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    log 7 Googleplex, SWAT team, Wolf attack

    by , 07-01-2010 at 12:56 PM (285 Views)
    I a following a group of friends down a crowded highway somewhere. There are Air-ti-Air missile defense trucks set up on the side of the road so I go and take a look at it. I end up losing the friends I was following and somehow end up at the Googleplex, the Google business building. One of their signs they had up changed in order to spell out my name. When I walk into the Googleplex, there is a mall inside and I end up passing by a chinese resturaunt. I go in and order some food, however, they are out of whatever I ended up ordering.

    In the resturaunt, I see one of my friends sitting at a table smoking a bong. After this, we end up going by this jewelry store, and they end up having a basement. I go down stairs and see my girlfriend, and she invites me to have sex, so of course I agree to it.

    I walk out of the Googleplex and I run into my mom, and she starts talking to me about defibrillators for some reason.


    I am escorting a big group of prisoners over train tracks in order to get them somewhere, and I am head-to-toe in SWAT gear. Snow, which is one of my biggest dream signs I have, is very deep. Someone is accompanying me, but I do not recognize them. As we pass over the train tracks I order the group of inmates to place one of them on the train tracks and let a train run them over. There are a ton of bricks lying by the tracks, and the prisoners begin to hurl them at one of their prison-mates, and end up putting them on the track.

    Explosions and gunshots from a nearby warehouse, my and the SWAT officer accompanying me grab a hold of some assault rifles and make our wake over. The gun-fight was between a stealth plane that could hover, like a stealth harrier of some sort, and a helicopter. We realized there is little we can do so we just sat there and watched. Dream was fuzzy after that.


    Again, scenery was covered in snow. We are on a train to who knows where, when all of a sudden 3 huge wolves start chasing after the train. One of them yanks my friend off the train and starts to gnaw on him until someone puts a bullet in it's head. The remaining wolves were executed as well, and the friend who got attacked started screaming to keep shooting. I personally was heartbroken, and felt like I wanted to cry as I was observing the limp bodies of 3 large timberwolves lying in the snow, and blood smeared around their bodies.

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