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    Literature Class

    by , 07-22-2020 at 01:16 PM (38 Views)
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    I have a slight dream fragment from the earlier in the night where I was moving around in some kind of winter tundra station filled with cameras and automated patrols. I don't know what I was doing there but I kept destroying/hacking cameras and trying to get deeper and deeper in. I think this was influenced by a recent playthrough of BioShock.

    A more complete fragment from right when I woke up: An older (say, 60) white man enters into the office of a younger (say, 30) black man and they begin discussing some kind of manuscript for a book that the younger man has written. He offers it to the older guy, who sits down in a chair and begins to read, and quickly he tosses it onto the desk and seems disappointed. He says something like, "why are you wasting your talent writing something like this?" and I realize (as an outside observer) that the relationship between the two is that the older man was a mentor to the younger at some point, and he feels the younger man is selling out with this writing.

    They begin having a back and forth discussion, with the older man suggesting things like that the writing is using a basic structure and that it's totally derivative, and the younger man pushes back pointing out great works that use basic structures, but he also seems like he is self-conscious about it too. At some point in the discussion there's a tipping point and he simply asks the older man to leave his office. The older man stands up sadly/angrily, and walks out.

    I see him some days later wandering into a literature class at a community college. Now I'm with him, and as we enter the room there are 4 students sitting at a semi-circle table, with their professor in the middle, and they're all holding books and seem to be having quite a good time. There are three girls, one boy, and the professor is a woman. As we walk in, the older man apologizes for joining the class midway through the semester and the professor waves it off, saying that the focus in her class is more on finding your own way to connect with literature, and that you don't need to see some curriculum to pull that off.

    At this point, the boy (wearing a backwards cap and a black t-shirt, he has some stubble as well) speaks up and points out that I looked like I had my reservations (I guess I did, any class I've ever taken that wasn't a strict teacher/student relationship has usually been a nightmare) and in response he simply held up a piece of paper with a watercolor spiral on it, blackish-green. I blinked, and he said, "when I first tried this I was embarrassed, but I found out that something that helps me focus on a book and think more deeply about it is to draw or paint something simple like this with one hand while I'm reading it. I don't think it's really art, it's more like a fidget toy, but sometimes I choose colors that remind me of the story."

    The older man seems impressed by this and we exchange looks, then the blonde girl wearing a white top on the very right side of the table nervously smiles and says, "Hi, I'm... Serenity-- you can call me Serenity if you want-- my middle name is Hannah?" Everyone at the table laughs. "Nobody calls me Serenity," she finishes. The girl to her right (one space to our left, with shoulder length brunette hair, and a burgundy top) begins to speak too, but in the middle of her speaking
    I woke up, and couldn't tell you anymore for the life of me what she had started to say. She started with her name too but it's now lost to the aether.

    I thought the idea of drawing repetitive art while reading was pretty good too when I was asleep, but now that I'm awake I'm not so sure, lol, in theory it sounds nice but in practice it seems like a pain in the butt and like it would just make it way harder to focus. Maybe if it was an audio-book.

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