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    1. Fighting Aliens with Time Control

      by , 12-29-2017 at 08:46 AM
      It's cold and dark inside the gigantic air force bunker I have found myself inside. It seems to be a futuristic setting as the technology being used is unfamiliar but, just like most my dreams, I don't find the aircraft, or the fact I'm in a bunker, strange. The numerous aircraft appear look similar to a Saiyan space Pod however they opened from a hole in the top and where a bit bigger.
      A alarm went off and red lights started flashing. A man, a captain possibly, started yelling orders. We were about to come under attack. The enemy knew our location and would arrive soon.
      I ran to my pod but was stopped by the captain and told my brother would be flying today and I was stationed on the ground. I turn and my brother is there in full uniform. I want to protest but know there is no time so I don't. I hug my brother and tell him to be careful and to give the enemy hell.
      My brother gets in the pod and right at that time the huge doors of the bunker are ripped open. I stood there shocked for a moment as the enemy turned out to be two giant aliens. They looked kind of like the invading aliens from Gantz.
      The pods, including my brother's, take flight and start to attack the aliens but many of them where just swatted out of the air. The rest continued their assault. One of the aliens pulls some kind of ball out of his pocket and opened it. A swarm of mechanized bees came out. They started swarming the pods and somehow got inside them causing the occupant to either die by bees or jump ship. Some of the pods went out of control and hit the ground.
      The ground had become chaos. Bees swarmed people and pods exploded. Someone started yelling for everyone on the ground to retreated. I started running to a back exit while looking back at the remaining pobs fighting. I watched in horror as one of the aliens grabbed hold of my brothers pod and crushed it in his hand. I kept running.

      Dream Skip

      In the next part of my dream I'm at some kind of camp. I'm part of the small remaining rebels against the alien take over. My sister is there and we are talking about my grandfather, who has passed away years before. We speak about a time were he modified a keyboard and I how I had gotten in trouble for playing with it. As my sister was telling me about this I started to remember it happening.
      As a small child I had gotten into my grandfathers study and was playing with a computer keyboard, mashing random buttons. There was a knob on the keyboard for changing the volume on the computer. I stated cranking it up and something very strange happened.
      My brother and sister, who had followed me, where playing on the floor in front of me. As I turned the knob forward they seemed to move faster. I turned the knob backward and they started moving in reverse. I looked down at the keyboard and suddenly came to the conclusion it was a time machine.
      My grandfather then came in and ran and took the keyboard from me and started yelling at me.
      I'm back talking with my sister about it. I ask her if she knows what happened to the keyboard and she says it here at the camp somewhere. She brought it with her but it was misplaced among all the stuff the other survivors brought. She says she will find it but didn't care either way. She didn't know the truth about the keyboard.
      I set out to find it so that I could undue my brothers death. I started searching through the store room where survivor's belonging are being sorted.

      This bit of my dream is hard to remember.

      I do remember that I find the keyboard. The two last pod fighters are going up against the two aliens that originally attacked the bunker. The aliens take each of them out when I finally get the keyboard time machine working. I was apparently having trouble getting it to turn on. As expected, It works and turns back the time. I go back to the original fight in the bunker.
      This time I ignore what the captain says and I get in a pod with the time machine. I use it to manipulate time in such a way during the fight that I become unstoppable and I destroy the aliens.
    2. Best DS in the world?

      by , 02-06-2012 at 11:53 PM
      So in my dream I some how ended up in a pon-shop searching out new games when I came across a collection of both new and old DSs. I start looking through them and i find early modals of the DS, to brand new 3DSs. These DSs didn't all look like a real life Nintendo DS but they where freaken cool. I come a cross a DS that has not yet been released to the public and it's epic. It's big and much like a 3DS but can do way more things. It's has the capability of any computer and can play every type of game. I pull out my phone and google it to find it's starting price is over $6,000 dollars. I ask the guy behind the counter what he would take for it and he is like $5 bucks. I'm like . So i go to my grandma who for some reason has my money and tell her to give me $5. She says that's way to much and after trying and trying to get her to give my money i give up.
      I go back to the DSs and realize there are games in them. I start playing the game in the epic DS and it's like i'm in the game. The game takes place in a steam punk land. It's starts out with the main character being a short little chubby girl and arguing with her dad about losing weight. He says "You could at least try" She responses " Or i could have another 30 helpings." He then takes her food and says no seconds for you . The game then goes 20 years later and the chubby girl is now a teenager (ya i know makes no sense) that is in perfect shape and is a hero that fights darkness monsters that threaten to destroy all that is steam punk.
      My grandma calls me to leave so i sit down the DS and walk outside. For some reason I'm in a futuristic world and the shop is floating. My grandma calls me to get in the hover car.
      I wake up soon after.