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    1. Sensei's Competition night #12

      by , 08-08-2014 at 07:57 PM
      Sensei's Competition night #12


      I find myself in a room, it is pretty dark but there's not much to see anyways. I can make out an old table with a wooden chair next to it. I don't know where I am and do a nose RC. I become lucid..
      I look arround and try to stabilize by running my hands together, I take a few steps but the dream abruptly ends and I wake up.

      The next scene is in a forest. The light shines through the leaves and everything is dimly lit. I am calm
      and walk arround. It seems like I have a destination but I don't remember where I wanted to go. I remember I was just doing SSILD and do a nose RC. Again dreaming.

      I instantly remember my master plan but get too excited and wake up.
      (I thought I was past that phase)

      I am on walking through some
      streets where I live. Again not knowing where I was planning to go.
      I decide to walk on the street and notice the lack of cars. I do a nose RC and become lucid..

      I remember to ground myself and drop on the floor, I scrub over the ground with my hands, and demand
      clarity. The world turns from
      kinda sharp to super HD and I am baffled by how realistic everything looks
      (that was by the far the most realistic dream experience ever!).
      II look arround and everything looks like it's supposed to look. I notice that not only my vision is really clear, but also I really feel my body in the dream and feel the wind blowing past me. (I think I woke up then, but I might also have lost lucidity or even lost my memory of what happened then. I think I remember reaching behind me to summon Cobb but that could be a false memory)
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      lucid , non-lucid