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    1. Lucid, Geisha Training, and More!

      by , 02-17-2011 at 04:37 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid - AP

      I was looking into some room, it looked like a dressing room. In the corner of my vision, I saw a little picture of 2 cartoonified bears, one in a red box and one in a green, each with gauges in the boxes, again, one red and one green. The red one kept filling up and the bear kept getting angry, while the green one stayed calm. Then they switched places.

      Then, I was looking in the mirror of the dressing room, shaving my face...I thought I was shaving my upper lip, but I looked again, and I was shaving my cheek (weird). I could see the detail of the stubble. Then, I dragged the razor over my upper lip and a clump of hairs came out.

      Then, I was in my room, sitting on my bed. Two young women walked into the room. They were about my age, maybe a little older.
      Something clicked in my head, and I realized I was dreaming. Everything became vivid for a second, then started to darken again. I said to the women:

      "Hey! This is a dream! I'm dreaming!"

      They looked at me with these confused smiles on their faces. I stared to fly up through the ceiling, and everything went black. Then, I was back on my bed and the girls were still in the room. I told them I'd prove to them it was a dream, and took each one by the hand and tried to fly with them. I hovered, but they stayed put because I could not lift them. I let go of their hands and went up through the ceiling again. This time, the ceiling turned transparent, and there was a duplicate of my room above me. Then, it turned into a blue space, with water upside down on the ceiling. I splashed into the water, exited, and then repeated that a few times.


      I was at some geisha training thing with Kacey, who was apparently very skilled at the art. Though it wasn't typical geisha training...it was a mixture of ballet and gymnastics. I'm pretty sure we were outside. I was with a big group of girls, and there were two courses to take: the easy one, which I don't remember what the training for that was, and the hard one, which was a gymnastics beam, and we had to learn how to walk over it in different ways. We tried out, and I was picked for the beam training, the one that Kacey had taken. There was a very strict man teaching the course. He showed us what he wanted us to do on the beam, and it was some weird jump thing...I can't explain it. I told Kacey I couldn't do that because my legs were too short, so she told me to roll across the beam instead.

      For some reason, during the 2nd lesson, I sat out with another girl who was on the other training course. I watched both training courses from the picnic table I was sitting at. My feet were aching from the training. I felt like I was going to be very behind when I went back to the training since I was sitting out on the lesson.


      I was looking at a black woman's Facebook page. She looked like a woman who frequents the coffee shop I work at. Her picture was of her standing up with a huge smile on her face. I read the posts on her wall, and they were all very inspirational. Apparently, she was very well-liked. After every wall post, the woman wrote back "Thank you!". I remember one wall post saying something like "Her house is at the end of the street!", but she meant it in a symbolic way, it's hard to explain. It's like her house was the be all end all, it was the end of sadness, something along those lines.


      I think we were in a hotel. I remember seeing all these Barney the Dinosaur stickers, all stuck together, that said "Don't do drugs!". I pulled the stickers apart as I watched a TV program, but I don't remember what I did with them.

      Then, I had apparently stolen 3 car motors, and was driving away from the mall with them. I felt guilty about stealing them. I can't even remember why I needed them.

      I also remember asking my brother about my 2 closets that I apparently had in the dream. Something about clean clothes being in one, and one of them was locked. I remember answering my own question.

      Then, I saw a picture of my brother, taken by my dad. My brother was sitting on his knees on the dry, dirt ground, and he was looking up at the camera, neither smiling nor frowning. He looked like he was longing for something. You could see my dad's feet in the picture.

      I really need to do something in my LDs other than fly through the ceiling. I always think of all these awesome things to do in them when I'm awake, but I rarely remember to do them in the dream. Grr.

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    2. Projection and The Moon

      by , 02-12-2011 at 11:42 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid - Other

      Last night before I went to bed, I took a Tylenol that had codeine in it, because I was in a lot of pain (thanks to mother nature). I should note that I very rarely take these, this is probably the 3rd or 4th time in my life that I've taken one. Let me tell you...I had a very intense experience. For now, I'm going to categorize it as "other" to separate it from the "dream" and "lucid" categories.

      I was in sleep paralysis. I started to sit up slowly. I thought I was doing so in waking life. I thought it was my real body sitting up. But then, I seemed to float. I could still feel the sleep paralysis and heaviness of my body. I opened my heavy eyes, and looked in the mirror. I saw my body lying in bed in the reflection. I kept feeling this "tugging" feeling to go back to my body, and, after trying to resist the feeling, I inevitably returned.

      After that, I was transitioning in and out of this state over and over again, every time feeling my body in sleep paralysis even though I wasn't "in" my body. Sometimes, I could manipulate the light in the room, like I could "turn" the lights on and off. One time, I pulled myself up out of my body, and was looking over my body in bed, and I saw myself blinking my eyes open and shut. This freaked me out, so I went back. I kept wanting to fly through the ceiling, to get out of my room each time, but the "tugging" sensation always brought me back.

      I also sleep with a sleeping mask on, and in one of these experiences, I felt like it was covering my eyes and I couldn't see, so I kept taking off "layers" of the sleeping mask to improve my vision, which only worked slightly. Each time prior to this, though, I could feel the sleeping mask, but could see pretty clearly.

      I also started trying to "roll out" of my body. I would feel myself turning over and over, and when I felt ready, I'd "roll out" of my body.

      Each one of these experiences was pretty brief, with the first few being the longest. I finally decided to dream, and stop trying to project, or whatever was going on.

      Then, I had a lucid dream, where I was in a different version of my house, trying to project like I had been doing previously. I dreamed I was sitting up in a chair, trying to exit my body. I remember my mom being in the room too. This kept happening over and over again. It was like I was trying to show my mom what I was doing.

      Then, I was in the street of my dream neighborhood. It was nighttime out, and very vivid.

      All the sudden, I was flying through space, and then, there was the moon, right in front of me, rotating, looking very different, like there was some sort of community built there. I thought about WakingNomad and his visits to the moon. I kept feeling like I was going to wake up or lose the dream, but I was determined to stay in it. Everything blacked out, and then I was on the moon in one of the buildings. I examined my hands to induce clarity. Two young men approached me, and asked if I knew where WakingNomad was. I told them no, I was actually looking for him myself. I turned one of the windows in the building into stained glass. I didn't have any particular pattern in mind, but what came out was a cross in front of an airplane. Then, I entered the room into which the window looked into, and there were those stained glass windows,with the crosses in front of the planes everywhere in the room.

      At one point in this dream, I tried creating a portal by saying "Portal, appear!", as I usually do. I think I was already on the moon when this happened, and I either woke up or entered another dream upon doing this.

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    3. Lucid, FAs, and Weirdness.

      by , 02-08-2011 at 04:51 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I slept pretty hard last night, so a lot of my recall is shot till I had some dreams/FAs/weird experiences this morning. I do remember a fragment from the night though.

      I was at my grandparents' house, smoking weed with my grandpa. I wasn't supposed to do it again for some reason, but I found some extra that I didn't know I had, and hid it away. I also almost took a whole bunch of my grandpa's weed, but decided against it.


      I was in my high school's band room, but I think it was supposed to be elementary school. There were kids standing by the door, lining up like they were ready to go somewhere. The teacher, my old 2nd grade teacher to be exact, was standing at a podium at the front of the room. It was very quiet, and I realized I was dreaming. I examined my hands, and counted 6 fingers on my right hand. I looked at one of the girls standing in the room, Chelsea, and I said

      "Chelsea! I'm dreaming!"

      She just looked at me and smiled. The look on her face and on the faces of all the other kids who were now staring at me, was one of pity, like I was crazy and they felt sorry for me, but they were going to humor me by smiling and keeping silent.

      I examined my hands again to induce some clarity, but I felt myself losing the dream. I shouted "Increase vividness!", and I still felt like I was losing the dream, but a little more slowly now. I felt one of the chairs closest to me, and felt the hard plastic material it was made out of. I started to fly through the ceiling, when I woke up into an FA.

      I woke up in my bed, and looked at my phone for the time. 8:30, right when I was supposed to get up. One of our cats, Pounce, walked into the room and jumped on my bed. I pet her a little, and she started to scratch herself. She drooled everywhere (she drools in waking life, haha). I said "Are you drooling, Pouncer?". Her drool got all over one of my green school notebooks that she was sitting on. I looked up, and there was a TV in front of me, with some weird episode of Family Guy where everyone looked like purple aliens.

      After this, I really woke up. Tossed and turned a bit to get a little more sleep before I had to get up.


      I woke up again, this time to my alarm going off. I looked at my phone. 8:30. I tried to turn the alarm off, which was barely going off in the first place, and ended up accidentally resetting it to go off. I finally got it turned off, and got up to get in the shower.

      I entered the bathroom. It was very dim, and the sinks were missing. It was also bigger than my waking life bathroom. I went to turn on a light switch, but the wall around it was covered in these light brown moving spots. I went to the other side of the bathroom to try to use the other light switch, but it too was surrounded by these light brown moving spots. I wondered to myself if they were bugs. I repeated the process of going back and forth a couple of times, now trying to turn on a light to see if the spots really were bugs. I decided that they were, even though I never got to touch the light switches to see for sure. I thought to myself "I could go to another bathroom without these bugs in it if I were dreaming."

      Then, I was in my bed, but it took me a minute to figure out where I was. There was a mirror behind me, but when I tried to sit up to look in it, I couldn't see my reflection. In fact, moving itself was a chore. I could barely keep my eyes open, they were very heavy. I was trying to look around, but it was so difficult to keep my eyes open, just looking around my room was a chore. I closed them for a minute, but forced them open again, because I knew I'd wake up if I closed them. I wondered if I was having an OBE. I tried to fly, but couldn't. My body felt very heavy. I fell onto the floor, still with my eyes struggling to stay open. I don't remember seeing my body on the bed, so I was then very unsure of what was really going on. I knew I wasn't awake. I then got up off the floor, put my feet on the edge of the bed, and was lying down in midair, with nothing supporting my weight but my feet on the edge of the bed.

      Very strange experience...very strange indeed.

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    4. Weird-Ass Dreams...o_o

      by , 02-04-2011 at 06:06 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in my old apartment, in the bathroom. I had a record player and some old CD's I was playing on it. I think I was trying to play an old Eiffel65 CD. Everything was dark, and the remote for my record player wasn't working. I wondered to myself what made me want to live alone again, since I had moved home because I didn't want to live alone. I tried the remote again, and it tried to make me enter a password on the digital screen of the player. I didn't know the password. I left the apartment, and tried to call my mom because I was lonely. I got some weird hold music and a weird pre-recorded hold message. I saw many people in beds as I was going down the stairs. I had to step over them, because it seemed like their beds were just kind of in the middle of nowhere. I remember one of the sleeping people being an old friend, Alex.


      I was shopping for bargian Christmas decorations and ornaments for my mom. I found a few, but they were ones she had bought and returned because she ended up not liking them.

      I was then in my house, looking at these things through the glass of one of our cupboards. I asked my mom some questions about them, asking if she had previously had this blue Christmas decoration that lit up. It had big, blue stars and a cartoonified Santa on top.

      Then, my mom started trying to come on to me? (Fucking WEIRD), and asked me if I was a lesbian. I told her no, I was 100% straight. Then, she admittid she was a lesbian. WTF MOMENT. I was dumbfounded.

      Then, I was at this scavenger hunt thing with a group of sorority girls, the leader of whom was an old friend I met when I lived in the dorms, Nicki. I was holding a cute little handbag with a swirly, multi-colored 70's pattern on it. A girl asked me how to open it, because she didn't know how. The prize for the scavenger hunt was gaining access to some secret sorority information, which I didn't care about. I was just doing the hunt to humor Nicki. We went around for awhile, finding hints and such, when I saw my mom and one of my female professors (who is very butch-looking in waking life) trying to attach some sort of tag onto a magent on a refrigerator, proclaiming that my mom was a lesbian. They were having trouble with it, and, with tears in my eyes, I helped my mom attach the tag to the fridge. It was like an ID tag, saying she was gay. I went into the next room, and my mom was laying on a couch. I was very upset with her. I yelled,
      "You're not my mother!", and she didn't say anything.
      I wasn't upset because she was gay, I was upset because she had hid it and tried to cover it up for so long. I was upset because she wasn't being true to herself. I asked her
      "Why did you even marry dad?", to which I recieved no reply. She just gave me a solemn look.
      Then, my dad appeared in place of my mom, saying that a divorce would be too expensive or something along those lines.


      I was in some sort of videogame similar to Little Big Planet. I was skateboarding up some obstacles, and kept having to restart because I kept falling back to the bottom of the course. I got to this huge, blue slide, and took a carpet-type thing and slid down it. Someone I knew from high school, an obese guy, was trailing behind me, saying that he could go faster if he wasn't so big. I was flying down the slide, having a great time.

      I then figured out that my cousin was going to Germany, and taking Belle, my kitten with her for a 2 week trip. She was going to take her as a carry-on on the airplane. I had apparently agreed to let her do this, because she didn't want to go alone. I had told her that Belle was very "travel-friendly" (she's not at all in waking life). I remembered telling her this when we were very young. I regretted this decision.

      Then, I was in the car with my mom, going to our house. I was crying and very upset about her taking Belle, because apparently, she had come to get her already and was gone. I tried to deny ever letting my cousin take her, but my mom told me that I had already agreed to it. I told her I wanted to change my mind, and I wanted Belle back. Nothing worked. I then figured out that they probably wouldn't let the cat over there anyway for some reason.

      I started to wake up, but my head screamed "I'M DREAMING! I'M DREAMING!", but I thought it was too late. I was then back in the dream, in my room. I examined my right hand. I counted 6 fingers. I flew around a little bit, frantically thinking about my dream guide. I went down into the kitchen, and wanted to find the young black man from my previous LD. I told him to appear in the broom closet. I opened the door, and he wasn't in there. I then yelled
      "Dream Guide, APPEAR!"
      Nothing happened.
      I started trying to float up through the ceiling, thinking about how easily I could fly in LDs now. I broke the celing, and saw lots of insulation. I floated back down, examined my hands trying to prolong the dream, but I inevitably woke up.


      I was at work, at another location we had apparently opened up. I wasn't working, just observing. It was all men who were working there, and all they were serving was cold coffee drinks and food. No hot coffee. I saw a nasty kitchen that was visible to the public through glass. I saw a little black girl, and she started telling me about how she didn't want a grilled cheese because it had so much stuff on it. I asked her what she got, and forgot what she said. She said something about her daddy buying her houses. I answered her and turned around, and a girl in line thought I was talking to her. I told her I wasn't.

      Then, Andrew, a man who used to work at the shop in waking life, told me they could used my help. I said ok. I looked behind the glass and saw this nasty machine that squirted mayo on sandwiches. I gagged.

      Then, I was apprently on break from work, and trying to clock back in. I saw a touch-screen computer station to clock in on, and entered my number to clock back in, and this little mechanical arm with a small arrow-point on the end emerged. It started to prod and poke my hand. It didn't hurt, but felt very uncomfortable. When it was done, it said on the screen "SPECIMEN RECOGNIZED".

      Then, I was in the car at a stoplight of an intersection. My friend, Jase, was in the car in front of me. He was talking on the phone and smoking a cigarette. The car was red and submarine-like. He was trying to turn, but was very close to my car. I ignored him, when I felt someone hit my car. Apparently, Jase hadn't been paying much attention to the road. I looked up, and Jase was wrecked into my car and a jeep. The jeep was totaled. The guy inside, who was about our age, looked very annoyed. We all pulled over, and I put my emergency lights on. Jase apologized to me, and I looked at my front bumper where he had hit me, and there was nothing more than a scratch. I told him it was fine. I thought that I was probably going to be late for work, but I didn't care too much.

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    5. The Search for My Dream Guide

      by , 01-31-2011 at 03:28 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I had a very strong urge to try to have a lucid dream all day yesterday, so I did my MILD mantras before bed. ("I will become lucid"). They worked wonders...I had the longest LDs I've ever had.

      I also want to find my dream guide pretty badly, so that was my goal going to sleep.

      I was at my elementary school, apparently taking the 4th grade again. I was the same age I am now though, 22. I went into my classroom, and my 4th grade teacher was there, Mrs. B. She looked the same, only she had 2 nose rings, one in each nostril, and many earrings. She saw me, and told me I looked familiar I said "It's me, Krista, you had me 1999-2000 (not true in waking life)." She thought for a minute, but didn't say anything.

      Class started, and no one was talking. The teacher was sitting at her desk, doing some work. I didn't want to repeat the 4th grade, I was not happy about being there! I stared at this one girl with short red hair for awhile, that looked like a girl I really did go to elementary school with. She smiled at me and stared back.

      I wanted to get out of there, and realized I was dreaming. I took off through the ceiling, going up through empty classroom after empty classroom. I don't really recall where I ended up, but I created a portal by saying "Portal, APPEAR!". I didn't know where I was going, I just wanted to create a portal. I heard some ambient music, and a white light outlined in bright yellow appeared. I jumped through it, tumbling through the darkness for awhile. I don't really remember where I came out, I think I was at the same place I had originally created the portal.

      I couldn't remember what I wanted to do, so I thought I'd create a portal to GMoney's dream. I started, and a portal similar to the first appeared, only this one was outlined in bright red. I decided to abandon the effort though. I then wanted to create a portal to Ryan's dream, but try as I might, it wouldn't work.

      Then, I was back in my classroom. I floated lazily towards the ceiling, but when I hit it to go through it, it felt solid. I floated back down and blasted through the ceiling with more force, and it worked. I floated through the empty classrooms again, and then I heard a voice ask me if I wanted to go to a world where yaks rode on humans. I said ok, and was taken there. It was outside of my elementary school at night. It was snowing. I ran through the snow, and saw a bunch of cars in the parking lot. I wondered to myself how yaks could possibly drive cars, and decided they must be made differently. I then saw a group of yaks walking towards the school on their hind legs, with human clothes on. Then, I saw some humans standing by the school. It was a group of 2 or 3 teenage boys. They looked normal enough, nothing weird about them.

      Then, I either woke up for a second or I had a false awakening. I remember asking myself if I was having a false awakening, and I decided that I wasn't. It was very dark, and my eyes felt like I had fallen asleep in my contacts. Then, I either fell asleep again, or the FA continued, and I was up writing down my LD in my dream journal.

      Then, I was suddenly standing by a beach. The sky was very cloudy, like it might storm. There was a HUGE wave forming. It was a beautiful greenish-blue, and very clear. I could see thousands of fish in the wave. I knew I was dreaming immediately, and stopped the wave from crashing to the shore. I turned around, and there was a young black man standing there. I then remembered my original goal before I went to bed: To find my dream guide. The man smiled at me, and I hugged him. I pulled away, and, with my arms still around his neck, I asked him if he was my dream guide. He laughed, and told me no, he wasn't. I then asked him if he was just a dream character, and he said he was one of many. I then asked him if I did indeed have a dream guide, and he told me yes. I asked him to take me to him, and he said he would.

      I examined my hands to induce clarity, but they were very out of focus. My DC came up behind me, took my shoulders in his hands, and started to gently sway my to the right and to the left while talking to me. I figured he was trying to keep me in the dream. I glanced over at the wave, which was still stopped. Around it was a very, very vivid triple rainbow.

      My DC jumped into the ocean, and I followed. We swam underwater. I was having trouble breathing for some reason. It felt like a heavy weight was on my chest every time I took a breath. I ignored it though, because I knew I'd be alright since I was dreaming. For a brief moment, the ocean floor became a set of digital-looking white circles, but quickly changed back. I remember the ocean being very dark.

      Suddenly, my DC and I were in what looked like a small basement storeroom of some sort. It was well-lit, and the walls were white. There was a table off to the right with a few men sitting at it. My DC told them that I wanted to go meet my dream guide. We walked on. He told me to take this very flimsy looking paper key and put it in the lock of this electrical breaker box. I did as I was told, though the key didn't really go in the lock because it was paper. I turned it, and woke up.

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    6. Heaven, Spinach Weed, and an LD!

      by , 01-25-2011 at 04:55 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at a pool with Ryan and someone else. It was dusk, and continued getting darker and colder outside. We weren't supposed to be there. If we stayed and/or got back in the pool, we'd never be allowed to come back. The seasons were also changing. I needed help getting a raft out of the pool, so I asked Ryan to help me. He helped me to get it out, and we ran off through the woods, with him in front of me. We were laughing as we ran.

      Then, we came across one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. There were glistening waterfalls everywhere, reflecting different colors, and they were running backwards. In the middle of the dreamscape, there was one big waterfall with a huge shimmering sphere on the top. The sky looked like dawn. I was awestruck. It was beautiful. This description doesn't even do it justice. I heard a voice, it sounded like the narrator from Little Big Planet. It said something like this:

      "You see? The only difference between us is that it's not hard for us. It's more difficult for you."

      The voice was very calm and comforting.


      I was at my friend Courtney's family's house. We were in the living room with her two younger brothers. The living room looked like it did when we were in middle school. Courtney said something about wanting to go to my place later because she wanted to smoke weed. Well, that was a problem, because I didn't have any weed. I stopped smoking it. So Courtney asked one of her brothers, Tyler, if he had any. He said yes, so she went to get it.

      She came back with a baggie of weed, but it looked like raw spinach leaves. She took a handful and put it in a vase of water, and put whipped cream on the top. Apparently, this was supposed to get you high if you sat near it and just kind of smelled it for awhile. So that's what we did, and it did get us high.


      I was looking at my friend Bret's Facebook page. I saw pictures of him and his older sister. She was graduating college, and he was with her in the pictures, looking very sad. She was apparently graduating from Brown University. She had a red cap and gown on in the pictures. I think he wanted the honor of graduating from Brown. His sister looked like she was trying to cheer him up in the pictures. I wrote on his wall, recollecting a "memory" of us doing lots of drugs together, and how much fun we had had.


      I was at a coffee shop, I think it was Einstein's (a coffee and bagel shop). It was very crowded, and I was sitting with my friends Sara, Sarah, Leigh, and Stephanie at a booth. The waiter, a man with short, curly hair, resembling a customer that frequents the shop I work at in waking life, came up to our table to take our orders. I ordered a small cappucino and a sandwich. The waiter told me that they were out of small cups...all they had left were larges. I told him alright, give me a large, but just fill it halfway up and charge me for a small, because there was no way I could drink a large. He left to go fill our order. I watched him go to this big bar in the middle of the shop, where they did all their cooking and drink building.

      We all sat around and talked for awhile, and it seemed like our order was taking forever. Finally, the waiter came back with our drinks. He placed a small mug in front of me that was only half full. He left before I could say anything about it. Everyone else's orders were correct. I also didn't have the sandwich I had ordered. Stephanie offered me some of her tomato basil soup, but I said no thank you, and that I had eaten that for lunch that day. I got up to get my drink corrected.

      Then, I was outside, and there was a huge line of people dressed in Renaissance clothing, all waiting to get into Einstein's, but they were all waiting outside not a shop, but an area full of tents. The sky was cloudy. I approached the manager, a bigger Indian or African man with light brown skin. He was also dressed in Renaissance clothing. I said hello, and he shook my hand. I told him I had a complaint, and he told me to follow him to his tent. We went up to his tent, and I told him about the drink mishap. He nodded and listened. Every time I looked at him, his skin got darker and darker.

      I don't remember what he said, but he seemed...off. Like he had something up his sleeve. I realized I was dreaming, but kept talking to him. Then, as I got up to leave, I decided to take control of the dream. I examined my hands to induce clarity. I started to float upwards, but then, I remembered one of my lucid goals: To talk to a dream character. I turned around, and said,

      "You know what? This is a dream!"
      He didn't seem to believe me, so I kept talking. I decided to ask him some questions.
      "What's 2+2?", I asked.
      "4!", he replied.
      "Ok, what's my middle name?"
      "Nicole!", he replied.
      I continued,
      "Now how could you know that if we just met today? How could you possibly know my middle name?"
      He got very flustered, and said
      "Uh, um...uh...because...because..."
      I finished for him.
      "Because you're a projection of my subconscious!", I said triumphantly.

      I decided to get out of the tent by floating up through the top of the tent. I flew up, and started to tear through the burlap of the tent. I felt how real the burlap felt. I tore through layers and layers of it, and then everything went black, and I woke up.

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    7. An Interesting Set of Dreams, Including an LD and FA...Definitely a Good Night! :D

      by , 01-22-2011 at 06:34 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at work, serving some special coffee drink to a table.


      I was telling someone about the above dream, I think it was my mom, and she thought it was “wild”.


      I was working with my friend/coworker Tori. The lights weren’t on in the coffee shop. A couple that frequents the shop came in, and the woman asked me if we still had the special that was on the board. I turned around to see what the special even was, and it said “piggys in a blanket”. I told her to hold on, and I’d go check. I went and asked Tori, and she said yes, we still had it, and showed me where the “piggys in a blanket” were. I told the lady we had them, so that’s what she ordered. I got the little link sausages wrapped in crescent rolls out of this small box, and put 6 of them on a plate. I couldn’t decide whether to give her 5 or 6 though. I finally decided on 5, and put one of them back.


      I was in a building at my college, the old gym, with my brother. A girl I’ve known since middle school, Amanda, was there. Apparently, she had never really liked me. I wanted to know why, so before we left the building, I demanded that she tell me why she had never liked me. She told me to hold on, she was going to use the bathroom, but she’d tell me when she got out.

      As soon as she went into the bathroom, a big, light blue neon sign appeared on the wall close to the ceiling that said “Emotions” in cursive. It lit up the room. Apparently, this was normal for her, and I told my brother that. I “remembered” that, usually, it would immediately go away and be replaced by another neon sign, this time red, that said “try harder” in cursive.

      Amanda finally came out of the bathroom, and the sign did something new. It turned white and said “please wait”, again in cursive. Then, it changed again, and said something along the lines of “congratulations”. Amanda was overjoyed, because she had always gotten the “try harder” sign, no matter what. I cried tears of joy for her, I was so happy. She hugged me and thanked me for being such a good friend. I was overcome with emotion. I told her how happy I was for her. I looked at her face, and it was covered in scratches and bruises, but she still looked so happy. I left with my brother, still crying tears of joy. I then explained to my brother that, usually, when the “try harder” sign appeared, enemies popped out and she had to fight them off. I “remembered” when this had happened in high school.

      When I woke up, I still felt like crying, it was intense.


      I was in a giant warehouse. A customer from the coffee shop, a man who constantly cheats on his wife with pretty young female students (he’s an anatomy teacher at my college) in waking life, was there. He had a huge tattoo-type thing on his leg that said “FAMILY” in black lettering, though I hesitate to call it a tattoo, because it was like it was a part of him internally. It’s weird, it was like engraved into him.

      I was supposed to kill him. I had been spying on him for a lot of the dream, and I somehow injected a slow-acting acid into him. I tracked the progress of the acid by watching his “tattoo”. I noticed the acid filling up the letters, and eating away at the “Y” of “FAMILY”. He didn’t notice it at first.

      At some point, I talked to his wife, and discussed all of this stuff with her. She was kind of in on it, but reluctantly, because she loved him.

      I finally saw the acid take full effect. I saw him bleeding profusely on the floor, in agony and pain. I felt horrible. I cried. Then, I knew I had to shoot him. But then, he had a gun. He was suddenly up off the floor, and was pointing the gun at me. He looked crazy, like he had gone completely mad. I was terrified, and tried to wish a force field around me, to protect me from the bullets, because I was dreaming.

      Wait, I’m dreaming! The bullet came out of the gun, but when it hit me, it felt like a pebble bouncing off of my body. I examined my hands to steady to dream and induce clarity. I told the guy it was a dream, and he looked pretty happy about it. He smiled, and his outfit changed to this white and red suit. I turned around and saw a bunch of computers. Most of the screens were black, and had random letters and numbers on them. I tried typing in “Access Krista’s memories”, but nothing happened.

      I was so excited to be in an LD, I couldn’t remember any of the goals I had set. I decided to, of course, fly. I blasted through the ceiling, and flew into the night. I felt a little unsteady, but I overcame it quickly. I flew over The Avenue, an outdoor shopping complex in my town. I decided to check out The Icing, a Claire’s-type jewelry store. There were a few people in there, but not many. I saw a pair of pretty, dark blue dangly earrings, and took them (stealing isn’t something I’d ever do in waking life, no idea why I decided to do it in the dream). I put them on, and flew out of the store. Then, I remember being on the ground again, and trying to will a hand-held mirror into my hands so I could see the earrings. Nothing happened. Then, for some reason, I tried to will fire to appear in my hands. All I got was smoke. In all my excitement of the LD, I had forgotten that verbal commands are what work best for me when I’m lucid, I suppose. I took off into the air again.

      Then, I "woke up" in my mom’s car, and it was morning. We were driving, but I’m not sure where. I looked at the digital clock in the car, and it said it was 9:17. Crap! I had a 9:10 class, and I had missed it. I asked my mom what happened, and got no reply. All she told me was that I needed to take off my atrocious earrings.

      Huh? I still had the earrings from my LD, only now they were bunches of blue, dangly bells. I started to get upset with myself for stealing them. Then, I thought about class again, and my brother asked me what I was going to do about that. I told him I didn’t know, and started recording my dream in my dream journal.

      Then, I woke up for real, in plenty of time for class.

      I'm usually excited to be LDing, but for some reason, the excitement this time was really intense. So intense that I couldn't remember any of my LD goals I have set.

      I also seem to end up in a lot of giant warehouse-type places before I become lucid, or sometimes after. Hmm...very interesting.

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    8. Another MILD! Woohoo!!

      by , 01-13-2011 at 04:14 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I MILDed again!

      I just used my mantra of "I will become lucid" and also said "I will reality check" a couple of times. Yay! I'm glad I found a method that works. Thanks, Matte!

      I was at my house. Some mini leprechaun guy, I think it was supposed to be a guy I know in waking life named Jonni, killed my friend/coworker Virginia in her sleep at her apartment. He was very smart, so there's no way she or anyone could elude him, even if the attack was known about in advance. I was terrified this would happen to me, and my parents were at a movie. I was home alone, and it was getting late. I tried to call my mom and she said they'd be home soon. I fell asleep and woke up quite a few times, each time with a wave of terror upon waking. I called my mom a few more times. I fell asleep and woke up again, and my mom was home, working in her office. It was midnight. I went over to her and told her how scared I was. She seemed annoyed and told me she could just give me a Xanax and lay there with me until I fell asleep, but she truthfully hated doing that for my dad. She said if I didn't fall asleep, she wouldn't do it. I got excited and told her I promised I'd fall asleep. I thought to myself even if I didn't fall asleep, I could pretend so she wouldn't leave.


      I had another dream, but I swore I'd remember it and didn't write it down. Guess what? I forgot it. I fell asleep and woke up again, and decided to MILD. I did my mantras until I fell asleep.


      I was in an episode of Family Guy. The story was about how one of the characters met his wife. It wasn't a very funny episode though. We were on a bus going to basic training for the military. I was sitting with a younger version of Peter. He pulled out a bag of pot mixed with cocaine, and said we could just do the coke off our fingers. I really didn't want to do that. He had just pulled it out, opened it, and stared at it for awhile.

      We got to basic training. It was nighttime outside. We walked through the grass to a screened-in shed that had many seats in front of a stage-type thing with a podium on it for a speaker. We were supposed to listen to someone talk, but they weren't there yet. I smoked a cigarette with Peter. We saw the girl that one of the characters was supposed to meet. She was a cartoon with long, brown, wavy hair and she was dressed all in blue. She smiled flirtatiously as she flipped her hair. Peter's voice came on in the background to say something like "And there she was.".

      The speaker finally came, a big black woman, and we all sat in the chairs. We listened to her talk, and she told us that we had to get up at 5 A.M. every day because one of the people in charge had to get up that early. I thought that was a little ridiculous, but it was the military, so I didn't argue. We were dismissed. I took Peter's hand and he offered me a cigarette. I took one, and he lit mine off of his. We walked past this little area where there were big rocks surrounding a tree in a semi circle. Morrie from Tuesdays With Morrie was there, all cartoonified. Him and Peter made some sort of joke, and we kept walking. We went into another little screened-in shed. There was a big banner lying on a table to welcome us. A big rainbow appeared on the banner. I thought it was very sarcastic sounding, since it was welcoming us to the military.

      Wait what? Rainbows don't just appear on banners. I was dreaming! I knew the dream was almost over, but I examined my hands anyway to induce clarity. Things kept fading, but I finally stabilized them a bit. I did an RC. There was a chalkboard/marker board in the room. It had an orange spiral drawn on it with text inside of it. There were little stick people drawn off to the side. I glanced away and looked back. The text had changed, and the spiral was smaller. I floated up through the ceiling and ended up inside my family's bonus room. I could feel that I was going to wake up any minute, so I quickly thought of something I could do in a short amount of time. I decided to fly through space, if only for a minute. I took off through the ceiling and I was in space! It was beautiful. There were purpleish-blue stars everywhere, and I saw an orange galaxy off in the distance. It was amazing. It only lasted a few seconds though, before it started to fade to black.
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    9. MILD...It Really Works!!

      by , 01-11-2011 at 06:10 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      So excited that I was lucid again, even if it for a very short amount of time. I used the WBTB and MILD methods, though the WBTB was not intentional. I must say I'll have to try MILD again, because it definitely seemed to work. I repeated to myself in my head "I will become lucid." I paired that with my breathing ("I will" on the inhale and "become lucid" on the exhale). Even if it wasn't instant lucidity, it still seemed to work.

      My mom kept coming into my room to turn my TV and the closet light off, and I'd wake up every time and turn them back on. I said something to her about it and she told me she'd stop as long as I turned the volume on the TV down. Ziggy, my old cat from waking life (we had to put him down when I was 14) was there, looking young and healthy. I thought to myself "He's not dead at all, why do I keep thinking he is?"


      There was a city in the future, but it was medieval-looking. I wasn't really "there", it was kinda like I was watching a movie, but not. I was passively watching events go by. Anyway, they had cellphones, and lots of futuristic technology. They lived in castles built on top of bare ground. There was no grass or trees to be seen anywhere. These two people, a guy and a girl, I think they were teens or young adults, were very adventurous. The boy took the girl to explore an abandoned city. It looked a lot like New York, only it was very run down and deserted. It was from the distant past. Their medieval city was on the outskirts of this run-down New York. They were in an old skyscraper, when everyone started to evacuate and run for their lives. I thought it was because the building was going to topple over, but it looked steady to me. I couldn't figure out why everyone was evacuating so quickly.


      There was a little boy and his mother. We were all sitting at a kitchen table, I think it was in my family's kitchen. We were all supposed to go to some high school football game or something, and I didn't really want to, but I knew I had to. The little boy did an impression of Snuffy from Sesame Street (the big brown, hairy elephant). He pulled his ears with his hands, and wiggled them. I laughed and said
      "Wow! He can really wiggle his ears!"


      After that last dream, I woke up and wrote in my dream journal. This is when I decided to try to MILD.

      I was in a restaurant, a bar I think, and I was tending. There was a very quiet, soft-spoken lady there ordering. There was also this model town, kind of like in the game Epic Mickey (I just picked this up in waking life and I can't stop playing it, haha). I jumped into it, and ended up in this giant grocery store. It looked like Kroger, but much bigger with very high ceilings. I was walking down the aisles and encountering many people. I tried to talk to them all, but they were all mean and wouldn't have anything to do with me. I didn't know why. I finally came up to this Mexican man and tried to talk to him. I was very nice and polite. He started telling me that it was too late, and I should have been nicer to him when I had the chance. He called his wife over, and they walked away. I then "remembered" that I had been to that store before, and was very mean to all of those people, and they hadn't forgotten. I was extremely sad and ashamed.

      Then, I somehow realized I was dreaming. I examined my hands, and saw that a lot of my fingers were growing together and were kind of distorted. I felt the dream fading, so I did it again. I started to float up to the ceiling, and did it even though I felt like weights were trying to push me back down. I couldn't figure out what to do. I saw a man go towards this door in the middle of the customer service area. It wasn't attached to a wall or anything. As he turned the knob, he turned around and smiled at me. Instead of following him, which I felt I should have, I had the idea of trying to share a dream. I created a portal like I had in the past, by sticking out my hand and saying "Portal, APPEAR!", but it didn't look the same as my other portals. Instead, it was a small circle with white and rainbow light radiating from the center. I tried to jump in before it had fully manifested, and ended up tumbling through the air in the store. I ended up next to a projector screen, like in Epic Mickey. It wasn't operational though.


      Austin had cut his hair (which he really needs to do in waking life, haha), and had gotten a couple of strands dyed light purple and light pink. We laid down in my bed to watch a movie, and I knew he wanted to have sex, but I was on my period. Then, I remember having a big "Elizabethean collar" on, which is a cone-shaped collar that you put on animals after surgery so they don't pull their stitches out. I had to wear it as some sort of brace, but I only wore it in private. I remember looking in the mirror at my reflection. I looked ridiculous with that thing on.

      Then, I was at some apartment, and there was a giant bucket of LSD-laced brownies. I started eating them, when my friends Leigh and Andrea came over. They ate them with me, and we couldn't get enough. We started watching a really trippy movie. Everything was very vivid. At some point, the lady that lived next door to the apartment we were in came over and I had somehow pissed her off. She had to use our microwave, so when her stuff in the microwave was done, I left to hide, afraid that the lady would call the police when she found out we were doing all this acid. I found all these secret nooks and spaces in the apartment, it was pretty awesome. I explored for awhile, then came back, and the lady was standing in the doorway with her friend, and they were watching the movie.

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    10. WILDs, Weed, and Weird Old People

      by , 01-06-2011 at 06:00 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I fell asleep this morning after being awake for an hour, and slipped into a dream, fully conscious of the fact that I was dreaming. I guess I kinda WILDed!

      But anyway, I was fully aware that I was dreaming, but exhibited no control. I was in a bathroom, it looked similar to the bathrooms we had in middle school. The floors and walls were tiled in a dark greenish-blue. A man I'm acquainted with in waking life, Ben (I'm using real names now, stupid initials are getting confusing), appeared in front of me. I had a feeling he would for some reason. We started making out against the wall, when a group of elderly people walked in. It was all women and one man. Ben disappeared, and I was going to leave too, when I realized I had left my purse in one of the stalls. I went to go get it, and all the women were standing around the stall, and the man was walking in there. I kept saying "Excuse me, can you hand me my purse?", but they were too busy chatting it up. I persisted, and the man handed me a plastic shopping bag I had apparently also left in there. I could see my purse behind the toilet. I told him to please give me the purse too, and he started shutting the door. One of the women gave him a q-tip to, apparently, clean out his urethra. He shut the door, and I started yelling at one of the women. She was wearing a white button up shirt, one that I just bought in waking life. I was calling her a bitch, and telling her that I had already asked nicely many times. I took her by the collar and shook her. Everything else seemed to disappear around us. She never said anything, but she looked at me with this sad, terrified face.


      Something about a bleach spot being on the shoulder of a pastel blue shirt I had that resembles a pastel purple shirt I have in waking life. The shirt was on this big clear plastic hanger.


      I bought a lot of weed. I think I was at my fam's house. The weed seemed to be gone very quickly, so I went out to get more. I was stopped somewhere by these 2 men, and they asked me if I was buying. I told them I already had, and they said something about their concert. I told them I thought they had meant was I buying weed. They had meant was I buying tickets to their concert. They seemed disappointed. I asked them what their band was called, and it was something having to do with monkeys. They walked off. Now, I'm on a beach in Ohio? I'm wearing very warm clothes, the outfit I wore yesterday actually, and my snow boots. I walk on the shore and watch the water lick my boots. I hoped that the water wasn't going to ruin my boots.

      It was actually pretty cool that I ended up on a beach, since my goal setting (still trying to share a dream with GMoney) was on a beach. Yay! I feel like this is progress.

      EDIT: I remembered a fragment about me being able to see people's auras. That's really all I can recall.

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    11. First LD in Awhile...and First Shared Dream?

      by , 01-04-2011 at 05:32 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      I finally had an LD for the first time in a very long time!!!
      This was also a potential shared dream with GMoney, but he doesn't recall any dreams from last night. We'll have to try it again. For now, here's what went down last night.


      It started out with me at my family's house. Everything was vivid and clear. I had just purchased a new smoking apparatus that involved crystals and had something to do with dreaming. I opened the box in the downstairs bathroom, which was covered in my dirty clothes (it is in waking life too, haha ). I left the box in the bathroom, then went to go smoke some pot. I was high, and didn't care that my parents probably knew. I think I did this a few times, sneaking around to get high then returning, then I had to go take care of a neighbor's dog. So I got on my bike-scooter thing, it was almost kinda like a Segway, and rode down the street, high as a kite. I crashed into a short wire fence, and hit the soft, green grass. It didn't hurt at all. An older woman with a curly gray perm approached me and asked me if I was alright. I told her I was fine. She asked if I needed a ride, and I told her no, I could walk since my house was right down the street. I went into the neighbor's house, which looked like a cabin on the inside. There were a couple of other people there. I think I got high again, then I left the house. Now, I remember being in my car in my family's driveway. I was still high. I couldn't get it to start properly. It would start very slowly, then I'd drive forward and backward in the driveway, never really parking.

      This is where I became lucid. I don't know what triggered my lucidity, but nonetheless, I was excited. I examined my hands so I wouldn't get too excited, then I started messing around, floating through ceilings and stuff. There were so many things I wanted to do! I hadn't been lucid in so long. At one point, I tried to make my ex, A, appear, so I could ask him some things, but quickly got distracted. I knew there was something I had to do, but I couldn't remember what. I was floating up through a ceiling, and the scene was very strange. I was inside, but only the bottom half of eveyrthing was inside. The top half of the dreamscape was outside, and I saw rolling green hills under a clear blue sky. It was beautiful.

      Then, I remembered the goal I had set: To share a dream with GMoney.
      Before I went to bed, I read Man of Shred's shared dreaming tutorial, then wrote down my goal, and how I was going to achieve it by creating a portal to GMoney's dream. I had also come up with a password, 'cheeseburger' is what I picked. This had all been discussed in the Research forum, except for what the password was. That I had to come up with on my own. Now, I'm in the cabin again, and I was with NS, whom I hadn't seen in a very long time in waking life. I created the portal by saying "Portal, APPEAR!", and sticking my hand out in front of me and concentrating. Lo and behold, a shimmering purple portal appeared in front of me, accompanied by ambient music. I asked NS if he wanted to go with me, and he didn't respond, so I took his hand and jumped into the portal. I kept my focus on my hands so I wouldn't wake up. There was a shimmering purple mist surrounding my hands, it was so vivid. We floated in the purple hazy darkness for awhile, when I realized that it wouldn't work because NS couldn't come with me.

      Now, everything fades to black, and I'm in my family's driveway again. I repeat the portal process, and this time, a light green portal appears. I jump in, and focus on my hands again, which now have taken on a light green mist. It takes but a few seconds for me to reach my destination. The portal had taken me to another cabin-type room, with two twin-sized beds, a nightstand with a lamp softly illuminating the room between them, and a full-length mirror propped up against the wall, like the one I have in waking life. There are three teenage boys in the room, two are sitting on one of the beds, and the other is sitting on the edge of the other bed. I quickly pick the one on the end of the bed out as GMoney. He appeared to me as a 15 or so year-old-boy, with light brown skin, a black shirt with some kind of circular pattern in the middle, and very colorful, beaded sleeves.
      "GMoney?", I said.
      "Yes?", he replied.
      "It's me, Krista from DV."
      He beamed, and so did I. I approached him, and we stared for a few seconds, not able to wipe the smiles off our faces. I remembered that I had to tell him the password, and I stammered,
      "The password...the password is 'cheeseburger'."
      "Cheeseburger...", he said, dreamily.
      We hugged for a long time, and it felt so warm. I was so excited to be having a potential shared dream!
      "Thank you for welcoming me to DV.", I told him.
      I put my forehead up against his, and we kept smiling, so excited about (possibly) sharing a dream. The two other boys in the room, one blonde and one with a buzz cut, did not notice us. One of them said
      "Man, is he out?", in reference to GMoney. He was supposedly asleep on the bed in between them, but I didn't see his body.

      Then, I started to ask GMoney about his clothing, and if it appeared to him like it did me. I started to describe the colors of his beaded sleeves, which were white, dark red, orange, and dark blue. He said I had it all wrong, and started to describe them as much different colors. I then asked what I was wearing. I thought I was in my work uniform. He told me I was wearing dark blue hoodies. I looked in the mirror, and I looked like I did when I was 14, before I had ever colored my hair or anything. It was its natural dark brown. I was also wearing a black hoodie, and I told GMoney this. I was wearing my very old work pants as well. I lifted up my hoodie to see the shirt underneath. It was black with pictures of photographs on it. Then, I noticed that the two other boys in the room were up, one was standing on the bed and watching me, the other was standing off to the side, behind the bed. The one on the bed said to the other,
      "Dude, you're missing the best part!"
      I then asked GMoney,
      "How can they see me?", to which I received no reply.

      Then, I knew I was going to wake up, and I did.

      Then, I had a regular dream that I was at work, watching a lady with her young, blonde daughter. The daughter wanted all these things that we have that are made by local artists, and the mom said no, and started to leave. The daughter pitched a fit, and I thought to myself "This must been what it was like to raise me."

      Props to you if you read this far. The LD/shared dream was extremely epic and vivid. I was so excited to have accomplished the goal I had set prior to falling asleep. Also, I've NEVER had the level of control in an LD that I had last night. I've NEVER created portals before, and I've NEVER even entertained the idea of sharing a dream. I was very proud of myself, and very excited. I even managed to stay in the dream, despite how excited I was. I kept a level head.

      Thanks, DV! I couldn't have done this without you.

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