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    An old man

    by , 07-03-2014 at 01:57 PM (259 Views)
    An old man


    I meet a really nice old man. I find out he is being chased by soldiers. He tells me they killed his wife in the garage. Since that he is even more scared. I decide to help him with his stuff. One day I find that even his neighbours are evil when I have to run back into the house a hail of bullets. I grab some baskets on my way inside. They are filled with handgrenades und explosive stuff. There is a hole pile of grenades but its too much to grab. I cant find the old man. I panic and go to his room upstairs. The drawn curtains are blue and cast blue light onto the bed where I can spot the mens outline under the blankets. I touch the blankets to see if he is okay. But the moment I touch them the blankets collapse.

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