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    1. The Non Worried Showerer (this title thing's gonna be a chor isn't it?)

      by , 10-29-2015 at 11:11 AM
      I came to some guy's house and snuck in. The corridor was very long and high tech, it was futuristic. He was in the shower and through the door I was watching him. He noticed me and shut off whatever was allowing me to see through it in the first place. When he came out and talked to me it was as if he didn't mind that I'd basically been perving on him. We walked down the corridor and had a look at his home. It was really big and his "kitchen" was an entire cafeteria.

      I dreamed I was outside (perhaps the former dude's house) and I wanted to steal a motorbike. It was a really vivid dream, that much I know cause it's like it really happened. Eventually after examining cars and bikes I got one but I can't remember where I was supposed to be going.

      I was in a changing room with a woman (not my gf) who I was performing sexual acts on. At the same time another couple came in and started doing the same. We noticed each other but they seemed to have shit on us, so I left feeling worried.
    2. The Hospital Classroom

      by , 10-26-2015 at 01:22 PM
      I was trying to take a bath at my grandma's old house. The floor was crawling with large spiders and even though I still wanted a bath I tried to get out at one point by hopping on the bathroom mats where I could see there were no spiders. Next I dreamed I was in a hospital and there were a few beds at one side of it where one patient told me about a ghost he sees leaning over his bed that haunts the place. Next the place was a classroom and I was in a history lesson learning about the Pacific war and also Attila the Hun. I was doing a test in which you had to write about the history without the aid of textbooks or anything, and a female student looked at my work and laughed at it. I couldn't understand how I had done anything wrong.
    3. The Gassy Chicken

      by , 10-20-2015 at 02:52 PM
      I was with two other people in my granddad’s old garage and there was a half cooked chicken with a hose, like the type they use for bunsen burners at school, attached to it. There was gas escaping from the chicken and one of the people who I think was that guy from Scrubs, was complaining because we couldn’t channel the gas anywhere. Next I was in the bath with Jake my brother and the chicken was in an oven at the other side of the bathroom. It had begun to crackle and the hardened skin on the outside had split to reveal it was raw inside. I got out of the bath and put it on the floor. As Jacob watched me I screamed, “IT’S DEEEAAAD!!!” and pretended to stab it. There was a knife in the bath but I decided not to use it for safety reasons. Jake started to go mental and I pranced out of the room and downstairs deliberately trying to torment him. I shouted something at the bottom of the stairs a long the lines of, “Thanks for making me go downstairs naked” even though I actually had clothes on.
    4. Bats and Curses

      by , 10-18-2015 at 03:32 PM
      I was walking with a couple of people over the hill which takes me to my grandma’s house. I’d sprinted off in front to lose them, but I ended up by an electricity pilon and stayed there till they came. They asked me to lift up my shirt, and they found a bite mark on my tummy. They said a certain bat had bitten me and I was going to die. Next I had become a bird and I was being attacked by the bats at all sides, they were biting chunks out of me. I was amazed at how cruel the world could be and terrified with the prospect of facing my own painful death.

      I was in school sitting next to my first crush, though we didn’t interact. There was a room and in it a statue of an ancient Egyptian goddess. The statue was white but she was supposed to be black. She was said to live in a “haze of nicotine” being the godess of smoking (I did in fact wonder how the ancient Egyptians had tobacco) and anyone who disturbed the statue would be cursed. I then watched CCTV footage of an old man who was being chased through a snowy neighbourhood by these curses, which ended in him being incinerated by an explosion of fire.

      I was with a woman putting a line of selatape which had LSD on it across the doorway of a kitchen. Next I was in a Sioux like tribe in a massive room with outdoor features. I was being taught by some kind of mentor how to build up my tribe like it was Age of Empires, and I was learning to hold a spear on horseback. The other civilisations in the room were more advanced than us and whenever we saw them coming we would all brace and put foreward our spears.
    5. Cars

      by , 10-16-2015 at 01:32 PM
      I was with a couple of mates who I don’t know in real life and they had both done a drug, which I assumed was LSD. We came to some kind of bar or house party and they wandered off, though one guy started freaking out badly. There was a sort of grate in the first room, about 4ft by 4ft which was used as a toilet and I was taking a leek in it. At the party we met an incredibly rich man with blond hair, and he was completely drunk. He took us down to where his car was parked and invited us in. I refused, and I tried to tell my friends it wasn’t safe. “Look at him, he can’t even walk!” I said. They got in the car but it happened that there were three police cars just nearby. An officer walked up to me and said I shouldn’t have taken the drug, which he used a slang term for. I said I hadn’t, it was my friends.

      I had another dream of being at the site of a horrific car crash. I didn’t see any bodies but there was blood everywhere over the smashed windscreen.

      I dreamed I was in a car with the members of a band and they were singing Dragonforce songs. It was supposed to be a music video but it seemed to consist of only my gaze looking around the car. Through the mirror I could see the lead singer turn sometimes into a striking woman with a witch like appearance. The other members of this imaginary band, who were more like chavs than metalheads, started sparking up and going on about how stoned they were gonna get. I was in a bad state for some reason and I told them either to get me some whisky or to get me so stoned I don’t care about anything else, but I really wanted to drink (I am abstaining from alcohol at the moment in real life).