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    03.01.12 (2:00am)

    by , 03-27-2012 at 03:24 AM (359 Views)
    • True Blood Dream
    • 2 FA's about waking up and writing in my DJ
    • A tall, blonde girl has a crush on Noelle. The blonde girl and I are walkign outside a house. We both hear Noelle's voice from outside. She is immediately excited just from hearing Noelle's voice and wants to go inside. When we go inside, she starts trying to flirt with Noelle. I grab Noelle and start kissing her to show the girl that we are together. Noelle, a little embaressed and oblivious to the other girl's attraction, pulls away.
      Later, Noelle and I are in a bedroom together and I tell her that it hurt me when I was kissing her and she pulled away.
    • I awake in a bed, well a mattress on a floor. As I drowsily open my eyes, I see a chicken walking around my room. Unsure of where I am, I start calling first for my Mom, then my sister, then Noelle. Noelle comes in and I ask her why there is a chicken in my room. More chickens start coming in the house as well as cats, and one small rat. I go outside and there are lots of chickens there as well. I am afraid that one will peck me. As soon as I feel this fear, one charges at me, attempting to peck me. I leap in the air and land balancing on top of a pole, ninja style.
    • I am at a bank negotiating a loan. I explain to the banker that my bank is Citibank and is located in California. He takes me to another banker, but suddenly we are in the food court at a mall. His large bank-like desk is located in the middle of the food court. I tell him as well that my bank is located in California. On his desk are many tiny hats made of straw. Each hat has a country or state on it Since I lived in Cali, he tells me I have to wear the Cali hat. He gives me a little hat to wear that has a picture of a palm tree and the California Bear on it. I put on the hat and walk into the mall's food court. I walk up to a table and start talking to the people there, only to realize that I am wearing just a t-shirt and underwear. I realize that I am in a dream, but am not fully lucid. I decide I want to change my clothes and remember some tips from DV on dream control. I walk into the bathroom and take off my clothes. I decide I want to wear a blue halter maxi dress. I reach behind my neck like I am tying material and create the top of my dress. I guide my hands down my body and as I do, little blue particles come emanate from my hand and materialize into a dress.
    • I am following two people up a maze-like series of metal stairs and elevators. I got the sense that there has been some sort of apocalypse or disaster and they are leading me to safety. The pair is dressed in black and grey punk clothes and are both wearing hoods so that I cannot see their faces. They are connected in some way, but I am not sure if it is as brother and sister or as lovers. There are running faster than humanly possible. If I concentrate on them, I can run just as fast as they are with ease; if I look away, I immediately slow down. I look away and start to fall behind and loose them. I ask if they are trying to outrun me. They say no, they are trying to help me. They lead me up a final set of stairs then disappear into a crowd of people. A few minuets later, a large white man approaches me, trying to hit on me and puts his arms around me aggressively. I start pushing him away. Another man, a large black man wearing a cool jacket, tells him to leave me alone. The white guy leaves. I thank the black man and compliment him on his jacket.
    • Something about my sister and pink cupcakes.
    • Matt S and I are in a large thrift store. We are in some kind of Project Runway type challenge. We are given a rack of clothes that we have to deconstruct and use to make a new outfit. We do this for Matt, then realize that we have to make on for me also. We start mine, but realize the group next to us is doing something similar, so change our plans. This cause us to not finish on time. We have to show an audience our outfits next. I don't realize it at the time, but the clothes are constantly changing through the whole dream.

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