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    1. kart racer - 3rd to 4th january 2014

      by , 01-05-2014 at 04:50 AM
      Today i dreamt i was in a illuminated room where it was my racing set
      i putted my white helmet on my head, i really felt that i had talent for racing.
      i sitted in my white kart. and thought how my life was getting similar to capeta anime series.
      I already had my racing white set when the dream started

      Dream elements:


      Technique used: ----------

      hours slept: 12 hours
    2. My dad is crazy - 3rd to 4th january 2014

      by , 01-04-2014 at 10:32 PM
      Today i dreamt i was in my parent's bedroom.
      i was lying down on their bed. on the bedroom door
      my dad was hitting Boni with a kitchen paper roll
      for some reason i told him "stop hurting her" he seemed angry
      and came to me, he strangled me, i tried to scream "MOM! MOM!"
      My mom saw my dad strangling me, she brought a knife and snapped
      him on the left leg. for some reason i felt ym arm being snapped as well
      i felt that awful pain, i wanted to stop that nightmare and i woke up.

      Dream elements:

      -Boni (my brother's female dog)
      -parent's bedroom

      Technique used: ----------

      hours slept: 12 hours

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      non-lucid , nightmare
    3. Greeting classmate girls - 2nd january to 3rd january 2014

      by , 01-04-2014 at 03:51 AM
      today i dreamt i was in a illuminated place, the floor was yellow due to the lights illuminating it
      then i saw ana filipa, carolina sousa, mariana rocha coming near me.
      they came but ignored me, ana filipa greeted vitor and goncalo who normally
      are ignored at my school too, i found it weird and sad at the same time.
      but then ana filipa gave me a kiss on the cheek.

      Dream elements:

      -ana filipa
      -mariana rocha
      -carolina sousa

      Technique used: MILD

      hours slept: 11 hours

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    4. Left eye cutted? - 2nd january to 3rd january 2014

      by , 01-04-2014 at 03:45 AM
      today i dreamt i was in a dark place, my eye and iris was shaking and cutted in half.
      i was touching them. it was a bit jelly to touch them. then my mom
      was in panic and was looking for a doctor, i was in a dark place.

      Dream elements:

      -my eye

      Technique used: MILD

      hours slept: 11 hours

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      dream fragment
    5. I'm a perv - 2nd january to 3rd january 2014

      by , 01-03-2014 at 03:36 PM
      Today i dreamt i was walking on the street near my grandma.
      i saw a weird black car, it had 2 front wheels and 1 rear wheel.
      and it was quite big. while i walked around him i saw daniela elena
      through a van's mirror smilling and coming to me. we greeted with 2 kisses
      on the cheek. and i asked
      "is this your car?"
      she smiled and said
      i said
      "it's a very weird car"
      she said
      "yeah i know, can you lift the car boot please?"
      i said
      "of course."
      i lifted that, the car boot was big as well. but i couldn't take my hand off it or it would
      fall. so i had to hold my hand there. for some reason my perverted mind comes in
      and i pretend to play a trick on her. i pretended to see someone over the street and greeting
      him. then i leave my arm sag on purpose and touched her butt. for seconds it felt so real,
      it was soft to touch it, she was wearing leggings, a blue jacked similar to jeans texture
      and a black jacket under the blue one. and i said
      "oh I'm sorry!"
      she just smiled ()
      then her boyfriend cames in.
      i greet him and ask him, where have you been man?
      he says
      "i've been playing fiona. over there"
      i ask him
      "Everyone been talking and playing about that, is that even cool?"
      he said
      "Yeah man, that is very cool, you should try it"

      Dream elements:

      -Daniela elena
      -Weird black car
      -fiona (a game update to a game im playing)

      Technique used: MILD

      hours slept: 11 hours

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    6. Playing Pokemon mystery dungeon red on PC - 1st january to 2nd january 2014

      by , 01-02-2014 at 04:43 PM
      Today i dreamt i was playing pokemon mystery dungeon red on PC.
      i was on the mewtwo dungeon (Western cave) i was near mewtwo already.
      but i saw mew instead in a floor, i wanted to kill him to be my friend. but when i got near him
      he evolved into a wigglytuff (lol) then i went ahead to mewtwo. i was with moltres and mewtwo
      was a giant weird gyarados. i had to kill that gyarados, if i die i would face mewtwo. no one ever
      won that weird gyarados it was impossible. but i keep hitting him far away with some
      fire blast attack. then i got near him and made him sleep with a sleep seed. i thought it didn't work
      i made a step back but he was sleeping, when i got near him again he woke up. then i had to ran away
      from him again, he took me like 90 hp with 1 single skill. i made a step down and 1 diagonal right.
      and i made a last skill on him, i thew fire. and i killed him. the screen went black and asked me
      "do you want to save?"

      i said yes. then another question came up.
      "do you want to enable VMware?"


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    7. Clarity - 31st december 2013 to 1st january 2014

      by , 01-01-2014 at 08:18 PM
      Today i dreamt i was on my apartment. I was yelling
      "Clarity!" a few times, and i noticed the dream environment
      was getting more sharper, but my body wasn't still in the dream environment
      although it is a great improvement
      the ground of the building got sharper and also the sky.

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    8. My brother sleeping - 24th july to 25th july

      by , 07-25-2013 at 02:15 PM
      Today i dreamt i was waking up from my bed and decided to pick up
      my brother's phone and check what time it was, he was sleeping and i picked up
      his other phone and decided to play with it, i wasn't tired at all and he said "What are you doing? let me sleep."
      i told him "I will play some games in your phone because i'm not tired at all" he said "No, put the phone where it was"
      I was kinda bored so i picked up my phone and started to play.

      Technique used for this dream: Mild
      sleep time: 6 hours
    9. A new brother - 21th july to 22th july

      by , 07-22-2013 at 12:29 PM
      Today i dreamt my mom was telling me i would have a new brother, then she was telling her
      to the rest of the family and friends. After some weeks, the child was already 5 years old and a little
      problematic, i felt i was like his dad and said to myself "So this is how my older brother saw me when i was
      younger" and a smile came on my face, so i was in my room on pc, when i see him climbing the sitting room
      closet, and i told him kinda furious "Are you crazy?! get out of there immediately you can hurt yourself and break
      the closet aswell" and i wonder to myself "Should i really treat my brotherlike this? He would be mad at me"

      Technique used for this dream: MILD
      Sleep time: 6 hours
    10. A dragon on the roof - 20th july to 21th july

      by , 07-21-2013 at 07:17 AM
      Today i dreamt i was walking along the street at night with my brother and his friend.
      I was coming behind them and telling them to stop and wait for me, but they didn't listen to me
      and just kept going. Suddenly i stop for a moment and start seeing cyclists passing near me.
      I found it weird but i decided to go to the place where they were comming in. it was a room for events.
      it only had 2 events. motorsport and soccer. Some girl was calling me and tell me to give an interview what
      i thought about soccer, she was doing this to everyone. I never get to talk with the reporter and she keeps calling me.
      I just try to ignore her. suddenly some guy starts to look to the roof and tries to climb it, i look to the roof too and there was
      a strange form on it, it looked like a dragon, so i tried to climb it too, i had a urge feeling that it was very important to kill that dragon
      and had to kill it before that man would do, but i couldn't climb it, it was a tough way to get on top of it. Now it was raining and everybody
      worried about, but i looked once again to the roof and was the dragon drool (kinda silly i now) i said everyone to continue what they were doing.
      Decided to give it a last try, started to climb again and while i was climb the girl was calling me to have an interview with a reporter
      i was annoyed by that already but i stop climbing that, and let the other guy kill the dragon.

      Technique used for this dream: MILD
      sleep time: 6 hours
    11. My brother's girlfriend discussing with him on the phone - 18th july to 19th july

      by , 07-19-2013 at 07:07 AM
      Today i dreamt i was giving a walk with my brother and my mom.
      My brother asked me if I could borrow him my phone, i did borrow.
      I could listen what my brother was thinking: "Should i do it now? is it the right time now?
      well i'll do it" he phoned his girlfriend and decided to tell her why he didn't tell her anything
      about he being "dissapeared" from their house 2 days ago. His girlfriend monologue:
      "What happened to you?"
      "Why you didn't tell me anything?"
      "I was worried you know?" <- almost crying
      **WEIRD PART**
      "I wanted you to come home, i want your love" <- crying
      "I want your friendship" <- crying
      "I want the music" <- crying
      My mom tried to talk to her but it was useless, she just continued with this nonsense monologue...
      "I want the football" <- crying
      And i whispered to myself
      "I want a lucid dream"

      Technique used for this dream: MILD
      Sleep time: 6 hours
    12. Vampires vs zombies - 17th july to 18th july

      by , 07-18-2013 at 01:24 PM
      Today i dreamt i was in a world where vampires and zombies only existed
      and they were enemies, i was the only human there. I was alone in a village near a desert.
      That village was quite peaceful, but suddenly the scenario changes and i teleport to another place.
      This place was in war, the weather was very cloudy I couldn't see the sun and i was in the middle of the desert.
      There were a guy on front of me, it was tall and had a black hat, he was a vampire, behind him was a very cute girl
      with black long hair, brown eyes and a shy personality, she was dressed with a black dress. and i felt in love immediately when i saw her. For some reason i kissed her on mouth and after i did that i felt so happy. The girl didn't react just became shy and i found her so cute (Still happy that i kissed her lol)
      Suddenly i see a black tornado near the desert, the weather was becoming stormy and i was scared she was as well.
      I wanted to protect her, but who really was protecting us was the vampire that was killing zombies. He said that we had to get out of there
      as soon as possible before we could get caught by the tornado, suddenly a zombie bites girl's neck, and i stay in panic and sad at the same time.
      The vampire gets me and fly away from there, i scream for her and cry but she was now becoming a zombie and there was nothing i could do.
      The vampire leads me to his "base" where there was his partner, it was a girl as well.
    13. I'm lucid, but i'm not - 16th july to 17th july

      by , 07-17-2013 at 01:03 PM
      Somehow i don't remember how it all started, i just know i was lucid already and was hanging out
      around my home, when i go to the kitchen i see my brother and my mom seated on those black chairs.
      My brother is doing something on his laptop although i didn't look at it, I plugged his nose and told him "try to breathe now"
      I felt his nose on my fingers and felt he could breathe, well he was dreaming now. Next, i get near my mom and plug her nose
      and i tell her "You said lucid dreams weren't real, try to breathe now" I could feel her nose and felt her breathing as well and i told her.
      See? You are dreaming, i was kinda happy and excited to bring them on my dream and because i was lucid of course (i wasn't )
      then i go to the sitting room, but i have to stop on the middle of the kitchen because my mom asks me "Okay, what am i supposed to do now?"
      I told her "Well, you can see your mother that died" she says "I don't want to see her dead" I say... "You can just resurrect her, just try to imagine her
      when she was alive." and i made my way to the sitting room. **RANDOM PART** I lay down on the sofa and saw a transparent sack, guess what was in there?
      Pokémons, there was a charizard a charmeleon and a charmander, i took out charizard from the sack and started to caress it like...
      caress him on the belly on the head, like it was a dog i was extremely happy. Now some girl wants to fight against my charizard with her
      snubbull, i was like "lol, snubbull vs charizard" she gave me a time to think on the battle, so i went to the kitchen again and i lay down on the kitchen floor
      it was kinda fresh and it felt good, this time i took charmeleon from the sack and careless him.

      Technique used for this dream: WBTB
      Sleep time: 4 hours

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    14. In a student house - 15th july to 16th july

      by , 07-16-2013 at 11:58 AM
      Today i dreamt i was entering at a house, on first view i thought the house wasn't from anyone
      but then i decided to check the kitchen, i turned on the lights and saw 3 cats, 1 cat came near me and stretch his paw
      i thought he was going to scratch me, but he just wanted to pass, i was blocking the way without noticing that.
      When i got into the room, it was dark but i saw some blue light, it was a laptop turned on...

      Edit: I forgot the rest of my dream lol

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    15. 2 dreams in 14th to 15th july

      by , 07-15-2013 at 05:26 PM
      Dream title: Watching Initial D on my dream

      Today i dreamt i was watching Initial D on my dream, Bunta was already desperate
      to get a more clear victory against takumi. They went to rematch again.
      This time on akina. so the cars are lined up, this time bunta is on impreza
      and takumi is on 86. So when they get close to the finish, takumi is just a few centimeters
      behind bunta, but bunta still win and bunta tells takumi "You are strong now"

      Technique used: MILD
      Sleep time: 8 hours

      Dream title: Humans the strongest creation

      Today i dreamt i was watching some humans near a beach, and they see 2 turtles, there are 2 humans that go swim
      so fast after the turtles to eat them, they ate it, now they go swim back to land near the beach where all those humans were.
      When they get there a guy says: "see? we are the strongest, we swim fast, we are strong on arms, we can climb high mountains."
      But suddenly i think by myself: "Yeah but there is an animal you can't defeat, the lion, the king of all animals." so after i think that some
      guy said that to all those humans too. So they decide to climb a little mountain that were near them and met with the lion, the king of all animals.
      There were like 10 humans against 1 lion. The humans felt the lion was so strong, they ran away. After a while the humans leader decided to make a reunion.
      and said to all the other humans: "If there is only a animal who can defeat lion is the eagle".

      Technique used: MILD
      Sleep time: 8 hours

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