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    Nov. 3/2012

    by , 11-03-2012 at 07:55 PM (432 Views)
    Remember being in rutland on hwy 33 infront of the minimall with the library and shit. There were a bunch of people standing out in the street. The road was way more of a hill upwards. There was a big crowd at the top. I saw Breydan Bennidict and he said man have you seen it? It was night time out. He said there was a huge UFO up ahead. I ran up the hill and got to the top where everyone was crowded. A huge and very well defined flying saucer came into my field of view. It was probably like 50 feet off the ground. It flew up into a massive one that seemed to come out of nowhere. It was charging up a beam of something it seemed. It began drawing in energy or something. Everyone started to run including me. There was a massive panic. I was pushing my way through the masses. The beam hit the ground and destruction began. The beam sent a massive wave of energy through the streets and shockwave through the ground. Eveything in its path was obliterated. It was a bluish white in colour. I managed to get out of the blast radius. I didnt even look back as I ran. I got to a place that wasnt my house but my dad and heather were there. They were packing up their stuff. I immediatley began doing the same thing. The place was kind of like a basement that I was grabbing my stuff from. I went to my moms breifly and saw her. She was listening to the radio and they were talking about the invasion very non chantlantley. I got a phone call from U of T and they were saying they would give me a scholarship and most kids with my gpa at my school didnt pay for it. I was so excited and felt even more driven to survive this. I was grabbing anything I could get my hands on that seemed useful. My mom was excited about what was happening. She seemed to have an almost religious view of it. I said my goodbye and told her I was leaving town. I went back to the basement area breifly and grabbed anything else I could. When I went outside Leo was in the driver seat of my car. Logan was in the back and someone else was in the front. I said I guess I would bring them. I sat in the drivers side back. I said wait a minute why is Leo driving? I told him to get the fuck out of the drivers seat. I went to the drivers seat and now leo was in the passanger and logan and the other guy were in the back. They said they were headed for Eurabia. I said I was gonna go there anyway. We took off. I headed down sexsmith and had this idea that where I wanted to go was near black mountain. I remember running down a hill through the woods with those 3 guys. It was grassyish and I wasnt wearing shoes. I kept being afraid of hurting my feet but I never felt anything. There were what seemed like survivor settlements already set up. I ran past some interesting caves that just went like into the ground as well as some watering holes. I got to the bottom and waited for them.

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