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    Falling building and Blaise and CZ

    by , 12-02-2014 at 07:58 AM (238 Views)
    I was standing at the reception of a huge glass building somewhere around Liverpool Street. I remember talking to the girls at the reception and giving them some envelopes. There is B my GF's sister with me there. All of a sudden, everything started to shake. It must have been earthquake. Thinking that the building is all glass, I tell B that we have to get out of there. When we run outside there are hundreds of people there already. I see masses of people running towards and through a valley of corporate buildings.

    Scene cut

    I am in a room with B and K. For some reason, B is watching some videos of her. I look at it and it is a recording of her working out. She is doing some very advanced yoga, gymnastic handstands etc, in white tights. I find it to be pretty arousing, to the point that I get a hard on. I make some jokes about her and she starts fighting me playfully. She roll some on my back and sits on my legs fighting me. I am worried that she will see my hard on. At the same time I am hoping she will.

    Scene cut

    I am with K on the field in front of my secondary school in Czech. My brother's house is not standing there yet. It is some kind of weird game that we are playing. I have a feeling that it is like choosing houses that we would like to live in, but there are no houses. Instead, we go on the field and areas with wildly running water covered with dirt and cut grass. I notice more people there with us, they are our friends. We jump or fall in the water and the stream takes us some 30 meters down the field. Thats it.


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