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    Return of the witch.

    by , 05-07-2011 at 06:49 PM (487 Views)
    Saturday, May 7, 2011*

    I'm in a room I don't recognize. It's not too big and quite dark. The only light comes from the drape covered windows. My brother Blake is with me and a few other kids I don't know. There are only two beds so I have no choice but to share a bed with them. After a while of them hogging all of the *comforter I get up and decide to sleep on the floor. At first I lay down next to a huge window and it's quite sunny. I can feel the light hitting my eyelids. I'm laying vertical to the window so I turn to my left and position my body horizontally. This position is better and I manage to fall asleep. I'm awaken by a presence on my back. Experienced with this kind of occurrence I turn around unphazed by what I'm about to experience. I see an old hag sitting over me. I grab her arms and fight her off with the strength I can muster. I'm not afraid because I know this must be a dream and I cannot be hurt. She is quite the ugly bitch too. She has long gray hair, a face full of worts especially her nose. She has purple colored eyes and horrible teeth.

    I begin to insult her as she laughs. My voice is quite distorted and I sound even more menacing then she does. She looks puzzled as if she's asking herself why I'm not afraid. I can feel her push a sort of scary presence over me like she is trying to scare me, but I laugh and tell her to fuck off.
    I then close my eyes and relax and I feel a boom of white energy envelope me. Now with a renewed source of energy I kick her off of me and she smashes into the wall. She disappears just as quick as she appeared.*

    I walk over to my brother Blake who is awake. I tell him we should watch each other while we sleep or dream and that if we see the witch going for one of us we should say the secret word. I try really hard while writing this but I cannot remember what it was.*

    A while later as we fall asleep, I hear my brother talking in his sleep. I can hear him say the word. I seem to be dreaming inside his dream and I bolt up out of bed and charge the witch. I catch her off guard and choke slam her into the wall and she disappears once more. I return to bed and when I close my eyes I start to experience SP like symptoms. I start to see bright white lights and I can hear movement in the room and I'm awaken by my brother. He tells me the witch returned and he put her in her place.*

    We both went back to bed and we knew she wouldn't come back again.
    I wake up for real this time and I'm happy. I feel victorious by how easily and non frightening this bitch was.

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