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    LUCIDMAX's max lucids!

    1. Nothing Special.

      by , 02-19-2011 at 08:06 PM (LUCIDMAX's max lucids!)
      'Chuzzy.', said a voice. Being the light sleep I have been getting recently, my eyes snapped open. Who said that? I sleep alone in my bedroom, and wasn't my family supposed to be in Dubai? Then..?
      My eyes dart wildly in search of the owner of that voice. While that word may sound funny, the dry raspy voice that said it most definitely was not. I noticed something. I couldn't move. Sleep paralysis? WHAT THE FU--
      The door to my room gets ripped apart. Who's there?
      No one.
      I get that 'feeling' that someone's in the room. Not necessarily human.
      Something dawns upon me.

      I MUST BE DRUNK! YEAH! That's gotta be it! (Mind you the total alcohol consumption in my entire life will amount to no more than 5 sips.) Man, one hellova party last night. Haha, he smacked his head good. With that thought, I fall peacefully back to sleep, kicking myself when I woke up.

      **Sorry for the quality and content, but, I need sometime to get back into the form I used to be in.
      lucid , false awakening
    2. A Lucid Exploration of the Haunted House.

      by , 10-04-2010 at 04:02 AM (LUCIDMAX's max lucids!)
      I was in my bed. Everything was fuzzy and disoriented. For a few seconds, I couldn't remember where I was or how I got there. Heck, I couldn't even remember who I was. After a while, things began to make sense. Of course. I looked around. My wall had a pale purple color, unlike the black coloring I had recently done in my room. On the computer table, I saw a rickety old VCR and an iPhone 4G. On the wall in front of me, Da Vinci's 'The Last Supper' was hanging. Finding that a bit odd, I decided to do an RC. I looked at my hands. Perfectly normal.
      Deciding that I was, in fact, awake, I got out of my bed. I looked at the clock. 99 hours and O_O minutes. No kidding. I continued along the room, noticing that my beloved tiles were replaced by a carpet that was more like those metal sponges used to clean persistent dried stains on kitchen ware. I opened the door. There was nothing in front of me! Thinking the lights in the corridor must be turned off, I continued. As soon as I stepped in through the veil of darkness that hung just beyond that door, I felt a huge jerk on my bod and a sensation of falling through a long tunnel. I couldn't see anything, and my bod seemed to be spinning at a phenomenal speed. "Portals! Shit!", I thought, as I figured out what was happening.
      I slowed down to a stop, landing flat on some grass covered area. It smelled horribly like dead bodies in here. I stood up, and cleaned myself off. Rough ride, I thought. Looking up at the sky, I saw a moonless night. Again.
      "Damn, I should make night and dark my dream signs!"
      Wait. What? Dream signs? I looked at my hands again. There were no hands! I looked away, and looked again. This time, there was no second finger on my right hand.

      I turned lucid. Way to go max, I said to myself, now you need two RCs and things screaming at your face to realize it's a dream. The clarity was good, and the dream was stable. Still, I was taking no chances. While rubbing my hands and activating all my senses, I concentrated on the environment. All around there were huge patches of grass, each blade a foot high. I lone tree stood in the background, leafless, lifeless. I started towards that tree. It was huge, now that I came close. Touching it's bark, I could feel each and every cut in it's bark. So much detail, that I was surprised myself. I did forget some details later on due to an abrupt waking, but I still remember a lot.
      I circled around the tree, to look what was behind it, and saw this:

      Pennhurst Insane Asylum. I had seen a documentary about it recently. That had GOT to be it. A chilly breeze swept by hair back as I realized that I was in for a lucid nightmare. Smiling, I walked towards it.
      I reached the front gate. An ominous feeling seemed to take over me. For a second, I considered turning back and fly to somewhere. But I was not the type to run away. I had visited three supposedly 'haunted' buildings in my city, and spent a night there each with three of my friends, and plus I spent a night in a place that WAS haunted. *shivers* bad experience. After all that, this little lucid nightmare won't frighten me. Or, so I thought.
      BOOM! The gate banged open, almost as if it had read my mind and was challenging me to dare to step inside. As I stood there just inches away, I saw it. A dead body, lying there on the ground. One of it's eyes was ling on it's cheek. It's body was badly mutilated. It's left leg stuck out at an odd angle, as if it was twisted by a huge force.
      Sheer horror came over me as I saw it was moving. No, it wasn't just moving, it was standing up! I screamed, but no sound came out. The figure limped towards me. It's left leg's ankle bone, (or whatever you call it, I was never good at Biology. ) was sticking out, and as he walked, that bone dragged across the wooden floor, making a horrifying and disgusting scraping sound. I tried to run away. The door was still open. Good. Time to RUN!
      I ran at top speed towards the door. It didn't suddenly close or something else didn't pop out. It seemed like I would get out. I reached the door and.....BANG! I struck an invisible barrier, that seemed to be made out of wood. At that very moment, everything changed, as if I was viewing it all through a negative filter. Now I saw the real door, which was closed. As I started to get up, the creepy siren sound from Silent Hill started to ring around the asylum.

      I knew what was going to happen before it did. And it wasn't good.
      At that instant, the walls around me started to disintegrate into flakes. Now, just like in the movie, I could see the real walls underneath. Something grabbed me from behind. I spun around. It was........this.

      I screamed in horror. She grabbed me b the waist, and started, weirdly enough, tonguing my neck. Something was wrong. She was holding me way too tightly. It hurt. The pain grew and grew, until I could bear it no longer. The pain changed into a sort of vibration. I KNOW that vibration ~ I was going to wake up. Grabbing on to a wall to stay in the dream, I managed to shake her off. The vibration didn't stop, and surely enough, I woke up. Drenched in sweat.

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      lucid , nightmare , false awakening
    3. A highly vivid Non-Lucid.

      by , 09-28-2010 at 03:02 AM (LUCIDMAX's max lucids!)
      I was at some kind of old shopping mall. It was made up of old red bricks, with a strange gooey substance used as cement. I looked up to the sky, and saw a moonless night. That pitch black sky that seems to swallow your being. Feeling a shiver of anticipation, I moved in through the vast, (I mean really vast) gates that had rusted iron bars in them. I could see the rust flying in little flakes due to the breeze and moving around, as the dust moves around in Lion King.
      Thinking something along the lines of, "I am wasting my dream time.", I proceeded, still blissfully non-lucid. The dream was highly detailed, perhaps my most detailed dream yet. I remember noticing each and every little detail as I walked. The crunches of the dried leaves beneath my feet, the smell of the damp air, and the feel of each and every rock as I stepped on it. It was so clear, that for a moment I truly believed it to be real life, for such detail couldn't exist in a dream.
      I saw many shops on my left and right, as I walked through that boulevard. Most of them were closed, and the ones that were open were more like houses, or even inns. I went inside a shop, noticing the sign that was suspended above it's door rocking back and forth due to the wind. I entered inside, and the whole atmosphere changed. It was like stepping from a freezing blizzard into a cozy, well-heated room. Technically, it WAS just that. I could see people roaming about here and there, all in red and white Santa Claus suits that made them look goofy. The were all good natured. No one minded me, nor did anyone ignore me. They politely welcome me in and directed me towards a room.
      I sense of romance overcame me as I entered the room and saw, to my surprise, an exquisitely beautiful young lady sitting there on the window, which was wide open. The moon hung in the sky like a compliment to her beauty. She was dressed an a lavish cocktail dress, also of red color, exposing and hiding just the right amount of skin to make one go oblivious just looking at the wearer.
      Something else caught my attention. Her eyes. She had the most striking eyes I had every seen. And yet, they were brimming with tears, tears that were never quite let loose, but sat there on her lower eye lid as if they were unsure to fall or not. The eyes reflected sadness as I had never seen before.
      As soon as she saw me, her face lit up. It was almost as if she had been waiting for me all this time. Pushing aside that thought, I began to ask for her name, but found myself deprived of speech as her lips made contact with mine, and was locked in a tight embrace. I stood there in an eerily real non-reality, immersed in this moment of emotion. For how long we kissed, I do not know. It could have been a second, minute, or even an hour. It was just me and her, and the silent moon smiling at the re-union.
      BOOM! The whole house, which was now a mansion, shook with a great force. A missile had just hit the far side of the mansion. Breaking apart quickly, I grabbed the lady and half-carried, half-pushed her towards the door. I heard a faint hissing noise nearby, and saw another missile, like a deadly firework, homing towards me. In that split second, I knew I would survive no longer. Pushing the girl out of harm's way, for all good it could do, I attempted to run away myself. No good.
      BOOM! Another blast, much louder and fiercer that the first, shook the ground. Tiny balls of metal came shooting towards me, and tore my body apart. The pain was unimaginable. I could literally see those little balls of metal coming towards me in slow motion, and hit me. As I lay there half-dead, I saw a mysterious box lying not far from me. Somehow, I knew that it was supposed to be lit on fire, which would transport me to a safe place. Not having the strength to get up and look around for a match, I tried pyrokinesis. I imagined my fury flowing from my hands towards that little stone box, and heating it up. With a huge effort, I finally managed to give it enough energy to light up on it's own.
      Oh shit, I thought. It was a trap! From a third-person view, I saw that box explode in the biggest explosion yet, and create a big ball of flames rise up high. I saw my own body fly around with the force of the bomb. I was back to first-person again. As I was flung around, about to meet my death, I thought about how unfortunate it was, 'How sad it is if a flower doesn't bloom?'. Those were the words that came to my mind.
      As the pain became unbearable, I woke up.

      Sorry for the late updates, readers. It was a difficult period I went through, a lot of ups and downs. Nevertheless, I am here now, and shall keep updating my DJ. Note, as I didn't get much time to spend on my LDing skills, my lucids are low on count these days. I will still share the non-lucids, though. ^_^

      Also, should I add more pictures to the dream journal entries. Personally, I think the details I remember should be good enough to create a whole environment in your mind. That is the art of the writer. What do you guys think?
      non-lucid , memorable
    4. Advanced Task of the Month Completed.

      by , 07-27-2010 at 06:39 AM (LUCIDMAX's max lucids!)
      The same night, I tried to DEILD, after I woke up from my previous lucid. Without moving, I tried to go back to the dream. I was successful. It was the same scenario, but there were no people around. The mountain of marbles was still there. I looked desperately around for a horse, not thinking to stabilize the dream. There was none. Racking my brains, I got an idea.
      I picked up the rainbow marble, and waved it in an arc. It left a very cheesy rainbow colored trail behind it, making a, well, rainbow. I thought, 'Man, this is the most corny dream I ever had.' My mind usually associates rainbow with unicorns, and then, I saw a white horse coming out of the arc. It was sparkling, and pure white. While some may be overjoyed at the sight, the only thing that came to my mind was, 'Gay.'
      The white horse came towards me. It was a horse, not a unicorn. But I was not out of ideas. I summoned an ice cream cone, and then slapped the whole thing on the horse's head. The coffee flavored ice cream acted as bonding glue, and the biscuit cone was stuck to the poor animal's head. I looked away, expecting a horn to be there when I looked back. Success. There was a horn all right, but it still resembled the ice cream cone. Oh well, at least it qualifies as a unicorn. I clambered on t it's back. It did not resist at all, but acted very good. I suddenly felt bad to have stuck the ice cream cone to it's head, but hey, it's just a dream. And he looked happy with his new horn. Suddenly, white feather wings sprouted from it's sides, and it took flight.
      I was flying for a long time. I noticed that someone was riding along with me, grabbing my waist. I looked back, and then got a huge shock. It was Leona!
      She was smiling, evilly at that. "Miss me?", she said. I felt like a murderer who had killed someone and now was being haunted by it's ghost. "Yeah.", I said. It felt good to see her again. I woke up again, out of excitement. AGAIN. :/
      lucid , task of the month
    5. Weird Japanese Attendant. Basic Task of the Month Completed.

      by , 07-27-2010 at 06:26 AM (LUCIDMAX's max lucids!)
      I went to a hospital. I had some slight fever, and was forced to go get it checked by my family. I was on the second floor of the hospital, which was a waiting room. Out of complete boredom, I took the elevator to the ground floor. It turned out to be a small room, with a very narrow door as an exit. There were tables arranged neatly at the corners of the room. The tables each had a desktop computer, some blank papers, and a printer. There was a lady sitting behind each desk. I went to one, and saw that a Japanese lady, perhaps in her early thirties, was sitting there. I asked her, "Where can I get the insurance, ma'am?" She didn't reply, but continued to gaze upon me in a weird way. She suddenly got up. Alarmed, I headed for the exit, thinking that she was dangerous. That was not the case, however. She started following me. Then it struck me. She was hitting on me!
      I relaxed. It was nothing dangerous. At least not in the normal sense. I walked a little more, then another realization dawned upon me. I was not the one she was chasing, it was the guy walking beside me! He was, I admit, very good looking. I thought, 'Geez. But....I thought I looked pretty good...' This lay very heavily upon me. I was very sad that the lady had picked the other guy, and not me.
      Fuck this, I thought. I started to head out, but then the Japanese attendant suddenly came up in front of both of us. She got close to the other guy, who looked remarkably like Edward from Twilight. She said, in a peculiar Philippine accent, 'Oooh, sir! You are very kinky!' I was sipping juice, and I laughed so hard that I spilled it all over me. I was still grinning. She cast me an annoyed look, then continued, "But I can be very kinky, too." Then, she turned, so her back was facing us. She then slapped her rather edgy butt with a sharp, slap! sound. Okay, now THAT was weird. This couldn't possibly be real.

      I turn lucid. What a weird way to turn lucid, I think. Oh well. I rubbed my hands, not wanting to waste my first LD after a long time. The dream was quite vivid, and I had good control. I stabilized the environment. Wait, wasn't there something I had to do? As I stood there thinking, the woman in ninja's avatar came towards me. Seeing her, I remembered that I had to do the Task of the Month! I thank her, then look here and there for something that had each of the primary colors in it. What THE hell?! Everything was black and white. Not a single color.
      Annoyed, I visualize a bag of marbles. Colored marbles. I close my eyes, still visualizing it, and when I open them, there is not just a bag of marbles, but a whole truck load of them. There were all colors. I picked up a red, blue, and yellow marble. That struck me odd, I had to pick green! No matter, I picked up a green marble. Now, I had all the primary colored marbles in my hand. I turned semi lucid for a moment here, looking with extreme curiosity at the marbles. Then I snapped back to the dream. Since the instructions for the basic task weren't very clear, I picked up a rainbow colored marble as well. The thing had all the colors in it, but I singled out blue, red, and green. Now the basic task was completed, at least.
      On to the advanced. Perhaps out of excitement, I woke up. Bummer.

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      lucid , task of the month
    6. A stroll through the Groceries store. THE most boring non-lucid ever.

      by , 07-27-2010 at 05:51 AM (LUCIDMAX's max lucids!)
      I dreamed that me, and two of my female friends went to a groceries store near my house. The dream was very vivid, so I will take this opportunity to bore you with uninteresting details. The door was automatic. There was a 'Vanguard Bandits FTW' poster on one of the doors. (Bet ya don't know this game. ^_^) I looked at it for a moment, then walked in. I could see exactly ten counters, which were somehow both the paying counters as well as the passages for entry. There was a large mob on one of the counters, and I decided that I would go through the mob, as that would ensure safe passage. After two minutes of useless struggle, I finally came inside the store.
      It was immense. There were rows and rows of products, none of which I recognized. I now had a cart to put my purchases in. It was a bright red color, and I strongly suspected it being a child's toy. Whatever, I thought. I proceeded to buy some stuff. I remember I got two packets of instant noodles (chicken curry flavor) and four Galaxy Flutes. ^_^ I searched high and low for a juice, a lemon juice, to be exact, but within the huge store, I could find a single effing juice! Annoyed, I looked here and there for anything I could drink instead.
      The speakers suddenly announced that the shop was going to close soon, and that, funnily enough, all people who failed to get out will be electrocuted. No one was shocked by this, nor did they dash for the door, but they did hasten their shopping. I ran to the counter, though, where I met my friends again, realizing that we had been separated all this time. We couldn't get out. We tried to force open the door, but it wouldn't budge. We contacted the manager, who informed us that we were waiting for someone to come, before we could get out. I took that explanation as perfectly sane, and then waited for that person to arrive. He never arrived, though. I woke up waiting.

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    7. String of False awakenings.

      by , 07-24-2010 at 07:56 AM (LUCIDMAX's max lucids!)

      Yesterday, I put my alarm clock to 6 o'clock.
      I wake up, wash, eat breakfast, and zonk out again. I hear an alarm again. Look at the time. Wtf? 6 o'clock. Oh well, false awakening, I think. I go out of bed. Go to the washroom, wash my face, eat another (unsatisfying) breakfast, and then pass out AGAIN. Now guess what happened? I hear an alarm bell once more. I look at the time. 6 o'clock. What THE hell? I check my hands. Five fingers. Then, I pinch my nose. Can't breathe. Dang!

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      false awakening , dream fragment
    8. A ghastly reincarnation of my old nightmare.

      by , 07-24-2010 at 07:29 AM (LUCIDMAX's max lucids!)

      I dreamed that we had gone to visit some family friends. It was a small house, and a small family that lived in it. They were a middle aged, married couple with two kids, a son, about 12, and a daughter, who was about 10. We took an elevator to their apartment. I was with my family. We were all pretty excited, for some reason, talking quite lively and not a hint of horror or pain.
      As the elevator started climbing, I saw the door through which we had entered the little enclosed box below, and was replaced by a concrete wall. On each floor, there was a separate door to get out of the elevator. But between the floors, there was nothing to see but solid concrete. Our acquaintances' house was on floor 13. Yes. Floor Number 13, the unlucky one. I didn't find that the least significant, however. I remember, on the wall between the 12th and the 13th floors, I saw a dried out, but still distinguishable red liquid, that ran either down from up, or up from down on the the wall between the two floors. It was technically a vertical, horribly noticeable column of red liquid that ran the entire length of the wall. I found that odd, but didn't ponder upon it too much. The electronic display on the top of the elevator displayed 13, and we slowed down to a halt. The elevators door creaked open, by itself. I didn't find that odd, either, disregarding it as modern technology. There was only one apartment on this floor. I could see a door made of brown, polished wood, with golden handles. There was a little golden plate on the top portion of the door, which marked the number of the apartment. Guess which? You got it right, Apartment 13.
      I suddenly became aware of an unpleasant feeling. It was the oddest thing I had ever felt. It was as if the temperature had suddenly dropped to zero. As if by stomach was fighting to digest something particularly nasty. I felt weird. That was not all. I could also sense someone, or perhaps something, standing right behind me. Only, I couldn't see, hear, or feel it. But I was pretty sure that there WAS something, something more sinister than bad luck, that resided on this floor.
      My family was still blissfully unaware of the situation we were in. They didn't detect the slightest bit of change, nothing. They just talked merrily, each absorbed in his or her own discussion. I rang the bell, hoping that it would be better if we came inside. We could hear someone's hasty footsteps inside, and then a more heavy set of feet coming towards the door. As I waited in apprehension, the sound got louder. Finally, I heard a soft click, and saw the handle turn.
      I saw a middle aged man, dressed in a white shirt, faded blue jeans, black, highly polished boots, and red sweater. It was the middle of July. How THE hell can this man wear a sweater in such hot weather? Then again, it was not at all impossible given the chilly atmosphere around me. He was wearing a ring on his hand, a black diamond set in platinum. I could sense nothing weird, or nothing evil about this man. He looked, and felt normal.
      He greeted us warmly, shaking hands with each of us. He then invited us to the living room, where a cozy fire was burning. Definitely odd. We all took seats around the room. I was sitting in a red, plush sofa. It was the softest thing I had ever sat on. Whoever this guy was, he sure was well-to-do. A few moments later, his wife, also middle-aged, came inside. She was wearing a black cocktail dress, with a beautiful red rose embedded on the top left of the dress, right above her bosom. She looked incredibly beautiful, far less than her age. She greeted us all warmly too, and sat down beside me. I found it extremely uncomfortable, even though I had no idea who this peculiar family was, or how we came to know them. The ladies started generally talking about well, ladies stuff, and the men started on about politics and work.
      I was a little left out. The mother felt that, perhaps, for she called her two children to take me to their room and 'familiarize with me'. Only the brother came out. He was tall for his age, well built, and with a face that would be exquisitely handsome in a few years. He greeted me respectably, and then asked me to come to his room. I accepted the offer, having nothing better to do.
      He led me through a small corridor. Towards the right, there was a door. It was all black, an odd choice for a kid's room. He opened the door, and led me inside.
      As soon as I crossed the border of the the room, each and every nerve in my body screamed in protest. NO!, my instincts shouted. You have to get out of here, fast! Can't you feel it? This sense, this presence. Just get out of here. As soon as possible. Yes, my subconscious was probably right. I should have run like hell when I had the chance. But that would be rude, and bad manners was something neither me, nor my family could tolerate. Disregarding it all, again, as aftereffects of the horror movie I had watched last night, (I did remember the name of the movie in the dream, though, but forgot it upon wakening.) I gritted my teeth and moved inside.
      The room was even more chilly than the rest of the house. I looked out of the tiny window on the wall opposite to the door, and was that it was raining. Yes, raining, in the middle of July, and in the middle of a desert. I didn't find that weird, too. (Props to my reality checking. -_-) The next thing I remember, I was playing a first person shooter game with the brother, whose name was, ironically, Max.

      After a while, another person came in. It was the daughter. She looked exactly like the girl in the Silent Hill movie. Quiet, and threatening in a, well, quiet manner. There was something weird about that girl. She held out her hand for me to shake. I was a little hesitant, but I told my instincts to either nut up or shut up.
      I shook her hand. It was as cold as ice, or colder. It was, rather, as cold as death. She was very pale, as if she hadn't seen daylight in years. She gives me a stare, a calculating stare. Rather annoyed, I go back to the game. Now, she is INSIDE the game! Wtf?
      Big letters come up on the screen. 'Kill or be killed.' I get scared, and start shooting that girl. She avoids each and every one of my bullets. Max looks really worried. 'Now you've done it.', he says, and runs out of the room. I follow him. He screams out the whole story to his parents, who jump up in panic. I learnt that the daughter was haunted, and attacked people who offended her, sometimes killing them. The only way to get her to stop was to kill her within the game.
      So we all go inside the game, where there is a forest. It was pitch black. The girl is flying at us out of thin air, scaring us to bits. We find shelter in a little room. There are heavy weapons and heavy armor inside.

      Jackpot. I put on a futuristic black armor and take a sniper, and head out with a pistol in the other hand.

      As soon as I open the door, I wake up.

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      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    9. Battling a dragon. Falling in love.

      by , 07-19-2010 at 05:19 AM (LUCIDMAX's max lucids!)

      I was back in the early 15th century. There were numerous castles around me. All I could see was castles, and endless green fields. Everything was very brightly colored, a vision that I rarely see. It was magnificent. There was one slight problem, though. I gigantic dragon was attacking the city. It was red, and it's scales were sharp as a knife. It was breathing fire all over, and was causing more destruction with it's spike hammer tail.
      The next thing I remember, I am on a horse, and dressed in epic knight armor. The horse wasn't real, for it was hovering! It had micro hover pads attached to it's shoes. I found that completely normal. I had a long lance in my hand.

      I continued towards the dragon, with all my might. Suddenly, and without a warning, the dragon turned to dust and vanished. There goes my battling spirit. I turn around to see the one who had spoiled my day, and get mesmerized.

      Konoka, from Mahou Sensei Negima, for those who know her. Need to cut my anime intake. -_-
      But, she was dressed in a style similar to this, and looked way more mature than in the manga:

      If you have read, or watched the series named, you know about Konoka's personality. She is sweet and relaxed, and is fun to hang around with. Add the bad ass-ness to the personality, plus the sexiness, and it makes my perfect type of girl.
      I lost all thought. I could gaze look stupidly at her. I was transfixed.
      She comes up to me. Without warning, she kisses me. I was shocked. My DCs don't usually do anything unless I, um, take the aggressive role. But it was a blissful sensation. About half a minute into it, and I wake up.

      "Sometimes in dreams, waking up is the most painful part."
    10. Clash with the FBI. Two words; They suck.

      by , 07-19-2010 at 03:58 AM (LUCIDMAX's max lucids!)

      I had a false awakening. I don't remember why, or how I had it, it seemed to dawn upon me out of nowhere that this is a dream. I was very excited, but then, out of experience, calmed down. After the usual round of stability and clarity exercises, I got up, and crossed the room. For some reason, almost all of my false awakenings occur in my room, and the light are always off. I opened the door. I saw the same old corridor, the same mirror. Another reality check.
      While crossing the corridor, I could see foot-long sharp blades protruding from the ground. I laughed to myself. A snap of my fingers, and they vanished to thin air. I continued out of my house, and came to the ground floor. (Note: This was my old house, I moved recently.) What the hell? There were FBI officers all around me, each armed heavily with some serious booty kicking weapons. They didn't speak, nor did they move, but it was clear that I would be toast if I moved a muscle. Here, I forgot I had any supernatural powers. I ran away. Somehow, gravity was much easier to manipulate in this particular dream. I found that I could control gravity very quickly, making it change directions and turn it off or make it stronger in a fraction of a second. As soon as I jumped, the rocket launchers fired. BOOM! A deafening explosion. But I was unhurt.
      I continued, walking on walls and roofs, and tried to get out of there, into the open ground. Then, some of the officers actually caught up with me. Instinctively, I jumped off the wall, and roundhouse-kicked one on the back. He fell to the ground, making a large crater there. Then, I continued to fight my way unarmed through the incoming battalion. I don't exactly remember all the moves I did, but I remember that it was pretty epic, even better than the best martial art movie out there. Within a minute, all of them, some two hundred, were on the ground, unable to move. Satisfied, I continued outside.
      In real life, there is a large electronics store some three block away from my house. Right in front of it, is a large open area. After exiting my building, I came here, without any idea why. I saw about a dozen people gathered there. I could tell they were all delinquents. They were looking at me in a disconcerting way, which clearly challenged me to a fight. They were wearing Thaub, which is the traditional clothing here.

      Talk about unfitting attire. Oh well. I stared at their leader, and made a sudden movement. This was the spark needed. In an instant, ten of them sprang up upon me. I still didn't remember I had lucid powers. Again, I very easily defeated each and every one of them, without the slightest injury inflicted upon me. I forgot, again, the exact moves, but I do remember this one scene. I was in mid-air, right in the middle of a back-flip. I had back flip kicked someone, sending him high into the air. Suddenly, as he reached the zenith of his launch, a sniper bullet pierced him, straight through the heart.. Someone was helping me.
      When all of them were defeated, we suddenly found ourselves on a stage, each getting awards for the fight. I remember two of my friends somehow getting the awards, too. The awards were 1 cubic meter aquariums that held a peculiar fish. I remember getting an octopus, while my friends got a tiger that breathed in water and a microscopic crab with mushrooms on his shell. I woke up after that.
    11. Searching for a love. A dangerous love.

      by , 07-19-2010 at 03:10 AM (LUCIDMAX's max lucids!)
      I was following someone. We were on a lone road. It was dark, but I could see clearly. It was raining very heavily. I was in a hurry. I knew that the person running in front of me had to be stopped, for his own good. I remember that it was one of my close friends, and I wanted to save him. He was searching for someone, and very desperately at that. He was in a tuxedo, the kind you see in weddings. But it was all messed up since we both were running so hard.
      He was completely out of control. He was screaming someone's name, I forget what it was. I knew that he was shaken emotionally by some event, and he was trying desperately to put things back the way they were. We were still running, the road was endless. He wasn't getting tired, and neither was I. The matter involved was too great to be concerned about such trivial things. I knew that whomever he loved was being held captive, by a really dangerous organization, which was basically her own family. Something about the mafia boss's daughter falling in love with a commoner.
      He suddenly went down a staircase, that popped out of nowhere on the sidewalk we were walking on. It was a steep one, which made climbing down easier. It was even darker here, but I could see very clearly. I realized that the staircase led to a train station under the ground. It was all eerie here. Without warning, a shriek split the night's quietness. It was not a man's scream. It came from someone, a girl, who I knew, but could not exactly point out who it was. I was terrified by it, as it sounded like the scream from someone who is being tortured.
      Another piercing wail. I was getting really tensed now, because both of my friends' lives were at stake. Hearing the scream, my other friend panicked even more, and started running even more wildly. He was following the direction of the sound. No. He CAN'T go there. He just CAN'T! I hurried to stop him. He jumped into a train that somehow was there now. I followed.
      A change of scenario took place. Now, I was in a factory. To be more precise, I was in a large room, about ten meters square. The room led to another similar one, and there was a separation between the two, the kind you see in garages. There was a linear chain of similar rooms, each connected to the one before it. My friend kept running through these, and every time I followed him, the separation would become intact. However, I slipped in through them, as if they were nothing but water. When i tried this for the fifth time, I woke up.
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