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    Train Station

    by , 07-02-2014 at 02:48 PM (316 Views)
    Train Station (SSILD)
    Lucid #16


    I am a t train station with a friend. We follow the platform, which is made out of wood planks. As we go we see people jumping from different spots. I realize everything arround the station is a big playground. We get to the end. In front of me I see some bars. I squeeze myself through them and climb down in something what looks like a pit. Its dark and Iīm a littlebit scared. I donīt know the location but I realize the train station is build on poles, like a pier.
    I climb back up to see an old man and some old ladys waiting for me. Apparently I colored the wood-planks while climbing down the bars. I look and my tshirt is indeed stained with white paint. The old ladys seem to be on my side, the old man on the other hands threatens me with calling the police. He seems like loosing interest in the situation and I climb back down. Now I really donīt like the location and climb back up. My friend grabs a crossbow and shoots an empty bootle standing somewhere at the playground. Knowing there will be glass where the kids play I panic and start running away.
    I find myself chewing on something, I spit something out and see a tooth in my hand.
    I get lucid, look at the tooth in my hand and try stabilizing but I wake up..
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    1. NyxCC's Avatar
      Congrats on the ld!

      I wonder did seeing the tooth make you become lucid or was it a spontaneous realization with no apparent dream trigger?
    2. lucidmats's Avatar
      Thank you! I am pretty sure it was the tooth. I thought wow that is definitely not supposed to happen. I think the SSILD caused a peak in awareness