, but has a whole family of cats with her that all look just like her, only different sizes. I let them all in, but the cats and the dog immediately don't get along. The dad cat is hissing and hunching his back; the dog is barking. The dog poops in two different places on the floor, so I let them all outside. Outside, there is a large raccoon walking while holding a baby raccoon. Suddenly, this huge sheep (which actually looks more like a sheep/horse hybrid and is about five feet tall) starts walking toward me. I am scared and start to run. Someone stops me and tells me if I run the sheep will definitely chase me. I should instead just remain calm and let it pass. I do so.

    Dream Fragment
    Something about a bear.

    Lizards Masquerading as Humans
    I am in an office of some sorts. I am stacking clothes of mine on a couch. I leave and come back in and all the clothes are gone. We are all about to evacuate (I think a hurricane is coming) and these are all the clothes I own, so I am very upset. I start questioning this girl (who looks like Noelle, but isn't). She has teh clothes but won't tell me where they are. I grab her by the back of her neck and drag her outside. I didn't notice this as strange at the time, but I am holding onto her neck by a thick vertebrae bone in the back of her neck like you would find on a reptile - not human at all. I throw her to the ground and kick her in the face. I immediately feel regret and can see that she is in pain.

    At The Office
    Courtney and I are working for a guy named Hitler. He is gone for the week, so I am setting my own schedule and going out every night.
    My sister and I are walking down a street to my office building. The road is mostly empty except for these strange silver trucks I keep seeing behind us. We walk down a dirt road and arrive at the office. There is a nice array of food which I begin eating.
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