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    First Lucid Dream in like a week, finally.

    by , 06-27-2011 at 08:29 PM (615 Views)
    I am not sure if it was stress or I was just trying too hard but at last after a week of non-lucid dreams (at least that I can remember) I had one last night. Just a standard DILD but I needed that. My recall is still for shit but I am trying to keep this dream journal updated to better my memory.

    I remember the dream starting with me and a bunch of my family and friends together, I don't remember why. We were all in a line formation traveling to some place, all I could remember feeling was that we needed to get to our destination as fast as possible. Then I remember having that realization feeling when you find out you are dreaming. I began to fly over my friends and family and began guiding them forward. I remember lots of light (could be the sun coming through my window in reality) and me having to fight something but I could not remember what exactly.....

    Then I woke up because my roommates' cat decided to meow in my face...

    I quickly tried to remember what had happened but with little success...I then fell back asleep for a second small lucid dream

    I was in one of my old elementary schools....and actually retaking the 5th grade because of something that happened to my grades. I was talking to the principal explaining to him that I was in college now when i remembered the nose plug technique to tell if you are dreaming. I tried it and of course I could still breathe so I discovered I was dreaming. I began to have fun at my old school, flying around on the play ground and picking on the people who used to pick on me. Shortly after that however I woke up.

    So again not a whole lot of detail but I am getting faster at becoming lucid I feel.

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