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    by , 01-16-2011 at 08:11 PM (1004 Views)
    Fire And Rain

    We were at the video store. Alexander was buying pornography and those nasty magazines like Zoo, and had given me a list of things we needed too. When we bought the stuff and went to leave the staff asked him if he'd worked there and I replied I had. Then I realised I'd left a lot of stuff in the shopping section so we went back in through clothes and footwear, and I found my schoolbag with my laptop again under a table in papercrafts.

    Out we went, and down the street; somehow we we ended up walking with these two girls, discussing our choices of bank. One needed the toilet, and I said we'd just walked past one. We discussed the merits of public toilets. Then I followed the girls into a building, rather for too long as they seemed to be going to their jobs as desk jockeys, and eventually I realised following them was awkward and left, noting everybody doing the job seemed to be really young.

    Outside, a group of pre-pubescent African-American kids had turned "Baa Baa Black Sheep" into a rap, and were now releasing it with two remixes as a single. Off in the distance, American robots stopped people going up a hill. A suicide bomber was there, and they were negotiating. Also somehow most of the world's water had become infected with a virus; you could tell if the water had a slight red tinge. Tony Blair was negotiating with the robots, saying people needed to get through to the airport, and he'd hoped to talk to Optimus Prime, not the (autobots? Decepticons? I forget exactly what he said in contrast). I walked off, found the man who'd drive me home, and a bunch of people were clustered about, considering the implications of the virus. I force-vomited up my lunch, to get any virus out, and tried to write a message using paint, and also a text message. Both were very difficult for some reason. A woman was selling the tiniest xylophones ever, another man was playing Fire and Rain by James Taylor on a guitar, and the Canadians had fresh water in jugs.

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    1. lucyoncolorado's Avatar
      Ha. I love the imagery. What a fun dream.
    2. insideout's Avatar
      That's some crazy dreaming.