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    October 31/12

    by , 10-31-2012 at 06:10 PM (473 Views)
    Remember skateboarding around out in Ellison. I went through a couple of people's garages at certain points. It was very hilly in a symmetrical way, all up and down like a sine wave almost. On my way back I bumped into some kid about my age or a year younger. He said he used to skate and that he was good. I asked him if he wanted to play skate and was gonna say just a short sudden death round and he said yes before I even got to the sudden death part. He started off by ollieing up a curb to someones drive way. He failed. I was going to try a kick flip but it was uphill and downhill and I wound up going really fast and chickened out. He asked me what I was trying and I explained myself. We wound up getting in a car after a bit, with his mom and grandma. His mom was really hot and young, just alittle older then me it seemed which didnt make any sense. They were going to drive me home but they didn't know where they were going. We went down a road which appeared to head to winfield only it was more civilized with resturaunts and buisnesses on either side. His grandma was driving. She was going in the wrong direction and was all pissed off because she said she couldn't turn around anywhere. She was wrong and me and the mom discussed why though the grandma didn't want to hear it. The mom told her to pull into this place and that she would drive. We stopped there for a bit and the kid I played skate against was Kyle Smid. The place was like a military base type place for kids around my age. I went inside and sat down at a table with Kyle. Kinnen froom Kelly o's walked over and sat with us. He didn't recognize me at first and then I told him and he remembered. He was a lot chubbier than before. We got back in the car and eventually saw a sign that said glenmore. I was very disorientated and this sign led in a direction I thought was wrong but we followed it and got me home.
    -Remember being downtown at night time infront of luke's house. There were a bunch of desks set up and we were all going to take a standardized test. It had to do with snowboarding but it was an academic test. I had been studying for it quite hard I think because I wanted to see my IQ (which you can't study for really anyways). There was a moderator present, a young man who was maybe 2 years older then me. He reminded me of mat from youth. He was an idiot and was talking all the time as we tried to take the test. Other people were talking too and I was getting frusturated. I told everyone to shut the fuck up and other people did the same. The moderator never stopped talking and I eventually got in his face about it and he started to breakdown in anger with tears of frusturation in his eyes. He called off the test when I was about 38 questions in. This pissed me off even more.
    -It was the next day and we were in a field at the university going to take the same test again. The moderator was the same only he had Mr. Guinette with him too. This time Mr. Guinette wouldn't shut up and the old moderator still talked only less. People were talking all over the place and I didn't understand why they let them. A put up my hand and they called me over to them. I told Mr. Guinette to quiet down and he just nodded and said okay. I was having a really hard time concentrating. I eventually went and talked to a lady and asked if I could go write it in the DRC. She said sure. She walked me over there. When we got there and she opened the door my ears were assualted by the shrill sound of maybe 50 or more kids running and playing and screaming. I said this was even worse. As I walked back over to the original test site I encountered to hot girls. I told them my story and they asked me who I thought was being the worst and I said Mr. Guinette. They agreed as if that's what they wanted to hear from me. Pretty much everyone was done writing the test now and were just standing around talking. I don't even think I finished it. I looked at my sheet and I had just circled the bubbles and not filled them in. This confused and further annoyed me and I think I just said fuck it at that point. I went off to the left side of the field and sat behind a baseball cage with luke and sean. There were some other girls I talked to and I went and used the washroom in this weird basement area. At the end of my dream Tiana walked past me and came and hugged me goodbye. She kissed me on the cheek and I told her I would see her on friday. She said your not going to see me anytime else this week? and walked away dissapointedly.

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