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    1. A quick visit to Teraluna at night.

      , 01-09-2011 at 10:33 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      non dream - lucid - non lucid

      I'm sitting in front of my pc, been playing starcraft 2 for hours and programming afterwards.
      I'm tried, my head hurts, the problems I'm working on atm are very complex.
      I nearly fall asleep twice.
      I decide to set myself an alarm in 20 minutes and take a powernap.
      Lying in my chair, which I put all the way back to maximize comfort, I put on headphones and listen to:

      I think about Teraluna, about Yuya, I recall how beautiful the city is.
      I don't really intend to WILD, but at one point I ponder if I just entered SP.

      I open my eyes. I'm no longer in my chair. I'm in a bed, it's dark.
      I feel the silk bed covers. I remember those. I'm on Teraluna, I'm dreaming!

      I turn to my right, because I feel a presence.
      Yuya is in the same bed I am in, she's sleeping. She looks so peaceful.
      It's pretty dark though, I can't see her very well.
      I don't want to wake her up, she seems to be enjoying her sleep very much.
      I get out of bed and walk outside. It's night. Teraluna has a day/night cycle, but the difference in light between day and night is actually very low.
      However, at night, most animals are asleep, and they provide most of the light during the day since most of them are fluorescent.
      Most plants are only fluorescent during the day as well.

      There's no-one outisde. A few animals fly by, you can barely hear them.
      The city is very peaceful at night. I spot a girl not too far away playing some sort of instrument.
      It's something between a violin and a harp. I don't understand how it works.
      She's playing very passionately, with her eyes closed.
      I don't want to interrupt her, so I'm just walking by, enjoying the refreshing air.

      I'm woken up by the alarm I set.
      Tags: teraluna, yuya