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    I had some lucid dreams when I was about 10 years but didn't know the name of it. Now I want to master lucid dreaming. I play the guitar and the flute, do circus and go in school. I love the nature.
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    I was interested in reading other people's dream journals and learning how to improve my lucid dreaming. So I just searched "lucid dream forum" and found this website.


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    Buying mini hydro electric plants.

    by JakeMcDake on Yesterday at 08:51 AM
    Have been doing some reverse RC for the past days and it have given me some insights. I went to sleep 22.30 and accidentaly set an alarm 23.07. When I woke up by the alarm I had already had a very light dream about dad and something.

    I'm by Sturkö bridge with William. There is an old woman there too. William and I talk about how much water we have bought from the lady. Peter asks us why we buy water. Me and William say that we buy mini hydro electric plants from the woman. Every litre of water costs 1000 kr (110 USD).

    Doing weird characters, parachute jumping, EATING ICE CREAM! Transforming into another body

    by JakeMcDake on 09-29-2020 at 07:56 AM
    I drank some water before I went to bed in order to wake up earlier.

    I woke up 05.56 and went to bed again 06.05. I had an interesting experience just right before I woke up. I have a little bit of consciousness and see something in front of me. When I lay more weight on that I am councious I immediately wake up. I try to WILD but fall asleep.

    I'm in a room with the Håkanssons. We play a game were you create characters. There is someone that makes a character that has babies as hands which was very creepy. Therese asks me what number there is on the TV. I ask her what number it is supposed to be. She says that it is supposed to be the number one. I look at the number on the screen and it changes between about 0.1 to 0.8. After some seconds it stays on the number 1.0. But then the number skyrockets up to more than a thousand. We walk outside and we are now by Sturkö in The Red House. We are supposed to do parachute jumping from the upper level. Some people jump out with backpacks om them. Peter takes a backpack and jumps out on the bush without unleashing the parachute and says "Ouch!". He says that it was a long time since he did this in military training. William says he has to practise for his military training. I also jump after a while. When I land I realize it's a dream. I notice that my hands are very cold. I remember my goal about eating something good tasting in a dream. I walk into the house and find Monica. I ask her where all the cakes are. She points on a fridge next to her. I open it up and see all these ice creams on the upper shelves. All the ice creams are the same taste, the big Daim Ice Cream that has a soft crust. I look for a cake and find a princess cake at the bottom. I grab an ice cream and take a bite. It's not the texture of a real ice cream. It is more watery and you almost don't have to chew anything. Then the taste hits me and I become really happy. It tastes so sweet! I keep on eating but it doesn't taste sweet after about three bites. It doesn't taste much at all. I take a bite of the ice cream cone and excpect the flavour to be good again. I tastes much better again and I'm filled with another happy feeling. The dream fades and I wake up.

    I wake up 07.14 just after the ice cream dream. I go to bed again.

    Notes: William went to military training a week ago. We were by The Red House last week.

    I am in the cellar of The Red House and I am trapped. My mind is teleported to a body on the upper floor and I am dedicated that I am going to the cellar in order to save myself. I fly out of the window and into the basement.

    I wake up of my alarm 08.00

    Updated 09-29-2020 at 08:00 AM by JakeMcDake


    Looking for a cake, feeling worthless in football, trying to WILD

    by JakeMcDake on 09-28-2020 at 02:18 PM
    Got hyped to try WILDing again and started to read Sageou's guide again. Drank some extra water before I went to bed so I could try it in the night.

    I'm playing a game with Olle where you get attacked and buy plants in order to defend that I have never seen or played before.

    Notes: I played a game where you place rose bushes in order to hurt enemies some days ago.

    I'm at a big football field. We are playing football but the ball is smaller than usual. I am the goalkeeper and feel out of place. The other team keeps shooting balls at me and I am incapable of grabbing the ball. I try to jump to the left in order to save a ball but my jump is really short so I fail. I feel that my team is starring at me and know that I should have been able to save that shot. There is a free kick and I am to kick. When I look at my feet I notice my shoes. I have my working shoes that are really big and is not fit to make precise shots with. I run and kick the ball. The ball flies to the left but my team manages to take the ball back. I run for the ball but someone from the enemy team grabs my shirt and pulls me back.

    Notes: I heard someone speak about football yesterday. Life is tough now and I have some problems at home. I feel like I am the goalkeeper who can't handle his position.

    I wake up and have to go to the bathroom 06.05. I stay awake for five minutes, write in my tag book, and then go to bed. I think about how I want to eat a cake in my dream. I lay still and feel my body disappear. I fall asleep.

    Mom walks in my room with a half onion while I lie in my bed. She is trying to charge the onion with a phone charger. I realize it's a dream but it fades as I do so. I wake up in my bed and do my RC and realize it's a dream. I walk up to the door and my eyes are clogged and it's hard to open them up. I walk outside and feel my face with my hands. I don't have much sensations and it's mostly dull. I undress in order to become more lucid and walk naked in town. I try to remember what I wanted to do and it's really hard and frustrating in the beginning. I remember that I wanted to eat a cake and walk past my school in order to find a cake. The dream fades.
    lucid , non-lucid

    Magic guitar man Martin and bad dad

    by JakeMcDake on 09-26-2020 at 03:32 PM
    I'm in a big hall with my family. I see an audience and Martin (Kajsa's Martin) holds a guitar and is playing. He suddenly takes the guitar in one of his hands and stretches it out. While he stands there holding in his guitar, he is simultaneously playing with the fingers of that hand. It looks amazing and I am astounded. He is playing some kind of Cmaj7 chord by the look of his hand (Barre at the third fret) but it sounds like a regular C chord. I take another guitar and tries to do the same thing. It looks like a six-string guitar but it feels like a twelve-string guitar when I hit the strings.

    Notes: I heard Martin would see us yesterday.

    I've been drinking alcohol and is intoxicated. Dad is drinking alcohol and is laying in a bed. Me and mom is complaining at him but he is just dodging us. Mom asks him why he would have kids if he would turn up like this.

    Notes: Me and dad is not drinking alcohol at all. I saw my friends drinking yesterday. Maybe that was why.

    My cousin is attempting to do something hardar than impossible

    by JakeMcDake on 09-25-2020 at 09:32 AM
    I'm playing some kind of Wii similar game. I'm throwing a frisbee in the game and Jonathan is complaining that I'm really slow. I do it as fast as I can but he is still not content. I have finished the game after some time and now it's Jonathan's turn. He is so fast it's ridiculous. Everything he does in the game is amazing. After some time there is a voice that is commentating on what Jonathan is doing. My vision is now in the game and I see Jonathan's game character swim in the ocean. The commentator is going crazy and is screaming that Jonathan is about to do something even harder than the impossible. there is a great big whale fish that bites Jonathan's character. The character grabs a hot air balloon that is just about to rise from the ground. The air ballon lifts Jonathan. The very big fish is still biting Jonathan and is going up into the air with the hot air balloon. The commentator screams that Jonathan succeeded in fishing a big fish by using himself as bait. The very big fish suddenly stops biting Jonathan and falls into the water. The commentator says that Jonathan unfortunately failed.