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    1. Dodge Charger Daytona

      by , 06-16-2011 at 04:36 AM (Whacky adventures in a fragile world.)
      Page 43: LD Dodge

      Wednesday, June 15, 2011*

      I'm running up the steps of my building when I notice I'm dreaming. As I enter the doorway and run down the hallway I perform a rc. I look at my hand and have a hard time counting my fingers. I look away and back and decide that I'm dreaming. I walk into the kitchen and it's different. The table is not in it's usual spot and is much smaller. My brother Brandon is sitting at the table with my parents staring at me. I tell him "This is a lucid dream, this is a lucid dream". I then start doing a funny dance. I walk down towards the living room and it's quite dark. I'm still reminding myself that it's all a dream and I again begin counting my fingers. That's when my brother Brent questions me about it. I ignore him and yell "Increase clarity". The living light goes on and now it's much brighter and clear. Which helps me to realize only now as I lie awake that my living room was un identical to WL. My living doesn't have a light or a light switch. Maybe that is the dreams way of manifesting my command?

      Pretty exited, I try to expect to be standing outside and I turn around. It doesn't work. Now Brandon and Brent are both standing there. I yell clarity now and turn around and the light goes back on. "see" I tell Brent and he laughs "you hit it with your hand". "no, look I'll do it again" I tell him. I back up further away and attempt it again. I yell "clarity now" and turn around, but it doesn't work. I tell them its because it doesn't work in front of others. They laugh at me and leave. I try to remember what I want to do. I think about trying dream sex, but decide it's too risky and I'd wake up. I think of my other goals: increasing my awareness, driving my favorite cars, etc. I decide I'm going to drive so I expect to be outside on the street and I turn around. It doesn't work. I try again and this time try to visualize a street in front of me.*

      It kinda works because now I'm standing in a parking lot full of cars. The parking lot appears to be underground. Its dark and a few feet ahead there is a ramp or exit emitting light into the lot. I see many duplicates similar to something you'd see in a video game. There are many muscle cars and I spot a modified camaro and run towards it. I then see an exact duplicate beside it. I remember I want to drive a Satellite or Dart so I turn around expecting to see one. Just like that there it is. It's actually a blacked out dodge charger with the rare daytona package, but hey that's a sweet car too and my dream knows me better.*

      I go towards it to drive when a crazy driver starts trying to run me down. I start thinking "WTF why when I'm almost about to drive my car". I reach in my pocket expecting a gun and I start to shoot at his motor. I get into the car where I'm safe due to rollbars and I take off towards the park. I notice it's not like real driving. It feels fake and my perspective is all wrong. I can see myself using either the air filter or flywheel as a steering wheel. When I notice my mistake, I grab the steering wheel, buts it's so small and tiny as is the rest of the car. I hit curbs hard and fly into the air several times. Even that seems fake. Nevertheless, I head down towards the water fountain next to the park. It's down a narrow walkway meant only for kids. I begin telling myself "this is a dream". I do my RC again... Noticing more fingers and counting to 6-7 each time. I want to also do a reading RC, but I awaken in bed.

      I run through the dream in my head and before I could reach over to write it down, I awaken again. This time with my head in a cardboard box and my brother standing in the hallway. I hear him telling my parents that I woke up after a while. I could smell cigarette smoke coming from the box. I toss it off my bed and I turn over wondering if I only had this LD due to sleeping lightly because of the box. That's when I awaken for real.
    2. Lucid Scooter Ride

      by , 05-06-2011 at 05:16 AM (Whacky adventures in a fragile world.)
      Sunday, May 1, 2011*

      I'm standing inside Des Nation school yard with a few old friends.
      They are driving what appear to be small off road bikes.
      The bikes look like mini Vespa's but build much better and not made of plastic. They look like fun and I want to give it a try.

      A friend pulls up and my eyes are fixated on the bike as it stops beside me to my right. I try to make out the emblem on the front, but it's too hard to read. The emblem is a single chrome word.
      I ask if I can give it and try and get a yes. I sit down on the bike and start to drive toward the inner part of the yard. Where the newest addition to the school was built a few years ago. I feel out of control yet still manage to steer the bike. It's quite a difficult feeling to explain and I've felt it before. It's actually recurring and happens in many of my dreams.
      Maybe a DS?

      I'm behind another kid on a bike when I think about this being a dream. I look ahead and there are maybe a dozen other riders driving around the small space between the school and it's extention building. The space looks about twice it's normal size. I think to myself the level of clarity is amazing and decide I have to do a reality check now. I stick my hand in my face and sort of hop off the bike *ignorant to my surroundings. I didn't care, all I knew is I had to do an RC. I count 5 fingers, but it's harder to do so and I skip numbers. My hand is blurry and my fingers seem to shift places. I look away and back and count again. My hand is still blurred, but this time I count six fingers. I decide that I'm dreaming and tell myself "I'm dreaming, this is a dream.".*

      The dream then begins to blur and fade away so I immediately begin to rub my hands. I could feel the contact and my vision started to clear, but I blinked and my vision started to fade once more. I'm not sure if the blinking caused it, but now rubbing my hands does not work. In an attempt not to lose the dream I begin to spin. I spun for maybe one or two seconds and started to feel a sickening feeling in my gut. My vision was now complete darkness and I felt a zooming, spinning sensation. Nothing was forming around me so I started to spin some more. Moments later a shower of sorts appears around me. It looks like a swimming pool shower or one you'd find in a high school gym. There are two smaller kids in bathing suits standing there looking at me. I was still spinning and couldn't stop myself no matter what I tried.*

      I wake up to the black of my eye lids. I'm excited and eager to write it in my DJ, but I think I woke up to an FA because I woke up again later after a short dream.
      lucid , memorable
    3. Frightening Hallucinations.

      by , 04-17-2011 at 02:01 PM (Whacky adventures in a fragile world.)
      Sunday, April 17, 2011*

      I awaken in bed at about 6am and decide it's a perfect time to WILD.
      At first, I'm unsuccessful so I turn over on my other side. Moments later I'm sitting up in bed behind my covers and I'm afraid. I have my eyes shut, but I can feel something in the room and it starts grabbing at me. This whole time I'm thinking "It's not real only a dream" so I start telling it to go away. I think it works eventually because my eyes are open and my room is empty. I lay back in bed cover myself and think "I have an aura protecting my head and my covers protecting my body, I'm safe". I remember reading the aura thing somewhere. Next thing I know I can feel something climb up onto my bed and on my back. For some reason at first I panic and actually grab one of it's hands. The hand felt so damn real I just squeezed. I don't know what it looked like because my eyes are still shut. In a panicked state I try to scream and just as I do it laughs in my ear. I then remember that in SP there is the old hag and if you fight it lasts longer so I relaxed and knew I couldn't be hurt and it wasn't real. I wake up in my bed stiff and admittedly frightened. Im in the original position i rolled into while attempting to wild. It takes me a few minutes to confirm to myself I'm actually awake this time.*