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    1. 30-Day Challenge: Day 30 - Slight Success + Summary!

      by , 08-08-2013 at 01:00 PM (Katsuno's Awesome Ninja Tales!)
      Hey guys, it's the end of my first 30-day challenge. I know I've skipped writing DJ's for the last couple of days but life just came in my way.
      Nevertheless, I'm more than satisfied with the results of the last month.

      When I started this challenge, I was on a 3 month dryspell. During this challenge I finally figured out what works for me and for the first time I had the feeling that lucidity is in my control.

      I won't write down my last night's dreams as they were really short. In the dream I talked about lucidity and even got lucid for 3-4 seconds.
      What I did last night was pretty much improvisational. I wanted to wake up after 5 hours of sleep but I overslept my alarm due to tiredness and woke up after 9 hours.
      I fell asleep again while doing passive LDD.

      Here's my summary of the last month:

      I learned a pretty much sure-fire technique to get lucids after WBTB.
      ADA and meditation is really important and it's a lot of fun. ADA increases life quality so much and meditation keeps up your focus for ADA.
      At least 8 hours of sleep are required for me to be able to get lucids.
      Skipping a day or two isn't really that big of a deal, as long as you return to your challenge with new energy afterwards.
      Motivation is completely optional, you just need to have a strict work ethic.
      Emotions are negative for my attempts, I need to rid myself of any emotions and do my attempts on a pure logical basis.
      Writing DJ's is really interesting if you analyze your dreams and try to find out which elements of the dream came from which event IRL. But natural recall is as good as writing DJ's as long as you analyze them in your head.

      I'm going to use this information for my next 30-Day Challenge in which I will solely focus on refining my technique.

      See you guys!
    2. 30-Day Challenge: Day 29 - Failure.

      by , 08-04-2013 at 01:26 PM (Katsuno's Awesome Ninja Tales!)
      Last night I went to bed late, didn't meditate before going to bed (I wanted to try out something) and it was way too hot to be comfortable.

      I woke up about 4 hours after I fell asleep and tried something my friend Windy told me. I just did some awareness meditation until I fell asleep.
      I didn't get lucid...but in one dream I actually thought "If this was a dream, I could kick their ass!" while fighting aliens.

      Maybe this works well if I get more sleep. Tomorrow is the last day of my challenge and I'm pretty much content with my results so far. I've learned a lot about myself during the last month.

      1st: I dreamed about driving in my car. For some reason I always drove in circles and there was no street that would lead to my destination. I kept turning around and all roads led to the same place. I got really angry at some point but then I found the right way.

      Interpretation: Maybe some fear of not progressing or something else...I don't know for sure.

      2nd: I was on a spaceship and aliens attacked me and some other people. We got to the sentry guns and tried to shoot the alien aircraft. For some reason it didn't get any damage even though I hit with every single shot. I was like "If this was a dream, I could kick their asses!" but didn't get lucid. Then I backed into the engine room and tried to set up some kind of barricade. The aliens broke through but they didn't want to attack me. I even talked to them. For some reason they just wanted to destroy the engines and they didn't even see me as an enemy. Everytime they broke something, I fixed it again just like in a game.
      The dream got weird and now the aliens were some characters from different animes...pretty weird. I woke up.

      Interpretation: Memories of some games I played in the past, almost got lucid, in the dream I even passively felt how tired my body was IRL.
    3. 30-Day Challenge: Day 27 - Success!

      by , 08-03-2013 at 11:31 AM (Katsuno's Awesome Ninja Tales!)
      Sorry for the late entry, I took a 3-Day break because life was really busy.
      I didn't stop refining my technique, though.
      So far I found out that to get lucid I need at least those two things:

      -8 hours of sleep
      -Waking up in the night naturally

      This is my entry from yesterday night, didn't have time to write it because I wasn't home all day.

      1st: I dreamed about buying my own house in some weird city. The house was really beautiful, it looked really small from the outside but once I walked inside it was much bigger (dream logic ftw). For some reason right after I've seen every room there was a huge crowd of people in front of my house. There was a riot and they wanted to fight me.
      I immediately thought to myself "Wow, my dream is epic!" and got lucid. I decided not to really interfere this time and just let the dream happen. Some weird guy with a hat appeared in my room. He looked like Twisted Fate from LoL and he also had playing cards. He wanted to play poker with me. I sat on the table. I didn't do ADA or any RC's all the time so I lost lucidity at some point. The dream got even more weird from here on.
      The window in the second floor bursted. Some kind of Chimerae monster appeared. It was covered in flames and tried to attack me. Suddenly another Chimerae appeared but this one was covered in ice. They both attacked me but I evaded them and tried to beat them somehow. At this point the dream changed and I was now being told the reason for this weird dream.
      Apparently I was some kind of Doctor (Doctor Who?) and all those creatures are from different dimensions and centuries. Weird...
      I woke up.

      Interpretation: I always wanted my own house (wish), the card guy was from LoL and those creatures reminded me of a hero from HoN. I actually never watched "Doctor Who?" but my sister always tells me about the show.

      2nd: My recall from this dream is almost completely gone. I just know that I did parkour with another guy and got lucid for a few seconds.

      Had another fragment about me playing some kind of game where I had to destroy my car as fast as possible.

      Somehow my lucidity was really low that night, probably due to tiredness and exhaustion from work.
    4. 30-Day Challenge: Day 21 - Epic Lucid! Dreamsphere Chronicles alpha test.

      by , 07-25-2013 at 10:37 AM (Katsuno's Awesome Ninja Tales!)
      Yeeeeehaaaaaaa, seems like I figured it out for real.

      DILD is so easy! And you can control it fully imo. There's no luck involved at all.

      I didn't write the last two nights as the dreams were so short, they weren't worth writing down here. I just wrote them down in my notepad.

      I woke up at around 9am, really late already and I almost had to get up. I was still tired so I just did the same thing as before: I cleared my mind of emotions and expectations.
      Then I tried to sleep while constantly visualizing dream scenes while having the intent to manipulate them in a way that make me lucid.
      Also, I focused on a specific spot in my body that I learned yesterday while meditating. When I focus on this spot, I get extremely calm and somehow it also affects my body (tingling sensations and stuff). It feels like I'm manipulating my own energy. But it helps me to fall asleep so why not

      So I got lucid. The first part is not relevant to the alpha test, read it only if you want to.

      1st: I was in my village. I was on the street and did a nose RC. It didn't work that well but I could breathe a little bit. I tried to push my hand through the other hand, it worked and I immediately knew I was dreaming. The dream wasn't vivid so I touched the floor and did ADA. Suddenly everything got clear. I remembered that I wanted to do one of the alpha tests for our dream RPG. "How do I get to Cardia?", I thought. I'm really bad at creating portals and never succeeded in making one. But while I was working last week I was always riding the elevator. I like elevators. Why shouldn't I summon my own personal elevator that can take me anywhere? Awesome. I imagined an elevator appearing in front of me. A silhouette of my elevator appeared. It was a small, silver-painted elevator. But I wanted it to be bigger. It grew in size and was now fully materialized in my dream. My vision faded black. I woke up. I didn't move and I wanted to go back so I focused on the last image I could remember. I actively visualized myself touching the floor and stuff and I was in the dream again. I had to do some ADA to regain the clarity.
      I got inside the elevator. It was hot inside but there was a huge air conditioner above me. Cool air breezed into my face. I looked at the buttons. There were many buttons and next to each button was a small image with the location it would bring me to. I saw a green button with the name Cardia on it. I pressed it and the elevator began to fly away.
      The door opened and a voice said: "Intermediate stop, Mall.". Why would I want to go to a mall? I walked outside and it was indeed a huge mall. I saw Windy but I knew it was just a DC. She said hello to me and I told her I'm going to Cardia to complete one of the alpha tests. She wanted to come with me.
      I lost lucidity again. I don't remember what happened here clearly but I think I had a FA of waking up and falling asleep again. I was standing in front of my elevator again and did a RC. I was still dreaming. I went inside the elevator with Windy and pressed the button to Cardia again. Suddenly the elevator moved downwards.


      'Bing', a bell rang and the door opened. Now this was Cardia. We were inside a small bakery. I looked around and it looked so medieval and awesome. There was food on a display cabinet. A man was working behind the counter. He looked like a typical baker, but he wore a grayish hat. "Hey, you!", I said. The man turned around. "How can I help you, sir?", he replied. I asked him: "Is this Cardia? And if so, where can I find the Clock Tower?". He looked at me and smiled. "Of course this is Cardia, my name is Dan(n)y (I don't know if it's written with one or two letters lol) and welcome to my bakery. The Clock Tower is right next to us! Look outside the window and you will see it.". I walked to the window and focused on my visual sense through ADA to see things clearly. The tower was right in front of me. It was huge! It's really hard to describe how it looked like. A little bit like this:
      Spoiler for Clock Tower:

      Anyway, so I thanked the Baker and jumped outside the window (Who uses doors anyway ). I looked around and saw people everywhere. Some of them looked like merchants with carts that were pulled by oxen or horses. The clock tower was now in front of me. I wanted to climb it and do the 360 degrees alpha test. It was so huge and I tried to fly upwards. It didn't work, my dream control was crappy for some reason. Windy laughed at me. At one side of the tower there was a rope. I climbed up the rope. It was so exhausting! For some reason I felt the exhaustion from climbing the rope in the dream. Maybe this is really helpful for the RPG later on to prevent being overpowered. But this was just an alpha test so I focused on making the strain on my arms disappear. It worked. I got higher and higher. At the top, there were 4 statues at each corner. And there was a gigantic bell inside the tower. When I was almost at the top, my vision faded again.
      I woke up. "No way, not now!", I thought. I haven't moved so I tried to go back to the dream again. I focused on the last image and I was dreaming again. I did some ADA and RC's to make sure that I won't wake up anytime soon. Now I was at the top of the tower. Cool wind was blowing in my face, it felt so good. I looked around. In front of me was a huge street with shops at each sides. Many houses. In the middle of the street (The street was really broad) was a decorated tree. Children were gathering around it and played some games. It all looked so peaceful. I turned to my left and saw the bakery I came from. On the left side of it was another street that led somewhere inside the village. I couldn't see that far for some reason, my visual sense wasn't that good. I turned around. Behind me was some kind of Townhall. It was big and looked pretty. I searched all over and this picture was the closest to what I saw:
      Spoiler for Townhall:

      To the left and right of the townhall were trees and a little garden with beatiful flowers. I turned to the right side. Another little road, but it led to some kind of park. I saw lots of trees and a little lake in the middle. The area was surrounded by a small wooden fence. I turned to the baker and screamed: "Hey you, what is that area with the trees?". He looked outside the window and answered: "Oh, that's the Mc Bruisy Park! We grow medical herbs and different kinds of plants there!". Yep, he indeed said Mc Bruisy...sounds kinda lame so we might rename it
      I turned around again and looked in each direction to make sure I saw everything my vision allowed me to. Seemed like I've seen everything in an area of maybe 100-200 metres. I had an FA and woke up for real shortly afterwards.

      I also drew a small map in paint, I'm going to post it in the official alpha thread.
    5. 30-Day Challenge: Day 18 - Alright, I think I got it.

      by , 07-22-2013 at 12:37 PM (Katsuno's Awesome Ninja Tales!)
      Okay, seems like I'm finally getting a hang of DILD.
      After I wrote a wall of text yesterday in the IOSDP thread, I realized that DILD is actually something you can consciously control. It's almost the same as incubating a dream for me.
      In a way, my technique works by incubating certain things that make me realize I'm dreaming.

      During the next few days I'm going to write down the things that seem to work and the things that don't work so far. Maybe I can really narrow down the key elements to become a self-made natural.

      Last night I woke up randomly during the night and decided to fuck my emotions and motivation and just take action.
      So I fell asleep while trying to manipulate the dream again so I'd get lucid.

      The first dream right after falling asleep was lucid. It was very short though, as it was a nightmare and for some reason I couldn't keep my focus up.

      1st: I was in some weird room. For some reason I immediately knew I was dreaming. Right as I got awareness, some kind fo creepy creature appeared. It was a nightmare. I felt intense fear and tried to suppress it. It worked for a short period of time and the monster disappeared. But then the fear got even stronger and I just woke up. About 10 minutes have passed IRL.

      After that I had some trouble falling asleep and it was extremely hot in my room. I fell asleep thinking about my girlfriend...

      2nd: I was in some kind of factory. This time I wasn't actually 'in the dream' but I was observing something. This also prevented me from getting lucid. I was watching a tournament. There was a sumo-fighter battling against a Muai-Thai fighter. The second fighter looked like the skin for Lee Sin from League of Legends.
      The MT-guy punched and kicked the sumo guy but he was so protected by his fat the nothing worked. Suddenly the MT guy kicked him so strongly that he almost fell out of the arena. I could passively notice how the arena would change all the time. They would fight on some stairs, a wooden log, some metal pipes or in the arena.
      Then the MT guy charged towards the sumo guy but he intercepted him, grabbed his neck and his body and threw him on the ground. Now the sumo guy grabbed him and began rolling around the arena with him. They both looked like a wheel and the sumo guy crushed him under his weight.
      I then told my friend on facebook to watch this show. I sent him a link to some youtube video.
      I woke up.

      Interpretation: Memories of some videos I've watched about sumo-fighters and also the Lee Sin skin from LoL. The fight looked pretty badass, though.
      Seems like I need to manipulate the next dreams so I don't go into 'observer' mode. I need to be participating in my dreams or I can't get lucid.
    6. 30-Day Challenge: Day 17 - It's starting.

      by , 07-21-2013 at 10:43 AM (Katsuno's Awesome Ninja Tales!)
      Alright, so it seems like ADA and meditation is starting to become a 'habit', even in my dreams.

      I've been doing this for about 20 days now and lately my dreams are getting more vivid and also I'm starting to think logically in them.

      1st: I was with my girlfriend. I explained lucid dreaming to her. We were about to go to bed and told each other that we should dream about each other. Then I fell asleep in the dream. I woke up again and told her about my dreams. She then said that she dreamed about the exact same thing and I was really excited. A shared dream with my girlfriend?!
      Nope, I woke up for real and was a little bit disappointed that this was just a dream.

      Interpretation: I actually told my girlfriend to dream about each other right before I went to bed (phone call). Also, I learned that I should always do a RC whenever I wake up from anything.

      2nd: Another dream about my girlfriend. This time we were part of a group and we were visiting a museum. The other members of the group were pretty mean. They tried to harass my girl and cursed at her and stuff. At one point they even took a picture that was hanging on a wall and threw it on the ground next to her so everybody would think it was her fault. I was pissed so I walked over to them and told them that if they would try anything else, I would kill them. Suddenly they focused on me instead of my girl.
      They even went as far as to make plans how to kill me...I was prepared.
      Now those guys summoned an illusion of our guide and I followed him because I thought it was the real guide. At some point the illusion disappeared and I was lost in the museum. Then I walked back and the exact same situation happened again.
      The dream was pretty weird and I even thought to myself "Something is not right..." but I didn't get lucid. A couple of minutes later I woke up.

      Interpretation: I don't really know. The museum and the whole city was something I've never seen before in my life. Those guys however, reminded me of some evil guys from Fairy Tail anime. I'm kinda happy though that my logical center is activating more and more in my dreams.

      3rd: I was chatting on facebook when suddenly my cousin wrote something on my wall. I read it and tried to reply but my comment would change everytime I would look at it (Obvious Reality Check...). I even noticed that those are 'dream glitches' but again, I didn't get lucid.

      Interpretation: Usual facebook stuff. Also, dream manipulation works. My dreams are now trying to make me lucid, which is awesome

      My awareness wasn't really high last night :/
    7. 30-Day Challenge: Day 16 - Nothing to see here.

      by , 07-19-2013 at 11:02 AM (Katsuno's Awesome Ninja Tales!)
      Alright, last night I went to bed late as I had a phone call with my girlfriend.
      I still got about 8 hours of sleep though.

      But I had the most disturbing dream in my life so I won't count this night. When I woke up from it I had no intention to do anything for LD for the rest of the night...and I had trouble falling asleep again.

      I won't even write down this dream as, for the first time ever, I'm trying to actively forget this dream. It's just plain wrong and nothing worth to be remembered :/
    8. 30-Day Challenge: Day 15 - Finally. Success!

      by , 07-18-2013 at 11:24 AM (Katsuno's Awesome Ninja Tales!)
      Yeah, you heard it! I finally had success with the challenge.

      Last night I got enough sleep to try out my theory about manipulating the dream and WBTB.

      What I did before bed: Meditate for about 5-10 minutes to get present in the moment. I went to bed at 10pm.

      After that I almost instantly fell asleep due to exhaustion from work and being tired.

      I woke up at around 4am naturally and drank something. I didn't get out of my bed because I was extremely tired and almost about to pass out instantly.
      Then I started to think about my theory and actively tried to visualize a dream scene. But this time I noticed something. I could feel how my mind would get awake by actively doing something.
      So I tried something else. I consciously tried to accelerate the falling-asleep process (for some reason I can do this, feels just like flexing some kind of muscle :O). While doing this I enhanced it even more by creating random images in my mind (just like you should do for getting into HI). But the images were manipulated in a way that each image had the word "RC" or something else written somewhere. I wanted to manipulate my following dream so it would give me hints to get lucid/do a RC.
      Then I passed out. The whole process took about 5-10 seconds max.

      Here's the dream:

      I was in my house. There was some noise outside so I went to the parking lot right in front of my house. Many people were standing outside, just around the bike rack. For some reason we had to put away all the bikes from the rack...and for another weird reason there were much more bikes than IRL. Even in the dream I started to wonder why we should do this.
      Then suddenly even more weird things happened. A police car appeared and two police officers walked towards us. One of them was black and the other one white. They grabbed one of the people in the crowd and pushed him on the ground. They tried to put handcuffs on and I intercepted. I told them that police officers need a reason to arrest civilians (this is from playing an Arma 2 mod, where cops are only allowed to arrest civilians with a specific reason). Suddenly the black one turned to me and punched me in the face while saying "I don't need a reason to do anything!". The odd thing was that his punch didn't hurt at all, it felt like a gentle stroke. I got extremely angry and suddenly the cops grabbed their pistols and said: "Alright, nobody's getting away from here. You are all sentenced to death!". They began shooting the people and I ran behind the back of the house. Now it all made sense. This is so ridiculous, it must be a dream! I was really happy that my method worked. Then I walked back to the cops, feeling invincible. They had to pay for shooting my Dream Characters. They saw me and the black guy was pointing his gun towards me. "QUICK STEP!", I thought. I just love this technique and I got my enthusiasm for the RPG back. Within the blink of an eye, I charged towards the cop and punched him so hard that he crashed into the wall. I focused all my energy into my legs and arms. The cop got up again and threw away his weapon. He looked stronger now. I noticed that I should do ADA because I felt kinda 'numb'. I touched the ground and tried to feel the texture while starting to become present in the moment. The dream was now crystal clear and I could feel the distinct feeling of the dream compared to reality. The cop looked at me and prepared for charging towards me. Right as he was about to run, I used Quick Step to jump high into the air. I then kicked the air to propel me towards my house. Within 5 seconds, I kept using Quick Step to jump from wall to wall between my house and the neighbours house. I felt so extremely fast. After I built up enough velocity, I kicked myself off the wall and charged towards the cop. BAM!, I hit him in his face with all my strength. The way his body crashed through all the houses in my neighbourhood looked just like the enemies do in One Piece or Naruto. Shit this lucid was awesome! - I thought.
      Suddenly my vision began to fade black. I thought that I was about to wake up but I did ADA and focused on the dream to regain stability. I was in front of my house again. What happened now is something I won't write here. Let's just say that I had my first dream orgasm...and it felt better than expected. Normally I wouldn't waste my lucids for this but it was one of my experimental dream-goals.
      At this point my vision faded black again. I thought to myself that the next time I get lucid I'll do some testing for the RPG.
      I lost lucidity and thought that I had woken up. A friend appeared and I told him that I'm so happy that I finally figured out how to get lucid again. Also I could see a super-nintendo console on my windowsill. I told him about my dream (in-dream dream recall ) and woke up for real after a couple of minutes.

      I looked at the time and it was now 6pm. I slept for 2 hours!
      Also, being extremely tired during the WBTB seems to be good for me as I can fall asleep while laying on my back. And when I sleep on my back my awareness is usually higher than in any other position. I also woke up on my back.
      What I learned from this was that you should frequently do RC's in the dream and keep doing ADA. Even when you think that you woke up, do a RC just to be sure.
    9. 30-Day Challenge: Day 14 - Nope.

      by , 07-17-2013 at 12:44 PM (Katsuno's Awesome Ninja Tales!)
      Alright, last night I went to bed mentally and physically tired, had a long phone conversation with my girlfriend and I had to work.

      I gotta go to bed earlier now, but it's hard when I'm just coming back from work at the time I usually planned to go to bed to :/

      1st: Some fragment/dream about me playing some new RPG. I chose to be a water spirit and I could shoot water beams that looked like laser beams. Also I could summon a water wave. I attacked some monsters but they were so strong that they instantly killed me xD
    10. 30-Day Challenge: Day 13 - Let's see...

      by , 07-16-2013 at 01:03 PM (Katsuno's Awesome Ninja Tales!)
      Last night I woke up after about 3 hours of sleep and tried to visualize some signs with the letters RC written on them. I tried to somehow incubate them so they would appear in my next dream. It didn't work however so I didn't get lucid.
      If I can get this to work somehow, it would mean that I learned how to incubate even small details into my dreams, advanced dream manipulation so to speak

      1st: This is the only dream I'll write down, as the other dream was a usual Pickup-related dream.
      I was some kind of superhero. I had a sidekick and I could fly. We were in a destroyed city and searched for some evil guy. We came to a huge collosseum and I flew around it. Suddenly I saw the enemy. He looked like some kind of purple space-alien-soldier. He had a sniper rifle that could shoot energy beams. I flew around and he shot at me with his rifle, luckily I could evade the shots. Our mission was to capture him and bring him somewhere. I charged towards him and grabbed him. At this point the dream got weird. He was now a cat and I was on the ground, trying to carry the cat to some place. The cat always tried to get away (just like real cats) and it scratched and bit me in my arm. Weird.

      Interpretation: That evil guy looked similar to some enemies from a game I played a long time ago. The collosseum was from the movie "Jumper", which I watched just a day ago. I don't know why I was a superhero though, maybe because I like to fly or something. The cat part was probably because my girlfriend has 2 cats that always scratch and bite whenever you pick them up, now that I think of it the cat in the dream looked exactly like one of her cats.
    11. 30-Day Challenge: Day 12 - After-break Epiphany + Murderous Rollercoaster!

      by , 07-15-2013 at 12:42 PM (Katsuno's Awesome Ninja Tales!)
      Alright, so I'm done with my break for the challenge. I celebreated a lot with my friends but now they all went to other countries and stuff.

      During the last few days I had a lot of time to think about myself. I realized that I shouldn't fight my 'traits' but rather use everything to my advantage. I also thought about my LD-past a lot to figure out why I'm not a natural anymore (There was a period of about a month where I was a natural with LD's daily).

      So last night I got a epiphany. I already wrote it in the IOSDP-thread so I'm gonna copy&paste it:

      When I went to bed I thought about this 'less is more' theory. I remembered that there was a time, where I used to have DILDs daily without putting any effort in at all other than doing 'something' for about 10 seconds each night. I had forgotten what this 'something' was, but last night I finally figured it out again: Back then, I experimented with Tulpa and created my own Tulpa. He was supposed to make me lucid in each dream. And for some strange reason it worked! I got lucid every night for a period of about 3-4 weeks. After that I went into an emotional crisis and it stopped working forever. I became a victim of my own self-fulfilling prophecy when my Tulpa told me that he will never ever make me lucid again.
      So last night I thought about something...

      What if it wasn't the Tulpa itself that made me lucid rather than just me needing 'permission' to become lucid?

      And then it all made sense. I've always needed 'permission' for everything I did so far. And almost everybody is like this. The human mind always searches for permission to do something. Everything needs to make sense to keep the order in your mind.
      And by giving the responsibility to my Tulpa, I kinda bypassed giving me permission.
      In a way, it all makes sense (at least for me lol). Even doing RC's isn't for doing the RC's itself, but for being able to tell yourself that you 'earned' the right to lucid dream. You feel like you need permission.
      Somehow even this 30-Day challenge is like this. We are 'earning' ourselves the right to be a natural (at least subconsciously). It all comes from this frame of mind we grew up with that you gotta work to achieve something.

      But this isn't the point I'm trying to make here. When I realized this whole 'permission' theory, I tried to analyze myself again. Who am I? How do I act in certain situations? How can I become a natural?
      What I found out was (I even made a list of my 'traits' and possible solutions) the following:
      I'm almost always just observing my dreams, I get doubts if I think about something too long, I'm really good at visualizing things, I'm lazy and in most of my DILDs, I got lucid through some kind of trigger. I've never really done any RC or became aware just like that. I always needed some kind of 'event' to happen in the dream to get myself to do a RC.

      For some odd reason I've never realized this before. The solution seems so simple to me now: Instead of bringing myself to do a RC by saying a stupid mantra, I need to manipulate the dream in a way that makes me do a RC.
      And in addition to that I need to: set an alarm or do it before going to bed (lazy), I need to do it for about 5-10 seconds (getting doubts) and I need to create many dream signs that make me lucid, maybe even create a whole dream-scene (visualizing).

      I really think that this will work for me. I mean, it's created based on my true personality.
      Manipulating the dream...sounds kinda nice to me

      Sadly I couldn't try this out last night as I was so tired from not sleeping the night before. I went to bed at 7pm and slept till 6am without waking up a single time.
      Here are the dreams I remember from last night:

      1st: I was playing Arma 2. I don't remember it in much detail because it was early in the night. Apparently me and a couple of other people had to clear out a hideout of some other players. I had a sniper rifle. That's about all I remember.

      Interpretation: Again, Arma 2. Also, if I dream about video games I'll never to ADA as I'm not 'IRL'. At least that's my dream logic. Another reason for me to try out this new theory.

      2nd: I will call this dream 'The rollercoaster of doom!'. It's pretty short but when I woke up I found it to be really hilarous even though I was scared to death.
      The dream was about some kind of movie. The movie was about a rollercoaster that was possessed by a ghost and it killed every passenger. In the dream I was just observing again. I watched how people got on the rollercoaster and the horror began. The rollercoaster started to drive really fast and then it stopped instantly. Through the force of the sudden stop, some passengers were killed already. It looked like they were cut in half by the iron bars that were supposed to protect them...yummy.
      Then the rollercoaster started again and it was now above some kind of sea or lake. At first I thought that people were going to drown (I tried to guess what would happen in the movie as I was just observing it) but then nothing happened to build up tension. Somehow I got really scared just by watching this. Now the rollercoaster was in some kind of huge factory. It was above water again but there was something swimming in the water. I got scared as I guess that this was some kind of creature. The rollercoster turned upside down and all the passengers were right above the water with their heads now. Some old lady was like "Hey, there's somebody swimming in the water!" and tried to reach for this 'thing'. I got extremely scared for no reason and woke up from this 'nightmare' just as something was jumping out of the water. When I woke up I was scared to death for some reason. Then I noticed that this is so hilarous and that I got scared from a rollercoaster...crazy how your mind can fuck with you lol.

      Interpretation: I got no idea. Just me watching a movie I guess...the rollercoaster reminded me of a rollercoaster I've been to as a child. And the sea/lake looked like something I've seen in TV a while ago.
    12. 30-Day Challenge: Day 11 - WBTB seems like a good idea.

      by , 07-08-2013 at 12:40 PM (Katsuno's Awesome Ninja Tales!)
      So last night I used an app called 'Sleepbot' to figure out my REM-cycles. It didn't work that well, though as I only got 3 hours of sleep
      I wanna use this app to find when I can do the best WBTB.

      After those 3 hours last night I woke up and filled my head with LD-related stuff. In the next dream I actually dreamed about Lucid Dreaming but I didn't do a RC or ADA so I didn't get lucid for real.
      I only remember fragments so I'm not even gonna write a DJ right now, it's not worth it.

      My plan for tonight is to go to bed earlier, do a wbtb after about 6 hours of sleep and hopefully get lucid!
    13. 30-Day Challenge: Day 10 - Body over dreams.

      by , 07-07-2013 at 12:02 PM (Katsuno's Awesome Ninja Tales!)
      So I haven't slept for 2 days before last night and I also overdid it with my Parkour training yesterday.
      When I went to bed I was extremely tired, my body was completely exhausted and I just wanted to sleep.

      I only remember 1 dream even though I slept for 12 hours with waking up during the night. It seems that my body needed the sleep to heal and there wasn't that much REM.

      I was in some kind of chinese restaurant. The restaurant was located on top of a cliff and on the opposite site there was another cliff. The two cliffs were divided by a huge deep hole. On the other cliff I could see many chinese buildings and I thought it was some kind of Chinatown.
      In my restaurant I was just eating all the food we had to offer. It was so tasty! I ate chinese noodles, rice, chicken and also some sea-food. It was so delicious that I just couldn't stop eating.
      Somehow there was a bridge connecting the two cliffs and I walked to the other side. From here on I only remember fragments...something about a fight between two restaurants (one being mine), flying in a baloon, eating more and talking to random people.

      Interpretation: I was kinda hungry before going to bed and I absolutely love all sorts of foreign food (especially asian food). The cliff reminded me of an old memory of seeing a picture about two cliffs being seperated by a big hole. It's kinda interesting to see that my mind still has this old memory.

      For the next nights, I'm gonna start doing WBTB again. My lucid frequency isn't even rising even though I'm doing ADA and stuff. Maybe I need to do mantra, meditation or self-hypnotization during a WBTB.
    14. 30-Day Challenge: Day 9 - Caves, caves everywhere!

      by , 07-05-2013 at 11:59 AM (Katsuno's Awesome Ninja Tales!)
      Yesterday I meditated 2 times, once at around 3pm and the other time right before going to bed.
      I couldn't fall asleep however, as for some reason my mind was extremely active when I tried to fall asleep.

      At some point I must have passed out.

      1st: I was James Bond. For some reason I had this girl with me (typical James Bond girl) and we went into a mansion to steal something. The mansion was really awesome and it looked a bit like the mansion of my uncle IRL. There were many guards but they were distracted watching TV. We went to an elevator that went really deep under the mansion. Down there we went into a room full of monitors and stuff. I don't really remember what happened down there but I think we stole something.
      When we went up we needed a plan to escape. I went upstairs and there was a guard. I grabbed him from behind and put him to sleep. Then I noticed that this girl already found a way outside. I followed her and remembered that I forgot my suitcase with my equipment right next to the guards (stupid me, lol).
      I went inside again and just ran to the guards, grabbing my suitcase and charged towards the window. The glass broke and I jumped outside. We ran into a forest and the dream ended.

      Interpretation: I read the name James Bond one time yesterday while browsing youtube. Weird how seing things just for one time can influence your dreams and when you do things really often it doesn't appear in your dreams at all...
      The mansion was a memory from my uncle. The other stuff was probably some random things from video games.

      2nd: I was in an underwater cave with someone else. Apparently we had to search for treasure underwater. The cave looked really cool and there were broken ship parts all over the place. It looked like a pirate cave. I dived underwater to search for the treasure. For some reason I was seeing everything in 3rd person. The guy appeared and told me that he found lots of stuff. That's about all I remember.

      Interpretation: Treasure searching, probably from some game I played that day (Temple Run 2). The cave looked a bit like the cave from Assassins Creed 3.

      3rd: I was in a different cave this time. Me and some girl were chasing this pirate who had stolen something from us. We ran after him and it was just like a video game. There were explosive barrels on the track and I shot them with a pistol that suddenly appeared in my hand. It exploded and stopped the guy for a short moment. Then I ran up to him and tried to knock him out but it didn't work. The knock out movement looked like the one in Arma 2.
      We followed him but other pirates tried to stop us. Now it was exactly like the chase-the-pirate part in Assassins Creed 3. Everytime some guy crossed our paths, we just knocked him over and followed the guy again. Right before we got to the Parkour part I woke up.

      Interpretation: Memory of Assassins Creed 3 I guess. Also Arma 2.

      4th: I was daydreaming about the old dream again and I was now in the same cave. I was now at the parkour part. The guy still ran away from me and I tried to follow him, doing parkour. It was awesome as there were so many obstacles and I just dashed through them really fast. I climbed up ropes, swung from pole to pole and did many vaults.
      At some point the cave began collapsing and everything was crashing down. Now I had to react really fast to the environment change and parkour was even more exciting.
      I never did parkour like this IRL lol
      At some point I got out of the cave and catched this guy. That's about all I remember...

      Interpretation: Parkour. Everytime parkour. I really want to do more parkour IRL but I can't right now :/

      My plans for the next days are a little bit different. I want to change my whole thinking pattern. It's gonna be hard and might take a really long time, but it's very important for me. Everytime I catch myself daydreaming or when I'm just being on autopilot, I want to program my subconscious to automatically remind me of being present in the moment.
      This is very important for Pickup as well as Lucid Dreaming. When I catch myself daydreaming though, I don't want to end the daydream but turn it into a lucid daydream.
      Also, I noticed that most of the time I'm really result-based. Like, I only do things for the result rather than enjoying the process.
      I need to change this as through ADA I realized how much fun the process can be.

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    15. 30-Day Challenge: Day 8 - Daydream or real dream? (Repeating Day 8)

      by , 07-04-2013 at 02:00 PM (Katsuno's Awesome Ninja Tales!)
      Alright, this morning I woke up tons of times, started daydreaming and drifted back and forth into sleep.
      I'm not even sure which parts of the recall are dreams and which are daydreams.
      I went to bed late however and forgot meditation. I won't count this as a official day.

      1st: Fragments only. Something about Fairy Tail anime again. I think I was in the city of Fairy Tail and some mages attacked us. Me and a couple of wizards were defending the city. It's as if everyone was fighting his own battle 1v1. I wasn't even participating but rather observing the fights. The last thing I remember is something about 2 wizards fighting in the water...

      2nd: Also fragments. Daydream of me picking up a girl turned into a real dream. I talked to her and fucked around a little bit. Made some jokes to make myself laugh and that's about all I remember.
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