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    A lucid dream from long ago.

    by , 06-21-2011 at 07:30 PM (612 Views)
    I'm trying to get some of my dreams down in these journal entries from the past as well as present. So here is one from years ago, I think I might have be like 14....

    I was in my house, it was about dusk and the orange light of the sun was shinning through my living room window. I was home alone which was not uncommon seeing as my dad worked late and my brother was always at some sort of practice for the various sports he was in. I had this distinct fear that I would soon not be alone, that something or someone was coming for my house. I began to panic and blocked my two doors with anything I could find. Knowing it wouldn't help all that much because both doors had very weak locks. I was preparing to fight whatever was coming (at this point I did not think I was dreaming). Suddenly I heard voices of people outside my door. They were frightened and were begging me to let them in. I opened the door to let them inside to take shelter for whatever was coming. (it was about here that I began to realize I was dreaming and became lucid) They were odd people. A young couple with a young boy that wasn't their child. I began to hear the sounds of the enemy coming. As it began to get darker I could hear and see just dozens of these zombie/human/demon creatures just running towards my house. I knew I was dreaming so I thought to myself, "going to be one heck of a fight." They began clawing at my door trying to push over my barricade. I gave myself a sword and handed the man a hand gun. Once the breached both entrances of my house I immediately charged the first few to get inside, slashing at them and killing a few. I knew exactly what moves I had to do to weaken them. Using various martial arts skills I battled the ones that surrounded me while I heard the man shooting at them. It was much easier then some of my previous dreams to fight them. Unfortunately it was shortly after this that I woke up.

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