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    A long random dream

    by , 01-06-2013 at 04:02 PM (491 Views)
    I had a rather long dream last night (Or three dreams that connected) . Sadly it is 4:30pm and this is the first chance i got to write it, so my memory of the dream has faded quite a bit, but i will still try and write as much as i remember.

    My dream started out in a car with my family. It was rather packed so I got a feeling we were going on vacation. My grandmother was driving with my grandpa up front and me in the back. I think my brother and younger sister was there but if they were they played no major role in my dream and thus i can't remember if they were there.

    We started going up on a over pass. There was a lot of cars so we were going really slow. Soon we weren't moving at all due to traffic. We stopped right before going on a bridge. There was a large man-made river under the bridge and a sloping green hill on our side running along the river, There was a huge crowd of people walking along the river. Some were stopped having lunch or resting. They all seemed to be going somewhere. They didn't seem to be exactly together...as in they weren't all hippies or something although a few happened to be hippies but there were just normal people, hipsters, jocks, nerds, people dressed for work. They all looked like random people that just decided to walk along the river together.

    My grandma suddenly wanted to go out and see where they were headed. My grandpa said she should and told me to go with her. Me and my grandma go out and went down to the river. She walked off to go ask someone. I stood around watching everyone. I noticed a small boy off by himself. I can't remember exactly why I noticed him, it might of been simply because he was alone or he might of been crying or something but any way, i went up to the kid and asked him if he was ok. He said he was lost and didn't know where his parents went. I couldn't just leave home alone so i told him i would help look for his parents.

    The kid looked about the age of six. He had blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. He was wearing a t-shit and jeans. I can see him in my head quite clearly. Image the sweetest little kid ever and that's him. I don't remember what his name was though. Through out my dream I simply called him Kid and refereed to him as The Kid.

    My grandma returned and asked who the kid was and I told her he was lost. We decided to follow the people to where every they were headed (My grandma never did tell me ) and try and find his Parents there.

    I remember we walked for some time and came to a park were a fair was taking place. we entered the fair to take a break from walking and look around. there was a particular ride that the kid decided he had to go on. He had to have someone ride with him so i went with him. The ride was really weird. You got in this box and sat down. It sat two. Then it shot you upward. The box than free fell until this cable caught it and you swung down. It was fun but scary.

    (Also...a weird fact...when i was in the air i could see another park across from this one and it was a water park from a dream i had a while back. I sometimes get references to other dreams like that. One day I'm going to map out my dream world because all my dreams seem to take place in the same universe. )

    After the ride we walked around the park awhile. I had no idea where my grandma went. That when these three people showed up. They were dressed weird. There was a lady with a sword who seemed to be the leader. I remember her most. She was wearing a black and red dress with goth style makeup and short black hair. They demanded I handed the kid over to them. The kid said they were there to hurt and so i refused. They threatened me with the sword so i picked up the kid and ran.

    We came up to a large tunnel and ran inside. The tunnel was like a maze and soon we were lost. We walked around for sometime until we came to a opening to a large cavern. Inside was a table with to people playing cards. there was a lady sitting on a bed reading and a man on a platform of some kind. He was sitting with his legs dangling and his arms crossed. They all looked up rather surprised when me and the kid entered.

    I laughed nervously and said we were lost. The kid hid nervously behind me. On of the guys playing cards put down his hand and said "Of course. No one would come here unless they were lost." the other guy smiled and said "Not exactly on the map" They laughed as if sharing a inside joke.

    The guy on the platform said something like they should help us find our way. He looked rather carefree but his clothes weren't normal. He wore a suit and cape just like out of a old horror movie with vampires. He was pale and even looked like a vampire. He then hopped off the platform and did something rather unexpected. He pulled out a small decorated box. He opened it and it was full of white powder. He put some on his hand and snorted it. I knew then i didn't want to be here any longer.

    He saw my disproving face and said "Bad, habit...don't do drugs" The other three laughed. I kept the kid behind me. i didn't trust these guys one bit. I said "well if one of you could tell me the way out we would be on our own." The guys playing cards said "Whats the hurry, come on, play some cards"
    "No," I started "We really should go"
    "One game and we will tell you the way out" He smiled and they all waited for a reply. they gave a feeling that i didn't have a choice.
    "OK. one ga..." I didn't even finish and one guy pulled me forward and sat me in a chair and they started dealing. The girl on the bed motioned for the kid. He ran over and sat one the bed and she pulled out some kid story and started to read to him. I didn't like him being so far from me but i didn't have a choice.

    We started playing cards (I don't know exactly what game but it was apparently fun. I lost track of time and ended up playing many games. The drug head just watched and made joke every now and then and the two other guys and me played cards for a very long time. I completely forgot all about not trusting them and they became like best friends.

    Then the drug head offered me a really good looking cookie . I remember that i hadn't eaten anything in a long time and took it. I looked over at the kid and before i could ask the guy said "I don't think he would like it. " He laughed and leaned back on a wall. I looked at the cookie not knowing what he meant and against my better judgment (Real life i wouldn't have) I ate the cookie.

    That when the three people that had been hunting the kid walked in. One pointed to the bed and other ran over and grabbed him. He yelled and kicked but the guy held him. I jumped yelling to put him down. The others just stared and did nothing. I ran over to the guy holding him and tried to take him but the lady with the sword stepped in front of me.

    I was fully prepared to fight but a strange feeling came over me and the room swayed. I put my hands out to keep from falling. The lady looked at me confused for a second than said "The kid is our objective. If you intent to get in our way i will kill you" That's when i started laughing uncontrollably. The room was spinning and everything looking weird. The three people trying to take the kid looked at me like i had gone insane. I couldn't stop laughing.

    With all my will power. I stood up and said "I'm not going to let you hurt that kid" She raised her sword but before she could swing I fell over laughing again. She looked at her comrades unsure of what to do. Everything seemed really funny for some reason. I Stood up again and turned to the guy who had given me the cookie.

    "This is your fault and you know it, a little help please" He looked a bit shocked then laughed. Faster than possible he ran over and grabbed the kid from the man holding him and ran back. The lady backed up in surprise. I started to feel normal again but i still couldn't help laughing.

    The guys playing cards stood up and each pulled out swords and said "I don't think this kid wants to go with you three. I think you better get out of her before someone gets hurt." Three weighed there options and decided to leave. I went over to the kid and finally stopped laughing.

    The drug head dude said that he would show us a secret way out and we head to the back of the cavern.

    Nothing much happened after that and i woke up. That was one of those dreams that seemed to last all night. Also drugs are bad, don't use them

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