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    The Burning Basement, Work Regrets, Roller Coaster Malfunction, and More

    by , 09-25-2012 at 03:33 PM (525 Views)
    Dream - Lucid

    I was auditioning for some choir class, and the teacher, a woman, wanted us to do something crazy and dangerous before we could get into the class. I wasn't gonna do anything but sing for my audition; that was just overkill for her to ask us to do anything else. If that meant I couldn't be in the class, then so be it. I saw a girl stand in this one spot to start the audition.


    I was in a basement sitting at a round table with some people, Rachel T. from high school being one of them, and Jake may have been there too, I'm not sure. I don't remember who else was there. We all had baggies of weed. I had a very tiny amount in mine, Rachel had a ton, and whoever else was there had a bag with a ton.

    Then, all the sudden, I'm talking to my mom, who's freaking out. Apparently, the basement had partially caught fire. For some reason, in the dream, I pictured the inside of a car partially blackened from a fire, like it wasn't the basement, but a car. It was nighttime outside around the car.

    No one got hurt in the fire or anything, but my mom was freaking out nonetheless, more so about the weed. She said, through tears,
    "I thought you quit doing that stuff!"
    I said
    "I still do it sometimes," and I was thinking to myself that I did it once a month, but I don't think I told her that part.

    Then, we were in the basement again, the same people, the same situation. I thought about asking Rachel T. for some of her weed, since she had so much, and, since we were hanging out, maybe we were good enough friends to where it would be ok. I decided not to, however. I saw her putting the weed she had dumped out back into the bag.

    Someone was then lighting up a pipe, and, out of the top of the bowl, I noticed something molten, like lava, was about to drip out onto the carpet. I told whoever it was to be careful, and then saw it drip out onto the carpet. A small, glowing, orange spot was then on the carpet, and I feared the basement would burn again.

    I was right; the same thing happened again. Only this time, it was like I was in Minecraft, and all the sudden, I was floating around through tons and tons of lava blocks like I was in Creative Mode. I was afraid I was going to die, but I wasn't even getting hurt. I saw lots of lava and stone blocks, and lots of fire as well. It was like I had gone underneath the basement, and was trying to fly back up. It was weird.


    I was at my old college, standing outside one of the restaurants, one I worked at very briefly. It was very bright in the room. I saw someone standing around the register area on the other side of the counter, a woman, reviewing an application.
    "You are the best person for this job," she said to another girl. The girl, who was standing by the side door, I think, was very excited. They told her to come back there. I could barely watch; I hoped they didn't recognize me there.

    I then ran through the side door and behind the counter. I guessed they were closing; it appeared as if they were shutting down. Everything seemed neat and clean. There weren't many people back there, I think, actually, there was just one girl that I remember working with. She wasn't in uniform, she was wearing jeans instead of black pants, and she looked quite a bit more mature and calm than how I remember her. She was doing some cleaning. I only got a brief glimpse of her, however, and then, I ran out an opening on the other side that doesn't exist IWL.


    I was playing some game that appeared to be, upon first glance, a Roller Coaster Tycoon game. The game was set at nighttime. I was building a coaster that had a huge, steep hill, and then a drop. I built the hill extremely high, I think the game said it was like 100 meters high.

    I then was picking people to ride my coaster, from what looked like a Minecraft inventory. No one had names, but they were named by their occupations, and the images in the spaces in the inventory were close-ups on their faces. I picked a few people, and started the ride. I watched the cars go up and up and up, into the blue sky and clouds, even though it appeared to be nighttime. I was nervous, as if I was actually riding the coaster (IWL I'd be freaking out at the extremity of the height, though I do love roller coasters).

    As soon as the cars started to go over the hill, a bunch of them disconnected and flew off. Only the first one or two made it to the end of the drop, and then, the end of the ride. Oops. I guess the drop was too fast or something. I watched a car fly off into the distance, heading towards a mountain. I then got a notification in the top left corner of my screen, saying that part of my coaster crashed or malfunctioned, something like that. I then was on the inventory screen to pick more people to ride the coaster. I remember picking "Doctor", whose image was a close-up of the light thing they used to wear on their heads. I remember lots of white in the picture. I picked a few more, but can't remember exactly who they were.


    I was listening to myself talk to a psychiatrist, but I wasn't in body, nor could I see myself or the psychiatrist. I felt like I was in the office at some point. My view kept looking around as I listened to myself talk. I was trying to explain to the psychiatrist that I've always tried to do things right and avoid getting into trouble, and that I did this ever since I was a child in school. At first, she didn't understand what I meant, and repeated back to me a false assumption. I had to re-explain it to her. My view was then of a Minecraft cave, with some very shiny, silver blocks with a curved, spiky-looking pattern on them. I was excited for some new materials to mine, some that I had never seen before.
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      Again, way cool long, detailed dream! I'm going to have to keep an eye out for your dream entries! Great stuff!
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