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    Not lucid but a very vivid dream.

    by , 06-24-2011 at 07:28 PM (569 Views)
    Ok so I am a huge fan of Buffy: the vampire slayer/angel so those of you who know the series will understand my dream a bit better....plus I've been watching the Angel series so this dream isn't all that strange.

    I remember starting my dream in a city. A decently sized city that I had never been to before in reality, but I seemed to know my way around as if I had lived there before. I was just wondering around, not really having a purpose. Suddenly out of an ally pops a dark figure. A man but I could not tell who it was at first. He approached me and revealed him self to be Angelus...he came to me and offered to turn me into one like him, a vampire. And we are talking vampires right out of BTVS, how their faces change and everything. I wanted to be a vampire, so I let him turn me. That part was instantaneous, unlike the tv show. It was as if he asked me, then I agreed, and boom....instant fangs lol. We began our reign over the city. Killing and taking anyone we wanted to. Jumping from building to building just to grab people and drink their blood. (I know creepy right.) The funny thing is, that usually when I have dreams where I am in league with the enemy, I most of the time am sort of a spy, so normally in this situation I would only pretend to kill people to gain the enemy's trust. Not this time. No, this time I actually drank people's blood. And it was real vivid. I could feel my fangs slice into their flesh and actually taste blood. We were unstoppable. There was this sort of mafia that we infiltrated because we didn't like how powerful they were becoming. We were sitting in the living room of the mob boss. He had an apartment above a store that he was running. He didn't have any of the luxuries you would expect a crime lord to have. Just a basic living room with couches straight out of the 70's and his wife sitting on the other end of the room with a toy dog. The boss was expecting us to be sort of his assassins and work for him. But me and Angelus had other ideas. We killed both of them and turned on the gas. As we left we lit a match and threw it in the living room as we both gracefully dropped from a 2 story window to the ally below. We were unstoppable and I liked it. Unfortunately it was soon after that I woke up.

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