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    1. Flaming Cars and a Dog

      by , 07-16-2016 at 06:26 AM
      I awake in my dream to find a 18 wheeler that was carrying cars had crashed into my front yard. There's a flaming car right in front of my window. I go outside and it looks like dooms day. It's dark and there are banged up cars everywhere and police are starting to arrive. I'm told I should stay with a friend while the mess is getting cleaned up.
      I go over to a relative's house and they let me stay. It becomes light outside so I decide to take a walk and a dog attacks me. I run from the dog but it catches me and tries to bite my arm but I pin it down before it can. The dog isn't that big so it's not hard. Some kids, who are watching nearby, are laughing. I look at them and say "This isn't funny! Go get help!". The dog is still trying to bite me. The kids run off and I start to have trouble keeping the dog down. It feels like the scenario is about to take a turn for the worse and..... I'm am awakened for real by a storm outside.
    2. World Inside a Jacket

      by , 06-03-2016 at 07:46 AM
      I was trying to get away from someone. I didn't feel endangered but I knew I needed to escape. I saw a light and jumped in. I found myself coming out of a jacket that was floating in the air. I looked inside and saw my world. Then I plucked the jacket out of the air, put it on and walked away. I don't remember most of this dream but this felt like the coolest part of it.

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    3. Dream fragments and lucidity

      by , 07-28-2012 at 12:35 AM
      So last night I had more than one dream. Each dream I had didn't seem to have a beginning nor end. The first dream I can remember I went Lucid shortly.
      It started with me being in this huge creepy (Not old just scary) Mansion of some sort. The inside was endless and I was looking for a way out but each door I opened led to another completely different looking house. For example I would be in a middle class house and could see a yard out side in the country then I would go through a door and I would be in a very expensive looking apartment in the city. I couldn't go through the windows for some reason and there were no exits. The harder I tried to leave to deeper I seemed to go. The new rooms grew more and more dark and warped. Everything started to feel wrong I got a idea in my head that I had to leave or I would die there. At some point I opened a door and the room looked like space yet I knew if I fell I would fall forever. I had to go along this ledge to get to the next door. I opened it and was in a normal yet poorly let house. It looked really familiar but I couldn't figure out why . (When I woke up I realized it was the house I lived in in a dream I had a long time ago) Anyway I'm standing there and suddenly I understand why nothing makes any sense. I was dreaming. I walked around intently looking at everything. I kept saying "This is cool....I'm really asleep.....everything's so real...." I was picking stuff up and feeling it and looking over everything. It was cool. I went and looked out a window and was like "SSSSPPPPAAACCCCEEEE!!!! >:3" At that point I didn't care about leaving because I knew it was just a dream so I just explored some. Ate some point I must of woke up shortly or had a major dream change. The next dream I had I didn't go lucid.

      I was in a movie theater getting my ticket. I went in the the show room and looked around for a place to sit. That when a guy walked past me that look just like one of my friends but older. He stopped and was like "Hey long time no see" He was referring to us not seeing each other over the summer but he looked way older the he was. He is 17 but looked 20. Anyway turns out all my friends were there. I go to sit down by them But someone says they are saving that seat. For some reason I get offended and sit away from them (Would never happen...I love my friends) They are like "Awwwww come back" I ignore them and the movie starts. I don't get to watch it though because the jerk next to me start talking and everyone tells him to shut it but in the end a guy asks him to leave ALONG with me because the think I'm with him. I'm like "I don't know this guy! I'm not even involved." My friends come to my aid even though I was a jerk but they still kick me out.
      Dream shifted
      I'm at a construction sight and I have no idea why. My parents are apparently rich and own the place but there not my parents and I know it. I walk around and everyone acts like they know me but I don't know them. Then my little "brother" whom I don't know ether tell my mom said to inside. I'm just like "meh..." and go with it. I go inside this cool looking rich person house. Inside there is this guy who says "Hey come look at the full moon" He hands me a pirate like telescope (I don't know what they are called - _ -) I look out at the moon but its green and blue. Then I realize its the earth....and I'm not on it. So naturally I freak out.
      Dream shift
      Ok now I'm on my road that goes to my house. I walk past a park were they are opening a new pool. I hitch a ride with this guy to my house (I guess I could have just walked...idk) So I'm going down the street to my house and I pass a lot of stuff that didn't mean anything in my dream (when I woke up I remembered That a lot of places I passed were more places I had been in other dreams...so that's kind of cool) Then he dropped me in front of my house. I think something else happened my it's foggy because my grandma woke me up soon after.
    4. My recent dreams on Motrin PM

      by , 06-14-2012 at 07:10 AM
      Ok so I found some Motrin PM and because I get leg cramps and my back hurts when I try and sleep I decided to try it out. Worked awesomely but, most likely due to the Diphenhydramine citrate in It caused me to have some weird dreams (not that my other dreams are normal) (I took it three nights in row)

      My first dream:
      I have been invited to go to this underwater Lab where the top science guys are working on some big project. I'm super smart in my dream and they want me in on the project. So I get there and everything looking cool. I see all these minions (The one's from League of Legends...just started playing) Running around doing thing for the people who work there. *then that's where the dream takes a turn for the worse* I start hearing this voice. He seems to be drawing me in and I find my self wanting to go deeper into this lab. At some point I come to a area where it's flooded so I put on a suit and go under water. Strangely the lab is still in full use, under water. At this point the minions also had suits on (Old fashion diving suits) That's when I see this big tank full of water (The tang itself is also underwater) Inside is... Satin.... that's right flippen Lucifer. Apparently the lab team has created a underwater satin.. ya idk. Anyway this guy is pretty evil and the dream turns into full on war against satin and his minions and the minion that I randomly have. I thing the most shocking part of my dream is I myself kill a couple minions. I rip of there helmets and drown them. That kind of scares me because Its very rare for me to kill anyone in my dreams, setting zombie and brainless monsters aside. These guys were people and not even really evil themselves just being controlled and for some reason I went after them and not satin himself. Well they got me back because shortly after Six mob me and rip off my helmet and drown me. I wake up at that point. Drowning sucked because that dream was quite vivid and I woke feeling like I really did drown.

      Dream Two:
      In this dream I'm on a island and I'm in a large town that seems rather english yet woodland. there are trains running through the town and everything seems elevated almost like the town is in the trees, It's a little hard to explain. Anyway I'm a servant(More like a slave) And I'm sitting outside a school looking in wishing I was there. I also wish that I can read and write which does not make sense sense because I have not trouble doing ether in my dream. Later I talk to a friend who says he is going to make a small train to deliver mail. For some reason I then find myself in a forest on the other end of the island. I exit it onto a beach which is a parking lot. Then giant robots come out of no where and one of them hits me and I go flying when I hit the ground I hear a popping noise and my leg snaps. Pain shoots up my leg and I start yelling and crying and simply freaking out. The bone is pushing out of my leg and I can't move. The robot morphs and turns into a guy about my age (17-18) He is like "OH MY GOD I AM SO SO SORRY!!!! I DIDN"T MEAN IT LET ME HELP YOU!!!" He is freaking out. then he trys to pull the bone out (he things that will some how fix it) This of course hurts like hell. He realizes that he is doing it wrong and tries to push the bone in, the shock of which wakes me up. That dream sucked....

      Dream three:
      In this dream I wake up at my friends house and he is playing a Squid Girl Anime Game (is not real) Then On my way home I stop at a gas station and a guy I know is selling drugs there, I'm like wtf. He stuffs some in my bag for no reason and I leave. When I get home My parents have sold all my stuff and say I have to sleep in a loft from now on....that's all I remember.

      All these dreams were very vivid and felt quite real. The ending to each of them kind of sucked though....
      So ya.....the end
    5. Running from Pirates

      by , 05-09-2012 at 03:52 AM
      I remember me and a friend are trying to get away from some pirates. We are on a small island sort of thing and we open a hatch into the ground and start running through a underground tunnel. Some how me and my friend get separated and lost in this maze of tunnels. I here foot steps behind me and one of the Pirates shines a flashlight on me and yells to the others "There she is!" He starts chasing me and I freak out and run as fast as I can. I come up to a ladder and climb up and out into the opening. I'm standing on a round platform in the middle of the ocean and there is no where to run. There is a metal pipe lying on the ground so I pick it up and prepare myself to knock the pirate out when he comes through the opening. The pirate pops his head out and I hit him but rather than passing out he yells "OWWW!" He looks up at me with this puzzled expression and asks "Why'd you hit me?!" I respond "Because your a pirate trying to kill me." He shakes his head "NO I'm trying to capture you, and you didn't have to hit me." I'm quite confused as to how the situation turned and made me the bad guy but I start to feel sorry and began to apologize. Then the guy is like "Whateves...my ride is here..." I turn and there is a giant cool looking Pirate ship.

      That is all I can remember from my dream.
    6. My Lucid Dreams, SP experiences and OBEs. Part two

      by , 04-13-2012 at 01:27 AM
      So these are my lucid dreams. I have had others but that was before I knew the term and they were all quick realization then going on dreaming. I'm not sire if these are in order but here goes.

      In one dream I was washing my face in the bathroom when I here a VERY familiar voice say my name and start laughing. I turn and see nothing. Then I here His "claws" on the mirror and I turn and looking back at me in the mirror is non other than the nightmare man himself, Freddy Krueger. (I'm a huge fan but this scares the hell out of me) Things start flying and I try and run but the door slams. Pipes come out of the ground and fly at me trying to wrap around me. I yell 'THIS IS MY DREAM!!! YOU CAN'T HURT ME!!!" As soon I say it, something just clicks. I grab a bottle and preform a reality check ( the one were you read and reread a line and see if it changes, It does) I realize that I really am dream and Freddy Isn't really. I go Lucid and open the bathroom window. Laughing I fly out. I close my eyes and says "I want a beautiful scenery." I open my eyes and I'm flying over a epic mountain and forest with water falls. I go down and enjoy how real every thing looks. then I woke up.

      Another dream which was much longer but i was basically trying to save these kids from a witch. I was jumping from these odd building to the next being chased by the witch when I just kind of realized I was dreaming. After I figure out that I'm dreaming I hope down from the building I was standing on and take a good look around. I stare at my hand awhile. Again it all seemed so real. I then decided that I wanted to do something I had promised myself I would try if I went Lucid again (Can't believe I remembered.) I Closed my eyes and said, "When I turn around there will be a door. That door will led to my subconsciousness where I will meet my inner self." I opened my eyes and turned around and there indeed was a door. It was square and floating in the air. I walked in a circle around it before walking up to it and turning the handle. The door opened. It was just a empty frame. Disappointed I took a step back. Everything got fuzzy and not want to wake up I tried spinning it worked for a sec but everything started to get fuzzy again so i laid down and everything got clear again. I lay there just chilling. I then woke up.

      A third Lucid Dream started when my dream teacher told my to memorize something in a text book. I tried to do this by reading and rereading it only to find the text to change. That's when I realized I was dreaming. The only thing I did then was stare at everything and then at my hand, happy that I was dream and I knew it. Then aliens attacked the school and I forgot i was dreaming and off to fight them.

      I had a dream were I was being held by a giant and the giant was standing in the ocean saying that he was going to throw me which would kill me. Trying to be brave I say that he can't do that and he says why not. I turn away from him and am like "think fast" I look down at my watch and thing "Please let me be dreaming" I then preform a dream test (looking a my watch) Not only does it not tell time but its not even the right color. I turn, now lucid and yell "BECAUSE I'M DREAMING" I then jump out of his hand and yell "YYYYAAAAHOOOOOOO!!!!!" and hit the ground making a huge cater. I get up and start running along the beach at super speed. I get over excited and wake up.

      Another dream was a clock tower being built at my house. I understand I'm dreaming strait off and end up flying around. Then I see wolves and go down to see why they are there again forgetting that I'm dreaming.

      I know Iv'e had other but it's hard to remember all the lucid dreams you've had at once. I know they are all they same as these. Short or I wake up. Hope to improve my Lucid Dreaming.
    7. Water Bending on Boat ans stuff

      by , 04-06-2012 at 05:36 PM
      What I remember from my dream is only a few of the more exciting parts making the over all plot confusing but here goes

      I'm on this ship with this grown guy in his 30s or 40s and water is coming from the ocean in giant funnels pulling people over board and lifting them in the air etc. It's all dark and gloom and I want to get off the Ship since we are already docked but the guy I'm with needs me to help him save these little girls who are trapped on the ship. We get to one but from some unknown reason the second id locked in a cage and the key is below deck. We tell one of the little girls to stay put and me and the guy goes below deck ti find this bag that has the key in it. We find it but before the guy can reach it a huge funnel of water comes from above crashing there the deck. Debris knocks me backward and I see the water come down on the guy entering his mouth. He drowning and falls over dead. The water the water moves back up and reveals the little girl we had previously saved standing were the hole in the deck is. She raises her hands and the water moves with her. She gives a very evil and smile and I say "I'S YOU!!"

      I ditch the ship and go to shore. I look back and see it completely engulfed in water. The city beside the ship that I'm now in begins to also be attacked. It's night time and again all dark and gloom. I'm running about trying to get out of the city.

      Next thing I know I'm in the forest and I come across a guy my age (17) who has a bow and appears to be hunting. Then he reveals to me he is about to go on a raid which he says is there only way to get what he needs to survive because him and his people are being suppressed b the local government. He says he needs food for his little sister. I go with him to help him. We get to the camp, which is huge and full of stuff and start sneaking around it.

      Then my brother woke me up to eat pancakes.
    8. Trapped? Maybe?

      by , 04-04-2012 at 12:25 AM
      Don't you hate when your having this great, vivid, dream and you wake and see your late for something and in all the rush you forget what you dream was about...ya that's you my morning went. Anyway this is what I do remember.

      I'm in a mansion through some means I can't recall and I'm with two other friends. We can't get out and one of my friends disappear. Me and the friend still with come to the conclusion that he was kill be the evil guy who owns the mansion, he is also the one who trapped use here to begin with.

      (Lots of stuff happen that i don't remember) It's been a long time and we are still in the mansion(I'm talking months) We are exploring the endless rooms when I come across the first locked room. Me and my friend force it open to find a room full of stuff like a TV and fridge, bed etc. There are also the belongings of our missing friend. I remember saying "He's been here all along." We look around and (I don't remember how I came to this conclusion) We realize the evil guy that trapped us here has taken him again. Then I see A open Cell phone on the ground by the bed and pick it up. My missing friend's mom is on the other line. "Mike! Mike are you OK! Answer me!" I explain the situation to her that Mike(My friend) has been taken again. She says she is sending people to get us.

      Time passes and me and my friend(Who is a guy, don't know his name) Are waiting at the main door for people to get there. We are eating chips and dip and just chillen. I don't why but for some reason when they get there I become terrified and think they mean me and my friend harm so I hid behind the door when it opens. Last thing I remember is my friend saying it's alright to come out.
    9. Dragons and Owls?

      by , 04-03-2012 at 05:15 AM
      So I had this dream a night ago and I only vaguely remember details, which is sad because I hate to waist a good dream...Here goes

      I was at a fort of some kind. The layout reminded me of the first world of the first Spyro game. Bright green grass and generic trees. The outside of the fort had a different layout, darker grass and more real trees. There were houses (wooden with nicely built decks yet no doors or window just opening were they would be, reminds me of a cottage you would see on the beach, a few of the houses are made of stone but have the same design)

      In my dream I go outside the fort and get attacked by a dragon. I wearing armor and I have a sword. I also have a team aiding me. The Dragon chases me and my friends past a stone building. My team makes it passed and into the fort but i become trapped inside the stone house because the dragon is breathing fire all around it. I catch fire and began to burn. I drop my sword and try and put it out but it engulfs me and I drop to the ground screaming in pain.

      There is a odd sensation and everything seems to be going backward like time is reversing and I'm completely aware. As such the flames grow less until they are gone and my wounds heal as if i was never harmed. I stand and see my sword is now in me hand and see a partner of mine rush pass. He yells "Don't stand there, the dragon will trap you!" So I follow him and the others and get safely over the walls of the fort.

      My memory is hazy from here....

      I talk to this guy about a cannon to fight the Dragon with then I go to get council from the great Owls

      The Owls are in this Giant dead tree the basically right beside "where the side walk ends". No joke. There is a pathway up to were the tree is, which is the big round platform but on the other side it just cut off and drops into nowhere.
      When walking up the pathway time moves faster and it goes from day to night way to fast but I take this as normal. When I walk up to the Owls ( there are five, all five times the size of a person, they look like barn owls) I kneel down before them and have this great feeling of danger like they are going to eat me. They say something but I don't remember. I do remember they have "booming" voices of high power and seem to be very demanding.

      That's all i remember, It seemed rather interesting and i wish i knew more but that's what i get for not writing it down sooner.
    10. Red Vs Blue

      by , 03-20-2012 at 05:13 AM
      I was recruited into the army as a blue (In the halo world of red vs blue...duh) All i remember is going on some crazy mission to fight the reds, the leader of which turned out to be a class mate of mine. He was probably the only smart one but even so there were far to many idiot reds and blues for him to handle. I ended up just saying screw it, i have know idea whats going on, and just doing what ever Church said to do. All i remember after that id explosions and running and Caboose yelling, who in my dream is like my best friend (Even though Church is his Best friend...whom which we stalk together at one point...idk) This does not surprise me because Caboose is my favorite character. Anyway it was fun.