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    NLD Shelby Cobra

    by , 04-15-2011 at 02:47 AM (506 Views)
    Monday, April 11, 2011*

    Me, mathieu and a few others were walking around what looked like the area around the Julep. We then see the prince driving a fancy European car and treating it poorly. His passenger is the worst, he is banging his bottle of beer on it as they drive. I make a remark to Mathieu that we should tell the queen and get the car for ourselves.*

    Like that were at her place. There are a few cars parked nearby. She asks me what I like. I point over to a beat up dart that seen better days. She asks me why. I tell her that I love muscle cars and am currently looking for a project. She says no and hands me an auction slip. She then says if I wanted I could sell that someday and buy one if I wanted. I look at it and she had given me a Shelby cobra worth about 113,000$. Another guy was given an old zonda and I forget what mathieu got. I remember shaking the queens hand, but it was now a younger man and a black women. She wasn't very attractive and had a gap between her front teeth. We all walked towards our newly acquired cars and jumped in. I barely fit in the Shelby which is odd because I'm not too skinny or fat. I had a hard time moving my right foot to reach both pedals. I was also on the right side because it must have come from England.*

    Later, I'm at a light and when it turns green I drift it around the corner with ease. I then see the prince and pull up beside him. I crank my wheel all the way to the right at a light. When it turns green I do two 360 spins and get beside him and hit the accelerator. I fly by him like he's standing still and I flip him off.*

    Up the road, I see a test track and a bunch of cars racing. Its one of the top sports car track testing their new line of cars. I make my way onto the track even though it's private. I zip past everyone while I fly in and out of tight windy corners. Eventually, I catch up to first place and see a Lincoln town car. I zip by him victoriously and make a mad dash off the track.*

    Security, upset, follow me down the road. I had a friend film the whole thing so my perpective went to him. He hid behind the bush and "made a run for it like a robbery" there was then some voice with an epic one liner, but I forget most of it. "they were seen again, but never all together and never.......".

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