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    Nothing Special.

    by , 02-19-2011 at 08:06 PM (997 Views)
    'Chuzzy.', said a voice. Being the light sleep I have been getting recently, my eyes snapped open. Who said that? I sleep alone in my bedroom, and wasn't my family supposed to be in Dubai? Then..?
    My eyes dart wildly in search of the owner of that voice. While that word may sound funny, the dry raspy voice that said it most definitely was not. I noticed something. I couldn't move. Sleep paralysis? WHAT THE FU--
    The door to my room gets ripped apart. Who's there?
    No one.
    I get that 'feeling' that someone's in the room. Not necessarily human.
    Something dawns upon me.

    I MUST BE DRUNK! YEAH! That's gotta be it! (Mind you the total alcohol consumption in my entire life will amount to no more than 5 sips.) Man, one hellova party last night. Haha, he smacked his head good. With that thought, I fall peacefully back to sleep, kicking myself when I woke up.

    **Sorry for the quality and content, but, I need sometime to get back into the form I used to be in.
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    1. MadMonkey's Avatar
      OMG yay another dream journal post! Funny that you didn't see the obvious signs of sleep paralysis. I hope you start posting your dreams again. Oh and btw I met my dream guide.
    2. Max ツ's Avatar
    3. Max ツ's Avatar
      I am not getting much time to write them, man...
      But I see that there is a HUGE demand (one person demand ) so I will try. Starting today. I'ma write ALL of my dreams.
      And sorry, you won't get as much LD's as before, I have....err, writer's block.
    4. Linkster17's Avatar
      Make that a 2 person demand!