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    November 10/2012

    by , 11-10-2012 at 06:19 PM (416 Views)
    Had a party continuation dream only it just began at the party and quickly got strange. I remember being wit 3 friends. We were all standing in the kitchen. There was a girl there as well. She said something about a tsunami coming our way. I was scared by this. I looked outside and sure enough there was a massive tidal wave heading for us. I panicked and told raymond and the other people to quickly look up what to do in a tsunami. Nobody really did anything. This alarmed me. Much more time passed then I would have thought was going to and I was bracing myself. Then it was like a wave of blue energy went through the room but no destruction took place.Next thing I was supposed to do was drive downtown to a bar called Ricki's. I remember being on clement right by the turn off to ethel and heading towards downtown in my car. I had to identify the bar by the sign. It was, all outside on a patio at nighttime. I remember some of my friends having to leave town. They took all my clothes except the ones I was wearing. I was downtown and Jason was there. It seemed like luke had left me with his brothers. Everyone was kind of talking to me like what was happening was a movie at certain points, especially shane. I headed back to our house which was downtown to try and get an unfinshed joint. There was security everywhere, especially outside of our of window that I was going to climb through. I told them what I was doing. Soon I was back inside our house a little later with Jason and Shane. It was like at point Jason's kid could predict things somehow. At the end there was some sort of interdimensional cataclysm and when I walked outside everything was warped and all the architechture was wrong and different. There were cubes and stuff coming out of the ground and everything seemed black and whitish but not quite. Shane had kinda hinted earlier that i wouldnt see this coming. This was the end of the dream as I walked down this street that seemed like something out of a Lovecraft tale. I cant even really put what everything was like into words because it was just strange. The street was still like lukes leading to downtown only with the characteristics I mentioned.

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