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    School Field Trip

    by , 01-20-2013 at 05:36 AM (252 Views)
    I'm back in school again and we are going on a field trip to see some movie. I'm not sure if it was peterpan or rtobinhood but in was some movie where the guy wheres green. anyways while in it I remember talking with one of the students names anthony who was one of my peers back in highschool. I dont quite remember what was said but it was something in a mocking fashion. I think he was making fun of this box I had. I not sure what I needed the big crate for but apparently it had stuff I needed. As we were going into the show, I tried carrying the crate inside and to my surprise it wasn't that heavy. I had to slant a little to get through the first two doors then once inside I saw my dad and so I asked him if he could take me home because I saw the movie we were going to see already. He said yeah and then said something that made me think he came to get me anyways. I don't remember what hjappend to the box I was carrying but after that I had went outside but my shoes were gone.this was during winter and the ground was wet but I had ran outside trying to step on all the dry areas of the ground. All the dry spots were gone and only wet ground was there for me to step on. I took about 4 steps on the wet part of the ground and then I noticed a huge dry spot to the right so I jumped for it but an apparent dream friend (A girl from when I was in elementary school, forgot her name) intentionaly got in the way so in mid jump, I had to push back and hover above ground to avoid the dry spots. I made 3 loopsabove ground and then I found a dry spot which was across the street horizontal to the one on the right. it was to the south west of the dry spot on the right of the pathway I walked out on. The thing about the hovering was that it was like I was using the wind to help glide above ground. It's kinda hard to explain exactly what it was but it was like I was flowing on a current of water only here I was in the air. After landing on the dry spot I jokingly yeiled something to the dream friend (girl from my elemetary school days) and shen then ran and I chased her. While doing this I was hoping dad saw that apparently I had friends and did not experience much social anxiety while with them. I wanted dad to see that with the way I interacted with the dream friend. dream ends and I wake up wondering why I'm still having dreams about highschool.

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