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    I had some lucid dreams when I was about 10 years but didn't know the name of it. Now I want to master lucid dreaming. I play the guitar and the flute, do circus and go in school. I love the nature.
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    I was interested in reading other people's dream journals and learning how to improve my lucid dreaming. So I just searched "lucid dream forum" and found this website.


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    I'm a dragon that wants to dance. I can fly but need support.

    by JakeMcDake on Yesterday at 08:58 AM
    I'm walking on a big sea with Albin. I don't know if anyone told me but I'm a dragon too. There are some red lightnings and mini thunder storms over the water. I tell Albin that I get a bad feeling from the red lightnings as I fly up in the air, inspecting the lightnings from above. Albin tells me that I need to cross the red lightnings in order to enjoy life. There is a door to a big room with some red lightnings in front of it. Albin invites me but I don't want to go in because of the red lightnings. I decide to go in anyway after some time. There are a bunch of people in there that are dancing traditional fast paced pair dances. I join a girl in my age with dark hair. We dance some kind of dance where you touch hands in the air above your heads and take big steps to the sides, almost jumping. I really enjoy myself. I fly to the roof as the dream transitions to some kind of game where I see different characters' portraits. I see a dragon man that I apparently have a 73 % win rate with.

    I'm at some kind of party with my cousins and big family. I am able to fly but only really bad. I see some helium balloons against the roof and figure that if I use them I will be able to fly better. When I take them down they drop down as if they never had helium in them. I talk with Elina and she tries to find a book that she can rip apart in order to give me some wings that I can use to fly better. She finds a book about horses that she wants to rip apart. I ask her if it doesn't belong to anyone. Sara comes in and apparently it's hers. I tell Elina that we can't destroy it. I fly away but not that good. There is some kind of discus competition where people throw things with style in order to collect points.

    Playing sports, going by car, lucid, scary.

    by JakeMcDake on 01-19-2021 at 09:15 AM
    I'm in some sort of training centre. I play some racket sport that is similar to tennis and squash. Every time I try to hit the ball I'm worthless. I have almost no power and no accuracy. I played against Gabriel but I go to the bench instead. Albin and André is there. New fragment. I'm in a car with Gabriel. My sister is there and she talks about some kind of roleplaying game and I wish that I could have a better guide. We drop Gabriel off but notice that he forgot his phone in the car. I take it up and inspect it. It is white and the front screen is in good shape and clean. The back is really dirty and worn out. The phone is half touch and half buttons. When I click on the button in the top right corner the password is shown. My sister gasps out loud because she is disappointed in Gabriel's security. New fragment. I'm in our inner yard and about to walk in. I feel a bit off and wonder if it is a dream. I do my RC but it doesn't work at first. I think about how I came here and figure out that I don't remember how I ended up here. I try to lift off and fly away but I can't. I try to climb the big door to the outside but do not succeed at first. I am able to climb it the third time. I am about to jump in order to fly away but the door falls apart and I fall to the ground before lift off. I start to walk to the left and see some people. I see Sweden's king Carl XVI Gustaf walking past a corner. I get a bad feeling and walk a bit faster. I see Ed and he is avoiding me. The king is getting close up on me and I am getting more scared. I start to run and I am able to fly away this time. It's not pleasant since I am flying for my life. Ed comes back to me and I feel his bad intentions. He tells me to follow him. We are closing up on our destination and I hear someone scream. I think that It is a copy of myself that is screaming. When I finally see the scene I'm terrified and start to scream and cry. I see myself holding in a blood covered saw against a copy of a defenseless Ed kneeling down in front of the copy of me and holding his arms against the copy of me, trying to protect himself.
    lucid , non-lucid , nightmare

    Stabbed by a scythe, stung by jellyfish

    by JakeMcDake on 01-18-2021 at 04:39 PM
    I'm in a dark place and a skeleton with a scythe comes in. He starts to run after me and stabs me.

    I'm in the air with a parachute and I'm about to land in the water. There are a bunch of jellyfish that sting me as I go in the water.


    by JakeMcDake on 01-17-2021 at 08:28 PM
    I'm fighting a man in his forties in our house by between the food room and the hallway. I have the upper hand and let him go away but he immediately surprise attacks me. I manage to hold him off.

    Our old foster child D is crawling under the table and I know that he has bad intentions and wants to beg my dad to adopt him or something. I walk over him and pushes him away with my foot.


    by JakeMcDake on 01-15-2021 at 07:45 AM
    I'm with dad William and John and we are playing some kind of golf but with bigger iron balls. Dad is giving William some piece of advice about not shooting too hard. William is really good and gets it just right. It's John's turn and he ruins William's ball and shoots it away with his own ball even though they are on the same team. John is sorry but William says it's okay. John accidentally shoots William's ball away again.

    Me and dad are driving a car with some problems.