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    1. LD #38 and Eagle in Distress

      by , 05-08-2015 at 02:35 PM
      night of 5/7/15

      There is an arsonist who has been burning buildings and homes down in my area. I am working with a DC to identify him/her. We go to our "dream lab" to work on the problem. The lab is accessed by falling asleep and then in the dream going to our lab? While in the lab at work a man appears to us and asks if we know where a certain person is at. We tell the stranger the location of the person he is looking for and he promptly disappears. After he leaves we realize that he must be the arsonist as there is no other way that he could know about our lab and how to get there. We also realize we know where he will strike next as we just provided him with the information. We leave the lab and instantly appear outside of a house. It is nighttime. I call up to an open window and my nephew appears. The arsonist has not yet struck and I feel relief.

      I am in my living room, it is dark, the only light is ambient light coming from the streetlights outside. I instantly realize that I am dreaming. I say "I am dreaming, I am going to walk over to the door and go outside." I find it very difficult to move, as if I am in water or surrounded by gel or something. I struggle against this for a few seconds and the dream starts to fade. I wake up and mentally review the dream. As I fall back asleep I catch some beautiful psychedelic HI.

      I am being carried to a beach on the back of a co-worker. We pass an old blue car. My oldest friend is seated in the driver's seat. I call out to him and he gets out of the car and joins us in our walk to the beach. Next we are outside of a blue wooden building. We all have large, strangely designed shotguns with rotating magazines? My friend says "watch this" and shoots an electrical wire protruding from the building. It emits some sparks and leaves a hole. I turn to my right and see a kite tethered to the beach, blowing in the wind. A large eagle swoops down and becomes entangled in the kite string. It falls to the ground, wrapped tightly in the string. I immediately feel that I must help the large bird. I walk over and pick it up, cradling it in my arms. I walk down to the beach, looking clearly into the birds eyes. I dip it in the ocean, baptism style to clean it off. I exit the water and my friend cuts the string that has been binding the bird.
      lucid , memorable
    2. LD #37 Party Time!

      by , 05-05-2015 at 01:32 PM
      At a Bar/Halloween Monster Attack!
      I am at a bar with my father and wife. I get in line for drinks, and comment how amazing long the line is. My wife goes off to mingle, and repeatedly brings me drinks, despite the fact that I am waiting in line for drinks. I warn her that I will be drunk if she brings me many more, and jokingly act intoxicated. This makes the woman in front of me laugh and we start talking, she is a very attractive brunette with shoulder length hair and green eyes, mid 30's by appearance. She asks me "What do you do?" I explain my job to her and ask her what she does. She tells me about some outdoor adventure camp she works at. My wife comes back and we all leave the bar, but now my father has become a generic dude and the woman just kind of vanishes. We step outside into the parking lot, it is nighttime and there are various people in what appear to be halloween costumes walking around. I see our truck, it is a white silverado, and we start to walk towards it, the generic dude with us gets in first. I look off to the right and see a guy jokingly lay down on what appears to be a prop grave. He says "hey, look at this!" and laughs to his friends. Zombie like hands pop out of the piled dirt and start to drag him down, he screams and I realize all of the monsters wandering around are real! I open the door to the truck and in the driver seat is an ugly woman, she has eaten the generic dude and all that remains is a purple bag of goo. I yell at her and push her out of the truck and slide over into the driver's seat. I lean out of the door and yell to my wife "get the fuck into the car....now!!! we have to get out of here!!"

      LD #37 Party Time!

      I am at a party, and walking into the kitchen I pass a man leaning against the doorway, I pass him and turn around, and instantly know I am dreaming. I say aloud "I am dreaming, this is a dream!" I walk out into the other room and see a young man standing in the middle of the room, I narrate "I am going to slap his face." My narration comes out a beautiful, perfect pitch falsetto singing. I approach the man and slap his face 3 times, he just stares at me blankly. I look around the room and marvel at the perfect, crisp detail. I look at some beautifully carved chairs, there is a full set of 4 around a dark wood table. I think how amazing and realistic they look. I remember "this is a perfect rendition of my aunt's living room" (this is a false memory, although there is some resemblance) I turn around and continue to sing "I am going to walk through this wall and appear in another place!" I confidently push through the wall on my right and cleanly pass right through. I appear in a galley kitchen. The floor is white tile and the ceiling is low and there are fluorescent lights in the middle of the ceiling. The walls are light blue with white trim near the floor. I walk through this room and into another living room type area. I decide I am going to take a psychedelic substance (Harvard dream researcher Alan Hobson mentions this in his book and I thought it interesting) I find a candy dish and intend it to be psychedelic candy. I pick up a piece, knocking several on the floor in the process. The candy is white and red peppermint. I unwrap it and it turns blue in my hands. I put it in my mouth and swallow it, no taste. I walk around singing "the visuals will start soon, I have taken psychedelic candy", again in a beautiful, perfect voice. I walk out into another room and marvel at the perfectly detailed rock wall, thinking again "this is so vivid and realistic!!" I look and see a group of guys sitting and playing cards at a round white table. I decide that I will roundhouse kick the man nearest me. He is wearing all black, with a black "mugger hat", and impossibly dark stubble on this face. As I get ready to kick him he stands up and walks away. I notice the environment has faded and is "shaky" I start to rub my hands together, but the dream fades and I wake up.

      This was my longest and most vivid LD yet, surprising in light of my recent slump.
    3. Lucid #32

      by , 03-13-2015 at 02:06 PM
      TOTM report

      I become lucid in total darkness. I say "more light!" but the darkness remains. I try this several times, but it makes no discernible difference. I try to "remove the dark glasses" that are preventing me from seeing. I can feel myself scratching at my eyes, but no visual elements appear. I think about the sun coming up and at first this makes no difference, but gradually I see shrubbery forming in a grey/black mist. Trees start to form. I am in the air above a wooded landscape. I fly around, looking down at all the trees below me. I decide I will fly to my childhood home, "the farm." It appears below me to my right. I see the swimming pool pump house and remember the basic TOTM is to enter a house. I swoop down and pass through the roof of the pump house as if it were not there. I am standing on the floor of the room, i see pipes and tubing, just as it really looked in my youth, if a bit larger than real life. There are some strange cylindrical objects on the floor. I pick one up, it is black and has a WWII "Flying Tiger" face painted on it. There are some strange indentations on the sides that give the appearance of arms. I loose lucidity and the dream fades.

      This dream was strange as it was in the 4th hour of sleep. It was not very clear/vivid. I had no memory or thought to access memory of waking life. I had difficulty thinking clearly. Lucidity lasted perhaps 2 minutes. The flying around before arriving at the house continued for a bit.
    4. Lucid #31

      by , 03-04-2015 at 05:05 PM
      I am outside in a nice wooded area, there is a large clearing with a nursing home? in the distance. I am talking to my oldest friend. We are discussing going to the Grateful Dead reunion shows this summer in Chicago. I am unhappy because I didn't get tickets. I tell him I think that I can get tickets but then will have a transportation and accommodations problem. He tells me that he has done this before, he just caught a plane to Chicago and then took a taxi to the shows and back. I say "You seriously just took a taxi from the airport to Soldier Field and back, even after the show with traffic??" "YES!" he replies, "It was easy!" I find this difficult to believe.
      The conversation topic changes to something about dogs. At that moment my brother comes up on the sidewalk to our right, he is walking a dog. We greet him and he walks on by, without stopping to talk. I find this a bit strange and mention it to my friend.
      Next I am driving in a car away from the place where I was talking to my friend. I am driving a beat up blue Astro van. I am driving on a wooded road up a rather steep hill. The trees around me are all without leaves. The road turns around a corner and there is a fork, with the turn to the right leading downward, and the turn to the left leading up another hill. I take the left turn and go up the hill, a drive along the wooded road continues.
      I go up and around a corner and the road turns sharply down. I am worried that if I follow the road I will be unable to get the old van back up the hill. I go down anyways. I can see that there are piles of logs blocking the road in several places. I go around or pass through them. At the bottom of the hill I can see a fence and what appears to be a neighborhood beyond it. I make it down to the bottom of the hill. Next I am outside of the van looking at the fence.
      I turn around and the van is gone, there is a dilapidated but once beautiful house situated in the middle of the road. I decide it must be park headquarters, but it is obviously abandoned. I decide i will enter, thinking to myself "It will probably be pretty scary inside." I walk up onto the porch and notice there is a light on inside through one of the windows. I enter the house. I immediately realize that I am dreaming. Upon realizing this, I float up to the ceiling. The interior of the house is in good repair. The walls are white and there is very beautiful dark woodwork all around. I can see down the hallway I am in, there are several rooms branching off on both sides. There are tables with papers and boxes on them pushed up against the walls. I think that I should remain calm. The hallway starts to blur. I clap my hands twice and everything becomes vivid and very clearly defined. I rub my hands together. I try to think about what I should do, but I have difficulty thinking of what to do next. I decide I will explore the house by entering the room on my right. The dream starts to fade and I wake up.
      Tags: car, driving, house, lucid
    5. Lucid #27 Ganantamine + Alpha GPC

      by , 02-14-2015 at 08:14 PM
      I went to bed at 11:00, and woke at 4:00. I took 8mg galantamine, 500mg choline bitartrate, 600mg Alpha GPC, and .5 mg melatonin. I tried the WILD instructions from "Advanced Lucid Dreaming, The Power of Supplements", but after awhile gave it up and set my intention to recognize the dream state and let myself fall asleep.

      honestly when I read that it seems ridiculous to take all those pills. I got lucd, but I have had lucids without supplements that were of higher quality. I also noticed a great intensification and increase in the vividness of my NLDs after taking the supplements. The melatonin made it very easy to fall asleep. I will experiment further, but am not terribly impressed. Total time lucid was about 1.5 minutes. Dream seemed sort of "washed out." I had an average level (for me) of lucidity, could not remember goals, could not remember to locate my sleeping body, etc. dream follows:

      I wake up and it's completely dark. I suspect I may be dreaming so I do a nose pinch state test. I am dreaming. I test again because it feels so cool. I can't see, and can barely move. I rub my hands together, pat down my arms and chest. I say "more clarity! More ️lucid awareness!" Several times, I feel increasingly alert, but it's still dark. I feel "in" the dream so with great effort I get out of bed, there is a strange and distinct "peeling" sensation as I stand up, like I am a Sticker being removed from its backing. I stretch out my hands and feel my way around the room. I bump into a wall with a distinct noise and sensation. It's still dark. I wake up again, in the same room but now it's daylight. It a generic bed and breakfast room. I get out of bed and walk over to look at a brocade-ish tapestry hanging on the wall. "This is what I bumped into last night" I think. I walk out of the room into a sort of dimly lit lobby area. It looks like a foyer in someone's home. There is a pair of French doors to my left. I realize again I am dreaming and walk over and push both my hands through the glass pane, past my elbows. They move through as though the glass were water. I push through further moving my head and shoulders through the glass to mid chest. Then I rotate my body so my chest faces the ceiling and my back is facing the floor. I think I am going to grave the pane above me and pull my legs through the glass. I see a short old man in the lobby. He has in a hat and leather jacket and looks like a mildly elderly Italian gangster. I immediately have a strong desire to karate chop him?? I instantly dis-entangle from the door contortion and cross the room to him, preparing to chop. He looks at me somewhat blankly. I realize what I am doing and stop. I look at him and say loudly " I love you man! I love you!!" His face lights up and he looks so happy, he starts laughing and I wake up

      I woke up and wrote it down, it was 6:05. i went back to sleep for a jumble of very very vivid fragments.

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      false awakening , lucid
    6. lucid #26

      by , 02-12-2015 at 02:48 PM
      I woke up a 4, struggled with recall, got nothing. I got up for about 5 minutes, did some state tests and set my intent to recognize my next dream. I went back to bed and practiced MILD. I tossed and turned for what seemed like a very long time. I checked my phone and the time was 4:58. I realized I still had an hour to sleep so I rolled over and tried to get to sleep. Almost immediately i felt the "sleep onset body buzz" and started to see some mild HI, mostly lights and simple patterns. The dream follows:

      i am at a run down strip mall. most of the storefronts are abandoned and on my left. there is an ice cream shop at the far end of the stores. i am on my bike riding slowly. i see a woman who i think i know (middle school girlfriend all grown up?) drive by as a passenger in a silver sedan. i keep riding and ahead i notice the silver car drive off, the woman is not in it. the driver is an overweight man with round glasses, wearing a faded red tshirt. i ride past the ice cream shop and see the woman seated at a little round cement table at the end of the row of stores. i ride past her and make a little left turn , headed up a concrete switchback ramp. The ramp looks like it would lead up to a second level of the strip mall. I see the first turn in the switchback and know that i am dreaming. "im dreaming, im dreaming." i say i decide to ride into the wall, everything gets bright and clear, very defined, i wake up.

      I rolled over and checked my phone, it was now 5:05. The interval between falling asleep and recognizing the dream was probably about 3 minutes! Unfortunately the dream was very short.

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    7. Competition Thread #17

      by , 03-14-2014 at 01:25 PM
      Thursday night:
      2 entire dreams recalled= 2 pts.
      1 fragment recalled= .5 pt.
      successful WBTB = 3 pts.
      Lucid = 5 pts.
      successfu RC = 1

      Night points= 11.5
      New total 39 + 11.5 = 50.5

      Lucid dream follows:

      I am climbing a very tall, tightly spiraled staircase with my wife and several other people. It is metal and painted an brown-beige color, as are the walls of the space it occupies. I ask one of the other people how far we have to climb and he replies "25 stories." we climb and reach the top. The staircase ends on a large outdoor stone platform. It is very sunny out. The platform is raised and there is a large set of stone stairs leading up to it. The area surrounding the platform is like a beautiful park. The grass is green and there are gentle hills. There are large mature trees scattered around. I get stuck exiting the staircase in some of the metal structure. I get myself free and go down the steps into the grassy area. I see my wife ahead, there is sun shining on her and she looks amazingly beautiful (just like in real life). Something about the scenery gives me pause. I jump and notice that gravity seems weak. I strongly suspect that I am dreaming. I jump again and this time I do an amazing straight legged backflip. landing, I am sure I am dreaming. I call out to my wife "I am dreaming, this is all a dream!' she does not reply. I look at the sky and it is the most amazing deep blue with fractal-like wispy clouds. I remember to stabilize and try to rub my hands together. too late, the dream ends.
    8. Competition Thread #17 night 5 & 6

      by , 03-13-2014 at 01:41 PM
      Tuesday night: 1 fragment= .5
      Wednesday night: 1 dream = 1 pt.
      1 fragment = .5
      successful WBTB = 3 pts.
      Lucid= 5 pts.
      successful RC = 1
      Successful stabilize= 2pts.
      hand through a solid object = 4 pts
      move completely through solid object= 8 pts.
      Total for tuesday and wednesday = 25 pts

      Lucid on Wednesday:
      I went to bed at 9 p.m. I woke up at 2 a.m. and fell back asleep at 4:30 a.m.
      I am at a "school" which is in appearance my grandfather's house. It is fulll of people. Looking out a window,I see some threatening people approaching. I sneak out the back door and lie down in the gravel driveway, playing dead. My brother appears and tells me that we need to help the people in the school. We enter a house that is alongside the driveway, looking for something to use to defend the people in the other building. I climb a flight of stairs (the interior of this house appears like a barn). There are throwing darts (from the game) stuck in the steps. I pick them out as I climb the steps. At the top of the steps I see someone who looks as I did when I was about 12, doing something on a strange looking computer. There is something weird about the perspective. Thinking about this, I realize I am dreaming. Lucid, I state "I am dreaming" i Look at my hand to RC, it is very distorted. I have one thick central finger with little crumpled fingers growing out from each side. I rub my hands together to stabilize the dream. It feels like I am rubbing my hand on sandpaper. I feel "heat" from the "friction". I look around and the scene has changed. I am in a bedroom. One wall has blue wallpaper with white dots on it. The other walls are painted light yellow. There is a window. I remember my goal to push my hand through a solid object. I push both hands through the glass in the window pane. They pass cleanly through. I decide to crawl through the window. I bend down and push my head, shoulders, and torso through the pane of glass. When my head enters everything turns grey and indistinct. After passing through the window I am in bed. It is the guest room at my grandmother's house. I think I have woken up. I do a quick RC, looking at both hands. They are tiny, like a dolls hands on the end of my normal arms. I am still dreaming. I try to get up from the bed, but the covers are really heavy and moving is difficult. I wake up in my own bed.
    9. Lucid flying

      by , 02-23-2014 at 04:57 PM
      I am at a long dinner table eating with people from work. We are discussing new assessments. I express thinly veiled disdain at the idea of more testing. I am worried that they will think ill of me for holding such ideas. One colleague has a University of Northern Kentucky marching band costume on. A bottle of wine is produced.

      I step outside of my paternal grandparent's house. It is night. I walk down the driveway into the street. Everything is dim and shadowy. I recall my previous dream and realize that I am now dreaming. Lucid, I break into a run and leap into the sky. I remember mid jump that I should RC and stabilize the dream. I try to get my hands together. I am tumbling through space. I can't control my hands. I bring them up to my face and frantically try to rub them together. No dice. I wake up.

      WBTB (5 min) + MILD produced this. Second in as many nights.

      I have no aspirations to fly. I have no idea why this occurred. It was almost instinctual.
    10. Smoking weed at a gas station and lucid flying

      by , 02-22-2014 at 05:04 PM
      I am at a rather busy gas station with several other people, including the wife. There are security guards there and they have a policy that forbids taking of photographs. Those at the gas station have two options: 1. Give their phones/cameras to the security guards, or 2. Show the guards the "first and last photos" on said devices. I opt to give my phone to the guards. They disable it by taking a part off. I do not mind as I want to comply with the policy. Soon I am in the back of the gas station on a grassy hill with some unknown people. They want to smoke weed. I decide that even thought it has been 10 years, I will join them. We smoke out of some long, blue, dragon shaped pipe. I worry it will make me fall asleep. Then we are laying in the grass, which we can miraculously pull up over us like blankets. We look up at the night sky. There are beautiful stars all around. Next I am inside the station, in the stock room in the back. I am preparing to go somewhere by putting my shoes on. I notice there is weed strewn about on a shelf with other trash and debris. I pick it up. It looks like high quality. An employee peeks in and says "no talking to the security guards."


      I am in a car with the wife and several other people. We are driving along a wooded road. There are hills on either side of the road. Nestled in the hills are beautiful, ornate victorian greenhouses. They are all white wood framed and glass. There are small, wispy clouds around the peaks of the roofs of each. I think "it must be from the humidity escaping through the vents." The greenhouses are on both sides of the road. Each is more ornate and beautiful than the last.
      The last set are strange and futuristic. They are made of rectangular glass units. The units are stacked into various strange and seemingly impossible shapes. Then the units seem to be tents, with people in some of them, people leaving others. We arrive at a dusty, desert nature preserve. There are more of the tent units on impossible ridges and locations high in the hills. People are crawling along narrow paths to reach them. We lay down on the ground for some reason. Pebbles start to tumble down the cliff, small rocks that do not hurt us. They gradually increase in size until i tell everyone we need to get up or get crushed.
      I am then going to go for a hike with my wife. My parents are going to watch my children. I walk through a trailer that has been converted into a kitchen. My wife goes around the structure on the outside. I hear her voice through he windows. I see loads of fruit stacked in the trailer. There are a peaches and bananas. I exit the trailer and do not see my wife. I go back in looking for her and see the fruit again. She is not there. I go out to see if she is outside. she is not. I go in again. not there. I go out and realize as I open the door "This is strange...I am dreaming!!"
      Lucid, i drop some food that I have in my hands and immediately rub them together to stabilize the dream. I call out "maximum clarity and stability please!" Everything becomes amazingly vivid and crisp! I leap into the air and fly loop-de-loops under the wooden awning. I begin to sing the mantra of Avalokiteshvara as I am flying. After 5 repetitions, the dream fades and I wake up in my bed.

      WBTB: I fell asleep at 10, woke up at 2:30. I practiced MILD as I fell asleep and awoke from this dream at 4:30.