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    Fragment of Dreams

    1. Residue Fragments

      by , 12-29-2011 at 03:00 PM (Freedom Reign)
      Commentary || Lucid || Non-Lucid

      Tonight, I tried MasterMind's technique of reviewing your day right before you go to bed in order to assist your subconscious in assortment of your memories (found here). These dreams were mostly day residue from today or yesterday. At least I'm on the right track of breaking my dry spell.

      Dream 1
      My friend Mitchel and I would recall past events. It was somehow influenced by the game tetris. If my friend Rachel Terrio 'missed' an event (corresponding to the first row not being completed), it would mean something special. I cannot recall exactly what though.)

      Dream 2
      Jon Allis, Kelsey, and I were at the Wherehouse, where Kelsey mentioned the topic of 'What if only players who jumped over each other would stay alive?' (I believe before this, we were watching football where we witnessed a player perform a front flip over another player.) Jon Allis made a joke out of it, stating it would be more like a game of human leap frog. We all laughed, and my 'vision' saw only 6 or so football players on the field (represented by digital markers at first) jumping over each other on purpose trying to stay alive. At this moment, I sort of realized I was dreaming, and my vision went black. I 'woke up' in bed laying on my right side, and underwent sleep paralysis (which is unusual for my right side). After it stopped, I did a RC and I wasn't dreaming (I believe it was a FA to begin with).