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    Why Does This Keep Happening??

    by , 05-15-2023 at 12:33 AM (113 Views)
    Title is in regards to the lucid. Went to sleep at 11:45, a little later than usual because my brother's explosive fart startled me awake as I was drifting off.

    Also, happy Mother's Day!

    Dream #1 (Fragment; Non-Lucid)
    Spoiler for self-harm:

    Dream #2 (Non-Lucid)
    I was in J and L's car. Their mom was driving us to the school so they could sign up for something called "NASSER." [We're learning about him in history but in the dream it was just some program.] I was thinking about joining as well until I realized it was a cheering thing.

    Eventually the plot changed and I was going to a bunch of side characters' houses (that's actually how I thought of them in the dream). I knocked on one door and a young, straight couple answered. I stared at the man's face, making sure I recognized him.

    He smiled awkwardly down at where I was, for some reason, crouching. "Uh, do we know you?"

    "Yes!" I exclaimed. "I'm the one who came to your doorstep crying earlier, like this!" I mimicked a wailing sound, hoping it would be more funny than weird. Not sure if that event actually happened or if it was a false memory. Either way, it seemed to jog their memory, and they let me in.

    I sat down at their table and watched them. The gf was scolding the guy for not taking care of their little cat-child. [Not a neko-person—a literal cat, which was somehow their child.] He held up his hands and tried to laugh it off.

    Some time later, a bunch of weird battles happened. We'd get in a giant heart-shaped balloon and fight other balloon-creatures. It was pretty cool, but eventually we got overpowered and had to flee. A bonafide car-chase ensued, complete with suave spy music and everything.

    A keychain was sticking out from the napkin holder, and the dad pulled it out, revealing his cat-child! "Oh, thank God, thank goodness, [gf's name]..." Apparently she had put it there. It nuzzled against his fingers and we continued driving.

    We passed by a giant Mr. Krabs in his own balloon, and I wanted to fight, even though I knew it wasn't a good idea. We got out and into our giant heart-balloon, and I started to have regrets...
    Then I woke up.


    It was 5:30, which was pretty distressing for me since I usually wake up for the first time at 3:00-4:00. I jotted down some quick dream notes but didn't fall asleep till after my 6:15 alarm went off.


    Dream #3 (Lucid):
    I was dropped off at my school, I guess for orientation or something. These two blond girls got out of the car in front of me, one with the appearance of a 1st grader, the other a 5th grader. I think they were supposed to be freshmen.

    The older one took the little one's hands and said sympathetically, "[Name], I'm so sorry that you won't be having as many dreams now that school is starting."

    The little one responded solemnly, "No, [name], I'm sorry that you won't be a natural lucid dreamer anymore."

    That's not how it works, why would she say that? I didn't think it with words, but it's how I felt. The OG looked troubled and dropped her hands.

    I was excited to hear people talking about lucid dreaming, so I kept my eyes on them as we walked toward the school. The OG was still talking about it and doing a series of reality checks. I was a bit surprised she knew about/performed them despite being a natural LDer.

    Uncharacteristically, I approached them in the middle of their conversation. "Do you wanna know the best reality check?"

    The LG stared up at me with a neutral expression, but the OG jolted away and shrieked in disgust. "Get away, don't touch me!!"

    I wasn't touching her in the first place but I backed up, thinking, What's her problem? I tried to play off my wounded ego by continuing: "Okay, okay, gosh... but do you really not want to know?"

    It didn't seem like she did, and she still looked disgusted, but she said, "Fine. What is it?"

    "The nose plug RC! You just plug your nose and try to breathe through it."

    For a few seconds she just looked at me with an inexplicable expression. Finally, she said slowly, "I've tried that in a dream before. It didn't work."

    "Oh, really? Ahahaha, okay..." Now I felt stupid. "I've also had some failed RCs, they were all finger-through-palm ones, though... Anyway, I've only had 15 LDs so far but I think it's really cool that you're a natural! Okay, bye!"

    I turned to flee, but the school doors were right in front of us, so I held them open (with some difficulty) for the two girls. When I turned around, though, they were gone. This big brawny kid was trying to get in, but I practically looked through him, croaking out pathetic sounds of confusion.

    Then I had a false awakening. As I often do, I was thinking about the dream without knowing it was a dream yet. Sitting up, I thought, I should've added that if the nose-plug doesn't work at first, you could try moving your tongue so that only the tip is touching the roof of your mouth. [I wonder if this would actually help...]

    Eventually I realized it was just a dream and I needed to do an RC now. A weird wave-feeling rushed through my head; I assumed it was the excitement of possibly being lucid, and that one could wake up from it if they weren't careful. I plugged my nose and breathed. Nothing happened at first, but when I paid really close attention,
    it did seem like a little air was getting through. I couldn't believe it! I was really dreaming!

    Okay, I should make the floor light up as I walk, even if dream control is harder in FAs... should I try to find an unusual pet instead? I considered my options as I climbed down from my bed, but as soon as my feet touched the floor, HALF OF MY VISION WENT AWAY!!! The left half this time! I tried to ignore it and walk out of the room, but in a matter of seconds the scene dissolved and
    I was awake, my eyes trained upwards.


    This is the third time this has happened... I can only assume that I'm opening one eye in real life. It doesn't happen all the time, though... maybe only when I'm nearing the end of a dream.

    It was 7:20 when I finished writing, but I went back to sleep because I could.


    Dream #4 (Non-Lucid):
    My memories of this dream are pretty fragmented, but I understand the gist of it.

    I was with J in my neighborhood, and we were trying to get to school. She had a map but couldn't read it. Eventually I noticed that not only was she holding it upside down, but it wasn't a map to the school in the first place! "Isn't that a world map?" I asked, laughing.

    I don't remember her response, but she gave up and we started walking. I noticed a wrestler-looking guy trailing behind us and took J behind a fence. As expected, he found us. I stepped in front of J and demanded to know why he was following us.

    "Do you know The Phoenix?" he grumbled menacingly.

    I had no idea who that was, but just to mess with him I said, "Do you mean... THE Phoenix?!"

    "SO YOU DO KNOW!" he roared, and the ground exploded, a wrestling ring rising up from the earth and surrounding us. I thought it was hilarious, until a flying tiger jumped into the ring. Then I grabbed J and ran, leaving them to fight each other.

    Later the main character became a girl who was sharing a lucid dream with her friend. There was a whole backstory I don't remember, but at one point she was watching these AoT characters reel in a broken piece of the dock from a bay? I don't know what was going on anymore, but it was pretty epic in the dream.

    Then she woke up, did DEILD by forming a glowing golden ball in her hands and absorbing it into her chest. She did this multiple times, but I don't remember any other specific breaks.

    Now she was in a port city and had a DC friend who was both jealous and money-grubbing. The MC could form giant metal Mecha suits of armor around herself and used it to fight evil. She was able to incorporate the DC friend into the armor as well, but chose not to this one time. For the rest of the dream the DC friend was being a sulky brat about it, until the MC sat down in my house's kitchen, waiting to wake up.

    She was using a voice recorder, intending to bring it back to the real world to see what the transition between sleep and waking sounded like. Other people were also able to hear through it. It was here that she half-became me, and the DC friend became my friend A. She was dressed in her handmade black dress and was teary-eyed.

    "A, why are you crying? Just because I didn't include you in one fight? It's not like it'll always-" Something cut me off, not sure what. "What do you even want?"

    She pouted at me, before saying, "...You."

    "What?!" I yelled. "A! You know we're being recorded right now?!" I shoved the recorder in her face. "You're too cheesy—stop saying things that can be misunderstood!"

    She burst into tears. "I don't care! I just want you to love me again!"

    I had no idea what she was talking about, and before I could figure out how to placate her,
    I woke up for real at 9:45.


    This entry is probably of lower quality compared to my others, my brain isn't working today.

    Oh, but the day after my chain of semi-lucids, I had a semi-semi-lucid where I successfully managed to teleport! Nice

    Here are some pics of the dream scenes:
    (That flower is so annoying, it's on every other page.)
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