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    1. Fire & Ice

      by , 12-11-2021 at 11:10 PM
      I was snowboarding down a mountain while eating hot Cheetos with melted cheese on them. Interesting. Gonna try to upload more DJs.
    2. Omnilucidity Update 2

      by , 10-15-2020 at 03:14 AM
      It's been a while! I've been bogged down with school and life, but I'm here to post an update on my Omnilucidity research. Nothing definitive, just an update to my procedure. (Also Omnilucidity is getting annoying to type so I'm calling it OL)

      Previously, there were a lot of unnecessary steps that complicated the process, so I'm gutting some stuff, and adding some stuff.

      Waking Phase
      Step 1: DJ
      Step 2: Meditate
      Step 3: Find reliable sleep method
      Dreaming Phase - Once aware of the dream state
      Step 1: Stabilize dream
      Step 2: Summon Dream guide
      Step 3: Unlock OL from Dream guide
      Step 4: Pop the fuck off

      The main thing I want to clarify for new peeps to this idea is Step 3 in Dream Phase, which is-uh.. How exactly do you unlock OL, and what does the Dream Guide have to do with it?

      Instruct your dream guide to guide you to lucidity by explaining to you that you are in a dream until you become lucid. This is however the easy route. If you are feeling especially confident in your dreaming abilities, you could just say to the dream itself something like "Just make me instantly become lucid every night dude" and you're poggin

      After you no longer have to worry about obtaining lucidity, you can focus on doing stuff you wanna do or in my case, seeing just how far LD can go!

      ps; I'm also using galantamine and that shit is poggers
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    3. First Lucid of the Month

      by , 05-11-2020 at 02:34 PM
      All of my lucids up until this point were probably the lowest level of lucidity and lasted like 2 minutes, but this one was the most vivid yet! I psyched myself out because it was so real even though I knew it was a dream. I knew for 100% fact that this was a dream, but in the back of my mind, I was like, "But it's so real..." <--- This is what prevented me from summoning things. I got self conscious when people walked by like "Oh man what if people think I'm weird" like bro no

      By observing the grass, I could tell that it had just rained. The grass was wet, and I could even make out individual droplets on each blade!

      Moral of the story? Posts online about how real LDs can get will not prepare you for just how real they can get.

      You have to see it firsthand. Now that I have that experience in my back pocket, It's time to pop off.

      (I've had 11 LDs before this and for whatever reason it feels like my first ever LD lmao)
    4. Omnilucidity Update

      by , 04-14-2020 at 07:07 PM
      At ease, oneironauts. I've got a new update for you.

      Due to outside circumstances, progress on my research on Omnilucidity and development of my SSL technique has been severely slowed. I still am going at it, however. I'd like to report that I've had another Lucid Dream since my last post over 2 weeks ago.

      Long story short, I'm struggling with stabilization. I find that when I usually get into a lucid dream, 1 of 2 things happen: 1. I lose lucidity immediately. 2. I try to do something, fail, then come to the conclusion that it did not work because it's reality, then lose lucidity. As stated before, I believe this is a problem of stability. I'm in a hurry, eager to complete my task, so the dream reflects this. While in a hurry, you carry the expectation that you are low on time, or that there is some external factor that prevents you from taking your time. For example, I rush to complete my plan because i fear going to slow will result in an awakening before I am ready, and so, it happens.

      To prevent this, the solution is simple. As dreams are expectation, I will go in with the perception that I will have more than enough time to do what I need. Of course, this dabbles in the skill of time dilation within dreams, but as we know, we are altering our malleable perception of time, not time itself, so this should be relatively easy. then i may meditate for a bit and really get a feel for my surroundings by using my senses.

      I've had success with this deepening strategy before. It was the furthest I ever got, but I let my eagerness get ahead of me.

      Long story short, I need to take my time.
    5. Omnilucidity - And my journey to high LD frequency

      by , 03-17-2020 at 04:57 PM
      Hello there, fellow Oneironauts! To aid our exploration, I'll throw my hat into the ring.

      My "Self Sustaining Lucidity" theory:

      Supplements / Preparational techniques: Meditation, Prospective Memory Training, Binaural Beats. (I also plan to make custom affirmations with my custom MILD Mantra)

      Techniques: WBTB, MILD, DILD (Combined only on weekends cause I'm still in school, although WBTB seems to lower my chances. Perhaps it's my perception that it lowers my chances, or maybe WBTB isn't a good tech for me personally. Likely a combination of both.)

      Plan: Get into a dream, become lucid, go to my lucid dream workshop, access my dream console (Supercomputer AI that acts as a physical representation of my subconscious) give the voice command "Activate Self Sustaining Lucidity". This will give me a burst of lucidity at the beginning of every dream. I confirm it and it will work as long as I believe it to work and since expectation is everything in LDs, it will work.

      I believe that it will work though because I've found that the more immersed you are, the more likely you are to believe something. For example, the entire concept of "Suspension of Disbelief" in games. If you have good worldbuilding that immerses someone in the world, they are more likely to believe things that happen within the world. It's a similar effect here. Sure, I could just walk up to my subconscious in a dream like "Give me lucidity" but that's not really immersive to me. Being in a facility of my own design while interfacing with my subconscious as the most powerful AI in the world would definitely help with immersion.

      I'm essentially using a lucid dream to produce more lucid dreams hence the name "Self Sustaining Lucidity". That's what I called Omnilucidity before I realized others had coined the term. I get into a dream and activate SSL from within my Lucid Dreaming Workshop. I do it the way I do it for immersion, as immersion is good for stabilization and aids in expectation which is key in LDs since you control the dream. On at least a basic level it makes sense because if you don't believe you can do something you've already defeated yourself. There's a quote that sums it up best. I don't know who said it, but it goes like this: "Believe you can, believe you can't; either way, you're right."

      (Probably) FAQ
      Q. Why only a burst of lucidity instead of complete lucidity all the time?

      A. This is because we have multiple dreams per night as we complete our multiple sleep cycles. It would be annoying to become fully lucid in every dream because you'd always be aware of the several times you naturally wake up during the night. This gives me an option to let the dream fly by so I don"t remember the times i wake up; thus preserving the feeling of one cohesive sleep like it usually feels. All I have to do is lock in my lucidity if I want to continue as lucid.

      I suppose if you are lucid you can use time dilation to instantly skip to the end of the dream. While this is "Faster", because you're lucid, you're aware of wakeup. If you lost lucidity, the next thing you remember will be in another dream.

      I'm open to suggestions on alterations of this theory after I've done it. I will definitely make sure to post my findings, although, due to the very nature of my plan, I won't know it's worked until the night after.