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    1. Reflection - Stabilization

      by , 05-27-2022 at 07:42 PM
      It's been a while since my last success. This is mostly due to my sleep schedule going to shit, but I'm getting back into it. Man, even though I understand WILD enough to actually use it, it's still so hard for me. It'll get easier with time, sure, but I can't wait for the day I no longer have to do attempts just to get lucid.

      Anyway, I've come to a new understanding as far as stabilization is concerned. What I feel I've been taught is happening is that by stimulating your senses, you are stabilizing the dream. I now feel like you are stabilizing yourself within the dream rather than the dream itself. I say this because I've been reflecting on my previous Lucids, and I noticed something interesting about my last one. I described the dream as Vivid but also Not Vivid. I described it this way because while the dream was visually clear enough to get me to double take, (vivid) I still felt like my other senses were dull.(non vivid) This would suggest that the dream itself was fine; it was I that was unstable.

      This would also make sense because people sometimes describe the process as Grounding themselves, or Deepening. It's now my understanding that stabilizing is just part of a larger activity: immersing yourself within the dream world. Stimulating your senses helps you become immersed because you're interacting with the things of the dream, deepening your connection to it, kinda like a WIFI signal. With a stronger connection, you can do more things, and you feel your real body less and less.

      This distinction is important to me because I was always looking for some kind of notification from the dream that it was stable when that was never going to happen. It makes more sense to me that it's your connection to the dream that must be strengthened, and this is why you do things to stimulate your senses. But there is one way of stabilizing that is kind of weird: just shouting "stabilization" or something like that. Why does that work for some people? My guess is that it's a dream control thing.

      Anyway, I'm still hard at work trying to get WILD to work for me. I keep falling asleep :/
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    2. Rhombic Worms

      by , 12-14-2021 at 05:12 PM
      Imma just put the dream titles in the title from now on.

      I was at school and there were Covid deniers outside. They started shouting about "Rhombic Worms", whatever that means.
    3. LD Training - Day 3

      by , 12-13-2021 at 04:28 PM
      Brotherly Psycho 7:43am

      My brother was a terrorist. He blew up several buildings. He was gonna get away I'm his helicopter, but I managed to get on. We were fighting for a bit, but then I tried to spray him with pepper spray. Mans took the shit and started drinking it. I don't remember what happened after that, but I probably hopped out the helicopter like "You got it bro" XD. I think they might have taken me hostage but idk.

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    4. LD Training Day 2 (Night of Day 1)

      by , 12-12-2021 at 04:22 PM
      Dunkin' trip in my pajamas 5:08am

      My teacher was so cool that he let me go to the store next to the school after he was done with the main lesson. I got some donuts, but apparently I needed batteries. I did not get them.

      In the following class, the teacher was not so kind. He got on me for not remembering certain aspects of the class, and I told him I wasn't mentally there. He then said that he knows people like me could use some coffee; I guess "people like me" was supposed to mean ADHD or something.

      Anyway he gave me $10 and told me to just go to Dunkin' donuts. So I went to the same store that I went to in the first part of the dream. Interestingly, after exiting the building and walking to the store, I looked at my reflection in the side of a glass building. I was in my pajamas, or rather what I was wearing when I went to sleep. I thought, "yeah this is what I'm going to the store in" sarcastically. I was still going to the store because I didn't feel like changing, but that was a point that I could have realized.

      Anyways I got there and I thought that I was going to get a coffee, two donuts, and maybe a hash brown if I had left over. The interesting thing is when I got to the counter, there was a battery pack with my name on them. Now normally that doesn't mean an item is reserved for you. Like it doesn't print with your name on it. I thought this is weird, but chalked it up to the last teacher remembering that I needed batteries and he decided to buy them for me. Anyway I must have succeeded in getting the coffee and donuts. And now I really want some tomorrow morning.

      Dream casino

      There was one dream a long time ago I had where I pulled a slot machine and whatever I would get would determine how I woke up. Apparently this casino has evolved and now there's an actual currency to win. I don't remember what that currency is used for, but it is used and shared across different dreams.

      Tranzit first stop

      I was in Black ops 2 and I was playing zombies by myself. I was playing Tranzit and I was on that first lava part of the map. I got a turbine and then I thought that I was going to farm until I got the galvaknuckles. Then I realized I didn't know how to set up on that map so I got scared because I thought the zombies were real and I woke up.

      FA Caught!!! - 8:27am

      An attractive woman approached me. Before she could say anything to me her image fizzled out but then I went back to another dream. I said, "Wait a minute that was a false awakening. This is going to keep happening until I catch it." So I kept hopping around from dream to dream and eventually I got to the point where I was in my bed. I decided to do the nose reality check, and wouldn't you know it, I could breathe through my nose.

      At this point I was just trying to stabilize my dream. All of my limbs were kind of weird. My hands and feet had this blurry liquid around them. And the rest of my surroundings were also quite blurry. I was in my room. To stabilize, I explained my situation out loud. I said stuff like, my light is on, so is the fan, the carpet feels how I'd expect the carpet to feel, and I even rubbed my hands together.

      I did all these things but they didn't really help to stabilize the dream. I mean they did help, but not very much. I've still yet to try stimulating other senses like taste. If I were in that situation again I'm going to really try to remember to lick the first thing I see, because maybe that'll be better than rubbing my hands together. I should know this by now, but rubbing my hands together does not really help the dream stabilize in my experience, unless I'm doing it wrong. Also, I need to stop and take a deep breath too.

      I'm happy with that for only 1 day of training. Anyway, the first lucid(in a very long time) of many!