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    Night 13

    by , 03-15-2023 at 04:04 AM (109 Views)
    2 dreams. Fun ones.

    Dream 1: It all started with GTA 5. I was playing as a character that basically has cancer, but I need a chemical every few minutes to not die. I was doing a Heist with Mike and Franklin, getting these rich idiotsí cars and money from their homes. It was surprisingly complicated. Turns out though when we made it there, Lester was working there and I had to blow up lester as well. Crazy.

    Dream 2: I was the same Cancer Man as last dream. Only this time I was at a friend's house. I found this app that worked double for VR. Had headphones to go with it too. The app was a fantasy simulator, that I oddly recall perfectly from before but donít know where it is. It was average medieval fantasy stuff, but I had a slime girlfriend that I spent time with. In the house, we played piano and fought demons from the game. It was genuinely fun. Later on, I drove to a therapist and for some reason the slime girl was there with me, along with a relative. I had a really old iPad of mine from 2011, and nostalgia hit me. Then I woke up.

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