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    My only lucid experiences to date

    , 01-03-2012 at 08:34 PM (699 Views)
    These two short dreams are the reason I discovered the science of lucid dreaming and in turn this website, so I thought I'd share them. I had actually gotten out of bed around 11am, had a shower, had some breakfast and messed around on my computer for about an hour before I started feeling kind of ill so decided to take a quick nap. Jumped back into bed, fully clothed around 2pm and fell asleep.

    Into my dream now. I was sat in a small, empty, italian restaurant. The furniture looked more like patio furniture than something fitting a restaurant, I was on my own sat at a table in the corner. I knew that my best friend had just left and my sister was in the bathroom even though I hadn't actually seen them in the dream. The waiter came over and started talking to me about the bill, it was around this point I started to became aware that I was dreaming. I remember that the conversation between me and the waiter was incoherent and continued without me being part of it. The waiter left, annoyed that I couldn't pay the bill. I was just looking around the room and noticed that it was impossible to see out the two big windows taking up one wall because it was too bright. It was like someone had covered the windows in a thin yellow curtain and pointed a bright spotlight at it. I didn't spend long looking around or thinking about my situation before trying to stand up. I became overwhelmed with a excited feeling that my my stomach tingle, similar to when you used to spin around as a kid, minus the nausea. I got half way to fully upright when I woke up.

    It didn't take long before I fell asleep again and this time I was sat in my computer chair, exactly as I am now. I was instantly aware of my dreaming state, the room was filled with a dull orange light, almost making my room look sepia. I could see perfectly clearly though, to my right my sister was knelt on the floor in front of my TV playing the xbox. I swiveled my chair round to face her back and thought for a second what I should do. I decided to try and touch her on the shoulder to see what would happen. As I leant forward it felt like the chair had been tipped up and I fell straight off through the floor, I think the falling sensation teamed with the same rush of excitement woke up me again.

    And that's it. Those dreams are the reason I am here and have suddenly discovered all the different techniques and possiblities that comes with lucid dreaming. As well as meeting some awesome people here. Look forward to writing about another lucid experience soon.

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    1. Linkzelda's Avatar
      Congratulations on your lucid!!

      And welcome to Dreaviews, some of us are a bit "out there," but I'm sure you'll love it here.
      Updated 01-03-2012 at 08:43 PM by Linkzelda41
    2. LbV's Avatar
      Funny how many users have 'warned' me of the community here lol. You haven't met me yet, I can fit in anywhere. XD

      Thanks for the welcome
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