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    1. Hi, I have great desire to become advanced lucid dreamer and I do work hard on it, I have to say. I believe it will open new dimension of my life. I have had some success, but not as much as I wish. I don't give up though.
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    Falling building and Blaise and CZ

    by iTomasSvitorka on 12-02-2014 at 07:58 AM
    I was standing at the reception of a huge glass building somewhere around Liverpool Street. I remember talking to the girls at the reception and giving them some envelopes. There is B my GF's sister with me there. All of a sudden, everything started to shake. It must have been earthquake. Thinking that the building is all glass, I tell B that we have to get out of there. When we run outside there are hundreds of people there already. I see masses of people running towards and through a valley of corporate buildings.

    Scene cut

    I am in a room with B and K. For some reason, B is watching some videos of her. I look at it and it is a recording of her working out. She is doing some very advanced yoga, gymnastic handstands etc, in white tights. I find it to be pretty arousing, to the point that I get a hard on. I make some jokes about her and she starts fighting me playfully. She roll some on my back and sits on my legs fighting me. I am worried that she will see my hard on. At the same time I am hoping she will.

    Scene cut

    I am with K on the field in front of my secondary school in Czech. My brother's house is not standing there yet. It is some kind of weird game that we are playing. I have a feeling that it is like choosing houses that we would like to live in, but there are no houses. Instead, we go on the field and areas with wildly running water covered with dirt and cut grass. I notice more people there with us, they are our friends. We jump or fall in the water and the stream takes us some 30 meters down the field. Thats it.

    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Person under my carpet and swimming under the road

    by iTomasSvitorka on 11-28-2014 at 09:56 AM

    The first dream was pretty scary.
    I was back in Czech in my room. There was someone else there with me, I think it was Krzia. All of a sudden, in noticed that the carpet is rising at one point and it is taking shape of a person in a baby position (on his/her knees). Obviously I freak out and start punching the bump, start jumping on it etc. Somehow I know it is a demon. I managed to press it back to the floor. Then it happens again. I punch it back in again. Then, there is some kind of doll house. It starts moving or shaking. I know that it is another demon getting through. I lift the roof of the house and I see a face of a woman. I start jelling at it, punching it and jumping on it to push it back to the floor. This repeats several time. I call my parents to come and have a look. I cannot remember what happens after, but I have a feeling it stops and we find an explanation to it.

    The next dream.

    I am in Czech going home from Jablonec and I am at this particular rising road at the edge of my village by the skying slope. The road is in fact made of water and I am swimming home. I see myself. As I watch myself swimming as if I was filming it, I see a small boat in front of me and somewhere around is my sister and my mum. They spot a shark like fin. I go with my camera view under the water and I see it is a killer whale. It wants to play or communicate. Somehow I know that it can sense what I think, so I am calming my mind, and in fact I feel very friendly towards it. It swims around me, nudges me few times, sometimes a little bit rough which pushes me under the water. The killer whale is getting excited to play with me, but it is becoming a little violent. I decide it is better to continue swimming and ignore it.

    I then get out of the water and see Martin Janda, my old class mate. He must be living in my village too. He has some trash that he wants to throw away, but is complaining to himself that there are not trash bins around. Then we get to the bus stop near central pub, and there is a notice board with hundreds of flyers and notes arranged in a cascade like manner. I am not happy that he lives in my village as I never liked him.
    non-lucid , nightmare , memorable

    Planning trip through the Canal

    by iTomasSvitorka on 11-26-2014 at 08:47 AM
    Although I cannot remember exactly, I have been planning to get from UK to France.
    Because somehow I was unable to fly or use a boat, the plan was to go in a truck. Some friend of mine had a father that could arrange that. The father was ill or disabled and would go too. I remember going to a boarder office somewhere at the harbour. I purchased some tickets and then returned to the loading bay where the truck was. Two builders were loading loads of bags with cement on the truck. There were bag everywhere.

    Then I when we were just about to leave, the gather got stubborn and decided that he didn't want to go. Without him it would be impossible. I was sitting by the door, doing something, I have a feeling that it was somehow spying on him or plotting something to trick him.

    thats all I know.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Cross motorbike and someone in the attic.

    by iTomasSvitorka on 11-24-2014 at 09:20 AM
    This is a reoccurring dream.

    One of the first things I remember was that I was somewhere near PEPE and there was a rally going on. I had a feeling that I was parking a car, but in fact I parked a knife... the old grey knife that we used to have in the kitchen. Strange. I parked it near some bushes.

    Then I went up where the cars were racing. I cannot remember whether I saw any, but I think I did.

    Next thing I know, I am on a cross motorbike riding across the fields behind Drzkov. There are two girls on horses. I think I knew them at the time, but cannot remember now. I am sure one of the horses is the old, nasty Magda - Popelnice s artrozou. They start racing me and I am somewhat slower than them. I now that this is not my bike and that my bike is stronger. With mine I could have outrace them.


    I am at home with my sister. There is no one else. Suddenly I hear some noises from the attic. Steps in fact. I look at my sister, and we exchange looks such that we know we have to go and look what it was. I take a knife... again the old grey knife. I walk in to the lobby and the door upstairs slam closed! We both jump and are little frightened. My sister a lot. I start walking up the stars and I can feel my sister shaking violently.

    Then I think to myself, how am I going to walk in without the person attacking me, or kicking the knife off my hand? (at this moment I wake up a little bit... but I go back to sleep as I want to finish this).
    I call some friend that I know has a pack of wolfs or dogs or so. He then walks up the stairs, the wolfs are all excited and ready to attack pulling the leeds.

    I wake up....
    non-lucid , memorable

    Running in czech through building area

    by iTomasSvitorka on 01-23-2013 at 08:51 AM
    Ocitnul jsem se na nejakym kopci u lesa. Bezim dolu a vidim jak tam jdou nejaky dva kluci. Neco jak ofanda a lada. A hned na me zacnou neco pokrikovat. Chvili jsem si myslel ze je to krysk s Juseppem, ale myslim ze to nebyli oni. Zacli na me neco sakrasrticky, neco o cervenejch a bilech krvinkach. Mel jsem pocit, ze jsme se predtim potkali a ja jsem je neco poucoval. RIkal jsem si ze priste budu drzet hubu.

    Rekl jsem jim at si jsou po svym a ze ja pujdu taky a rozbehl jsem se doprava do kopce. Za chvilicku kolem me zase probhli a smali se. Dobehli na kopec a otocili se a bezeli zpatky. Delal jsem ze si jich nevsimam.

    Potom dobehnu na takovou paseku a tma je vliekej strom prasklej a ohnutej. Je to tma nejak povykaceny a na tom prasklym strome je nejaka kabinka. Ja posloucham nejakou hudbu ve sluchatkach a hraje tam dost dobra pisnicka, snazim se to pistit spatky, ale porad mi tam skace dream theater koncert.

    Potom dobehnu na nejake nove postavene sidliste. Jsou to krasny novy baraky, panelaky, ale jsou tam i takovy bloky se skrinkama. Je to hodne barevny a vsechny jsou otevreny. Divim se ze to neni poniceny nejakym vandalismem. Je to ale vsechno opusteny, jako by sem nemohli dostat lidi. Podom tam probehnu nahoru do vyzsiho patra. Koukam nalevo jak je tam dreveny schodiste nebo balkonek a rikam si, ze by to bylo super pro ty street runnery. Najednou sem na horenim patre a tam je proskleny balkon, a tam vidim sprchu a sporak. Koukam na to a je to studio byt. Hodne peknej, trochu vsechno namackany, ale pekny a novy. Rima si, ze se budu muset zeptat kolik to je.

    Sebehnu dolu schodama a vidim jak za rohem zabehne nejaka sekuritacka s telefonem.

    Pak tam vidim nejaku holku s klukem, tak probehnu kolem nich a slysim, ze mluvi cesky. Skrabu se tam na takovo zidku a ta holka to komentuje jako ze WOW ten je fit a tak. Tak si sundam sluchatka a dam se do reci. Ptam se odkud je, jestli z moravi a ona ze ze severu. Tak se ptam kolik ji je a ona ze je stara, ale nerekla. Potom vytahne nejakou masticku a sunda si triko a podprsenku a zacne si mazat hrudnik, kterej je celej poleptanej, jako ma Zbysek.

    Pak se probudim.
    non-lucid , memorable